Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back again

It has just been crazy around our house. Since the 19th we have moved two sets of people and I drove the truck over the mountain and we got back home the same day around midnight. That makes for a short night and a long day just looking to get home and get some sleep. I have been working some extended hours trying to get things done at work as well. Tomorrow I will fly out and head to Dallas for the next 3 days. The only bright spot is we are going to Fogo de chao. This is a Brazilian restaurant and is fantastic. A little expensive but worth it.

I have played 3 online SNG's and came in 2nd, 5th and 6th. The last two I pushed too soon and I knew it.

I have not even had the opportunity to do anything with Xooma. It is doing well and I am drinking the water like I should. They now have a flavored Xooma. Can't wait to try it.

Me taking the Byetta shots is working out real well. The Doctor has now moved me to 10 mcg per shot and states this is where I will notice the weight loss. My Blood Sugars have been the lowest since I started this whole process and it sure is easier to operate controlling the Blood Sugar when I am eating than after the fact.

I have not even had the chance to trade Forex. Now that is bad because I do enjoy that. It is really hard right now to concentrate on what I want to do.

I turned 50 this last week. Maybe that has a little to do with it. 50. I can't believe I am at that age. It was just yesterday that I was 21. Time flies when you are having fun. Now I just ask myself what have I done and when can I enjoy life instead of working nonstop for what? There has to be to life than just working all the time.

Write more soon.