Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Friday

So much for writing on Wednesday. I am soooo tired right now from the weeks activities and having homework every night. Sounds like school again. The academy was a great experience and I decided to take the next step in my education and will take the Extended Learning portion that will last 12 weeks. I plan on starting this the first week of June and will last through August. This will be with a Mentor and this person will have classes 4 days per week. This is the education I have wanted and now have the opportunity to get this done. Being a trader in equities will be another item I can cross off of my list. I would like to make a business out of this and do this for a long time.

Poker for me has been on the side burner for the last week and a half and when I get home I will start up and play more. I will be putting a plan together for this as well as a plan for the trading. I would like to do both and be proficent in both areas. I think I can do this. Some of the ideas in the trading class can work in the poker arena as well. I am going to be playing in Pendleton at the Wildhorse Casino the middle of April and then I do have the WSOP Academy at the end of May. So as you can see I will be busy.

This last week has been sort of hard for 2 families because of the political nature of the hospital where they worked. I feel for both of them and wish things could be different. This could be an opportunity to do something else so they need to keep their minds open to the new possibilities coming their way. You never know. I am finding less stress and enjoying life a little bit more.

I am headed to bed and have one more class to attend tomorrow. This class is one that will put on paper what my trading plan will be and how I will function in this new job of mine. I don't call it a job. I answer to myself and Cindy now. I will be driving home over the pass tomorrow evening. I would like to get over before the sun goes down. We will see if I make it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Monday?

I have not gotten up at 5AM in a long time to do anything other than to go to the bathroom. Now that is way too much information. This morning I was awake by 5 and got up to get ready to go to class. We spent the last 2 days in preparation for this morning and now here it is. I walked outside and it was dark and rainy here in Kirkland/Redmond. Drove to the Online Trading Academy and went into the classroom. We talked for a few minutes about what we should see in the market today and then turned on the computers to take a look. We were expecting to see a big drop today and what we found was a move to the upside. Ok, it will correct but not today. The signs are there but when it will happen you just don't know. At that point you plan your trades and trade your plan. We were able to trade this morning and I did well. One negative and three positive trades. I was on the positive side of the $$ today. Tomorrow we go at it again. I like Day Trading and feel like that is where the income is at but will have to do Swing trading to get to the next part. I really enjoy what I am doing and am anxious to get started on our own. Found out that at the end of the week we will be known as professional traders. There are perks.

I haven't been able to play much in the Poker arena lately since trading equities have been the business at hand.

I had a full blog written and now it is gone due to the internet here at the hotel. Oh well. I will have a hard time remembering what I had in it so will wait till Wednesday to post again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Friday

Today is my off day before I start the long week of classes.

I am sitting in the motel/hotel room here in Redmond getting ready to pack up my stuff and head over to the new motel/hotel. I am going to be at the Marriott Courtyard here in Redmond just down the street from the Comfort Inn. It was nice that the Online Trading Academy was able to get me into the Courtyard by using a block of rooms they have for their instructors. I tried to get in on Tuesday night but since this whole thing has been moving so fast I was unable to secure a room.

Yesterday was a good day in that I sat in the classroom with one other person and we discussed trading and what we could eventually accomplish with the training that is provided. I felt this was a good opportunity for me to get back into trading the stock market and get the necessary training I needed. This will be an income for us and I can stay home and work. This is a business. It needs to be treated as such. The next step is to be here for the next week and study my heart out and getting myself prepared for this adventure. This is the opportunity I needed and will move on from here.

Last night I went down to the Muckleshoot Casino and played in a tournament. I met a classmate of mine while I was there. I had to look at FB and then look at him to see if they matched and I approached him and sure enough. We hadn't seen each other in a few years. Anyway, the tournament went well. There were 100 people that started the tournament and I ended up being in 42nd place. There is that middle of the tournament thing again. I can't wait for the WSOP Academy to help me get further in these tournaments. It was 500/1000 blinds and I had a little over $10,000 and I got QQ. I was able to get all in after the flop and was called by one person. He showed 55. Turn was nothing and the river was a 5. I am out of the tournament. I played well.

I was able to play in a FT tournament on Wednesday night and placed 2nd and that is good for some $$. Gotta keep at it. The coaching job from Chris is working and I need to keep working on the game.

I plan on driving out to Snoqualmie Casino today. Plus I will have to spend some time studying before tomorrow. Study, Study and Study some more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Middle of the Week

I missed the Monday to write on the blog but then again I have been busy. I have more stuff going on now than when I was working 8 hour days. Where do I fit it all in.

I needed to take my parents in to the Doctor office and that was completed. Good news for Mom that her test was negative. That was a good sign.

I was visiting a friend the other day and he has a TV repair business. I noticed he had a nice flat panel for sale at a good price. I bought it and now it was time to get it home. I put it in our bedroom and wow, it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. I guess it will be nice to lay in bed and watch the TV without straining your neck to see the screen. Cindy did like it so now we are going to get a new DVD player and that will be the set.

Since I purchased Dad's car I needed to go to the DOL and transfer the title. The car runs well and I would like to sell the car. I purchased the car under fair market value not knowing what it was. The person at DOL made me pay full market taxes for this car. I hope I can get the amount out of it. It is being looked at for brakes and getting a tune up. Needs a paint job but that is not going to happen.

I did purchase a new laptop computer. It has a 17 inch screen and a regular keyboard I am used to. I really like it as I can get away from the office and work on the computer. It does have Windows 7 on it and I am getting used to it. Anxious to play some poker on it. I can have two screens up at once.

I have also ordered the new garage door. Will be done the first of April. That will be nice to be able to open the door and park the cars in there. Of course it will have to be cleaned out. Hoping we can get our storage stuff in there as well. That would save some money.

I am presently in Kirkland waiting for the first introduction class for the Online Trading Academy. If it goes well tomorrow I will be staying the week until March 27. It will be a long time away from home but will be glad to have the training done.

I played the last two days at Islands Casino at the Noon tournament. I do not plan on going back. The reason being is that it is a short stack tournament and is basically based on luck of the cards and not skill. I would rather have a deeper stack and be able to take the time to play the proper cards. I will be playing in April at the Wildhorse Fall Roundup. Maybe two tournaments. I will continue to play on FT and PS as well. The coaching session did go well and there are things I need to work on.

Enough rambling. I need to get to bed as I am tired tonight. I have a headache and my neck is sore. Could be the driving. My schedule for meds is off as well. We will see how this next week goes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fly By

Where did this week go? I wrote on the blog on Monday and here it is on Saturday and I was supposed to write on Wednesday and Friday. I figure if I write on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I could keep up with this. I didn't realize not having a job would keep me so busy.

One of the items I have been busy with is working on my poker game and studying. I have a book that I purchased from my coach and I have been reading this book trying to get ready for my session with him. I am trying to make sure that I can get into the money most of the time and play correctly. I ended up having my first session with him on Wednesday afternoon and it went as expected. He did say at one point that I have Pro tendencies. I felt great that maybe I am on the right track and he also said this should not take too long for me to get on track. He watched my game and took quite a bit of notes and I had to explain to him what I was doing and why I was doing it. This made me think on each hand why I was playing the way I do. Now I have the paperwork from his analysis and I also have the critique on what he wants me to do about my play. I will now study again and then play some more and incorporate this into my game and then have him start all over with another session to see if I am doing what he told me to do.

Another item that was finalized this week is my trip to Las Vegas on May 27 - 31. I will be attending the World Series of Poker Academy and staying at the Rio where the WSOP Tournaments will start on May 27. I will also be attending a class on hand analysis on the 30th. This will be a busy time but again I will be working on the game and trying to reach the money in the tournaments I play more often.

I am going to play in the Spring Roundup at the Wildhorse Casino in April. I am looking forward to two tournaments and some Cash game as well. They put on a very nice tournament three times per year. I would like to get involved with Northern Quest in Spokane as well if I could ever figure out when they have their tournaments. I watch them on TV but can't figure out the dates. I have contacted the Casino and am working on getting those dates.

As you can see that kept me busy. The other stuff I have been working on is getting things prepared to start my stock trading again. I am trying to decide which area I will put my efforts. I have 2 or 3 areas I can work towards but then I want to get good at one area before moving on to something else. I have just about made the decision not to get back into trading the currencies at this time. That would probably stretch me rather thin. Remember I am not into stress but having fun with what I do. I was working with the bank yesterday making sure everything was put where it would earn the most money. I think I achieved that.

The next remodel project looks like the garage. Our son is going to help with this so we won't have to contract that out to someone else. My list of projects for this house is long and now that I am not working I will try to get some of this stuff started as long as the $$ are there.

As you can see it has been a busy one. Today is the memorial for a friend that passed away about a week ago. He will be missed. He was always giving me a bad time, in a good way, and now he is gone. RIP Ray.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Weekend

Having the construction done is so nice. We have been cleaning up from all the dust this created. Our sinuses are happier and I now enjoy some quiet in the house. In fact yesterday I went out and mowed the front yard. Once I start mowing it will have to be watered. I think I started something. I would really like to have Under ground sprinklers put in. That would really save me some time and the water bill.

I have been playing quite a bit of poker and am still holding my own. Not good or not bad. I have been playing more HU and I am going to continue that play. As long as I can get past the stupid plays I will be fine. These HU matches do not take very long to get through and that is nice. I try to play a number of them before taking a break or stopping for the day. I talked with the person from the WSOP Academy the other day and will finalize the trip to Vegas soon. This trip will be right at the start of the WSOP so maybe I will be able to find some of the Pros I watch on TV. That would be exciting.

We watched the Oscars last night and normally this is something I don't do. My wife likes to watch this stuff. I was so surprised to find out that Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur were both left off of the memorium. They said they couldn't get them all on the screen and had to leave some off. Now, come on two individuals that are well recognized? Of course, they did find space for Michael Jackson. That was a joke. I think they blew it and they know it.

New week and a new day.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Construction is Done

It is such a relief to have the construction/remodel done on the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom. They look great. We still have some painting and touchup to do and Cindy will have to decide about putting some tile on the wall behind the vanity. I think she will go with it. Here are some pictures. Triple C Construction did a fabulous job. Way to go guys and Bill you are the best in knowing what Cindy wants to do.

I have been playing Poker the last few days. My Heads up record for the week is 5 wins and 5 losses. Not great but it will do for now. I have done better in tournament poker and have been able to get in the money. My tournaments at Jokers is another story. I need to get better at the live tournaments and have talked with a person that works with the WSOP Academy and will be setting up some time to head to Las Vegas and get some education. I am excited for that and anxious to get going. Have someone teach and watch my game to get me where I need to be. It will be fun to work with Raymer, Annie Duke and the likes. I am looking at the end of May heading to Vegas.

I am working on putting together the information and getting back into trading the Forex Market. I made contact with a person that started about the time I did and he has done well. I am renewing my contacts and hope to get started soon. I am looking at starting up the Stock Market trading as well. I really enjoyed my time working with this market and starting to renew my contacts. I have one other item I am working on and that is getting involved with some education on working with the taxes. It is seasonal work but I do enjoy that as well.

Am I going to be too busy? Well, I hope to bring in some income enjoying the things that I will enjoy doing. For me it is about time to do something and have fun doing it. You have to have the proper people around you that you can rely on to help you and will talk with you and lead you in education and mentoring. Something that was missing where I was at before. You have to be around people that care about what happens to each other and be willing to help when needed.

I am now headed off for my daily walk and then have lunch with a friend. Go see my parents later on and start cleaning up the house from all the dust. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today is my Birthday. I am now considered in my mid 50's and since we are already signed up with AARP I still go after any discounts I can get ahold of. Today is a beautiful day and Spring is in the air.

I went for a walk this morning around the neighborhood. People are starting to get their yards ready to go. I know once you start to water and mow it is a weekly project. I guess I now have the time for that. I will start watering probably within the week and start once a week for a couple and then start every other and see where it goes from there. I am considering some landscaping for the back yard and get underground sprinklers set up. That would really save me some time. Probably water as well.

Now that I am home and not working I am working on finalizing the break from the hospital. I am working on Insurance, Retirement and completion of some education I was doing this last year. I have a number of things that I am going to look at and see how I can best accomplish them. One being getting back into the stock market. I need to continue to find income and if I do this right I know I can achieve this. I am also looking at working with CD's and how they would benefit me as well. I am pulling my 403b out and will take a hit from that but who better to try and get this to grow and be there for retirement. Plus this will also set us up for the years to come as well. We have been working on this for a while and since we are in a hurry up mode now this will push us to be prudent with what we have.

Another area I am going to look at is some Poker Education. I will probably look at the WSOP Academy to see when I can head to Las Vegas to get some proper education in the game and to help me be a better player and have more opportunities to get in the money. I really like the game and want to further my skills.

Remodel is going well. Pictures are coming soon. The bathroom vinyl is down and today the carpet is being laid in the two bedrooms. We were able to paint the rooms over the weekend and it is now so close you can smell it. Literally. Wow, the smell gets to you. There is sooooo much dust in the air my nose is rebelling. May be nice to hire someone to come in and dust and clean just to save us from having to deep clean the whole house.

Well, things to do.