Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't stop this train....

Why is it that the days keep going faster? So many things to do and so little time given to achieve all the things I need to do.

I have been playing quite a bit of poker as usual for the week. I have been doing a couple of hours per day of Live Cash and then will play two tournaments around the cash play. It does get hard at times to switch your play between the two different strategies. Right now though the Casino is offering Freerolls and adding $200 into the pot. Can't pass that opportunity up.

I am waiting for the FBI background check to be completed and then will start working at the casino. This is exciting as I haven't worked since January 2010. Working as a Floor Person and as a dealer will be fun. Can I handle the individuals that are over intoxicated? I hope so. I can keep my semi-retirement since I will only be working a parttime status. That is alright with me since I am still taking care of my parents.

I hope someday I will have the opportunity to travel around and play at different casinos with their cash games or tournaments. Just getting a small motorhome and getting out would be great.

Today I had the opportunity to try Sushi. A good friend helped me with the tasting and guided me towards the better sushi to try out first. I must say it was a success. I started with the California Roll and then tried the Shrimp and then moved on to the Salmon Sushi with seaweed. A different taste but was good. I will definitely be eating it again.

Today I have been thinking it was Friday. No, it is Thursday. I set up my computer to watch the live game at the Bike Casino and it was offline. What is the problem? The live event takes place on Tuesday and Friday. Great, so what is tomorrow? Another day to play poker.

Don't you get tired of listening to the same excuses for our stock market and what it is doing? Every day it is either up or down because of Europe and they can't decide what to do with their economy problems. Why don't we just take care of our issues and quit worrying about theirs. Ok, I need to leave politics out of this blog.

What else is going on? Full Tilt Poker and their ponzi scheme. What about regulation of online poker and that would solve that issue. It is amazing how many poker pros are leaving the US to play in other countries. You watch, something will be done about those as well.

Ok, I am off to bed and will be working on sleep. Have a good day.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change of Plans

I have been giving it some thoughts on what I am going to do during this next phase of working and playing in poker.

I am going to change my requirements for starting in the live games. What I am going to do is start Monday with $25 in the $1-$6 Limit Spread game. Now if it grows I will continue to play and build the bankroll. If for some reason I loose the $25 on Monday then I will be done for the week. I will then start the next Monday with $25 and work at it again. This will give me the incentive to play appropriately if I am wanting to play the entire week.

The Tournaments I am not going to make any changes in what I am playing at this time. If I am working on the floor then I will not be playing. This will cut my tournament play down for the week but that is fine.

I turned in the application yesterday and now I wait for 10 days for the response. Is it nail biting time? I don't feel so. I don't know what would be out there that would keep me from working in the casino.

Dealing with my parents issues are starting to ramp up a bit. Mom isn't doing well and making sure Dad stays inform. There is always something going on and we will make sure they all get taken care of.

Have a nice weekend........

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chasing my Tail

I have been very busy since Monday. I have been playing poker and trying to keep up with the Tax class. Today things changed.

I was told that I could join a Poker Dealer class that was going on at the local casino. The Poker Manager and I had talked about working there and being able to help the dealers and him do their jobs. I would be able to learn the dealing aspects as well as helping in the poker room at the sign up area as well as being responsible for the chips and money to the players and tables.

I was given the application and started attending the class on Tuesday and on Thursday we had the final meeting with questions and we now will put in some hours after we get our licenses.

I went down to the Police Department today and got finger printed and will pay for the license tomorrow. At that point there will be a 10 day waiting period and then I can start working in the poker room. This has moved very fast for me. I will be working parttime and that is fine with me. Having fun in a job with the game I enjoy will be great. All of the dealers are very nice and very helpful.

I have been playing the live cash game and have done well the last couple of days. Tournament play is a complete different story. Of course these are Freerolls and this brings out people that don't understand how to play and are learning. It is good to have new faces learning the game. I can see that you have to play the cash games to keep going. That is where the money is and you have to tap into that. I have been staying away from the big game though. Not ready yet to try my hand at them. Now I can watch them play and work at the same time.

Feels great to be putting in long days again.

Have a good Friday......

Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Monday

It was a busy day today. I got myself out the door this morning and drove over to Island Casino to begin the day.

I sat down to play some live cash at $1-$6 limit spread. I must say I have been having a downtrend in my play and need to try and rectify whatever it is I am doing wrong. My reads are not working. Either that or I am trying too hard to win and am over compensating for it when I think I have the cards.

I played two tournaments today as well. Since tournament play was what got me started in poker I feel very comfortable sitting down and playing my strategy. I understand you are not going to win very many tournaments but getting to the final table is always the goal.

I did make the final table in one of the tournaments today and bubbled the other one. I do get myself close and know that I can get there if the cards go my way or I make the proper decisions.

I am constantly trying to make new and inexpensive meals for dinner time. I watch food videos and if there is something that catches my eye I will try to recreate it. Tonight was something that I have been thinking about and here is what I made.

What I did was take one of the Ramon Noodle packages and cooked the noodles as it says on the package. I did not put the beef broth in. I then cut up some Scallions, Celery and Sprouts. I put these in with the Noodles and let them warm up together. I put some Soy Sauce into the mix so they would soak up the Sauce. Next I took the chicken breast and cut it into pieces. I put them in flour and made sure they were well dusted and fried them. I bought a jar of Sweet and Sour Sauce and put some of it into a fry pan and turned the heat up to thin it out a little bit. When the chicken pieces were done I moved them into the Sauce and made sure they were coated nicely. That was our meal for the evening.

Always looking for something new and easy.

Coming up tomorrow the roof will be inspected by the city. It looks good and I am pleased with the outcome.

Have a nice day......

Saturday, September 17, 2011

House Update

I went out to my truck yesterday to head off to the Casino and the truck had a hard time unlocking with the key fob. I finally got into the truck and put the key into the ignition and turned the key and nothing happened. What is this?

The truck has a security thing and it has been a long time since I had this activated against myself. The truck has a fuel line shutdown. I end up waiting about 15 minutes and then I can get it started. This time it wouldn't start.

I called the GM dealership and they told me to try and jump start the truck and if that worked then it was the battery. He said the batteries are only supposed to last about 5 years. Ok, I will go with that.

I jumped started the truck and it ran for a little bit and would even restart when I turned it off. Waited about 30 minutes and tried it again and it wouldn't start. Ok, I will need to get a new battery. My truck is a 2004 and I got it in 2006 so I am sure it is the original battery.

Went to the parts store and purchased a battery and I couldn't believe the cost of this battery. Can you believe $133 for this thing. I guess if you work it out over 5 years or more it isn't that bad but right now it is atrocious. At least the truck works.

The new roof on the house is coming along well. Here is the picture of the after.

I feel pretty good about having this done. Now I will start working on sanding the trim and getting it painted. The big job will be the house but one thing at a time.

I will be working on my Tax class tomorrow and then back to the grind of poker starting on Monday.

Have a good weekend......

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The weather has finally broken. It was very nice to get out and not feel like I was melting. I drove around with the windows down today and didn't turn on the air conditioner. Even though winter is right around the corner I am very happy to see the temps drop. I guess the next thing that will happen is the leaves will want to change color.

The big news for the day. I have been offered a job at Islands Casino. This will entail working as a poker dealer to start and then may have added duties added later on. The biggest part right now is the fact that I will be able to work at something that I find fun. I never thought I would have the chance to be a dealer since schooling is in Las Vegas or Seattle. Here the Manager of the poker room is going to get me started. The big hurtle will be passing the FBI background check. Lets hope everything will turn out alright.

Needless to say I am a little bit excited about this. Possibly starting next week. I have met some of the nicest people at this casino and they will be great to work with. At least they are down to earth and real. The job will be parttime so that helps with taking care of my parents. I am going to try and complete the Tax Service but will have to wait and see how the schedule looks.

Guess what is happening at our house the next few days? The roofing should be starting tomorrow sometime. This has been a long time coming.

Hope you have a good weekend.......I will......

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have been playing poker every day this week. I start out with the live game and then finish the day with 2 tournaments back to back.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I got myself tilted and pushed with my last T$4500 and you know what? I didn't care. I was getting tired and basically was not getting any cards to go along with the 2 cards I had in my hand. Time to go home and take some time off.

Today I played the Live game and then one tournament. Drove myself home and the rest of the day was non poker related. Took my Dad over to see my Mom and then sat through my online Tax session. This year the Tax book is easier to read. Seems to make a little more sense to me. Did I just say that?

The roof on the house will be redone starting tomorrow. Off with the old shingles and on with the new. Hopefully everything will go alright.

I was reading a blog about having personal business cards. I decided what a great idea. This allows me to put my name out there and maybe network a little bit with my cards that really don't have much on them but my personal information.

I will be talking tomorrow with a person about a job. It would be fun to work in a field that you enjoy and its not a fulltime job. If it happens I will let you know what it is. If not then I keep plugging away working on the Tax class.

Have a fun day.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Poker Monday

I got up early today and got myself ready to head out for the first day of Freeroll poker at Island Casino. Today the live cash game started at 9AM instead of 9:30 and I wanted to get there to see if we had any new players.

When I got into the poker room I noticed they put new table tops on each of the tables. Talk about slick. The cards and chips where just flying across the table. You had to be careful. We ended up with 6 players today. After having a good couple of weeks playing live at the $1-$6 level I am not having a good time right now. Got to figure out how to get this turned around.

The first Freeroll had a $200 house added. Played really well for a bit and then lost some hands and went out. That was the first one. I went over and played some more live cash and waited for the next freeroll to start. This one started with T$1500 and for $3 you could add T$1000. I started off really good and got from 30 players down to 20. The hand I should of played was two players going allin and I was sitting on AJ. Did I want to play for my tournament life with that hand. I decided with two players already allin I would fold. One turned up A4 and the other KQ. The flop came out with Ax4 with x on the turn and the J on the river. I could have taken out 2 players and had a monster of a stack. From that point on I was not getting the cards and finally went out with QJ ad got trip Jacks and the other player made trip Aces.

Overall it was a good session and will build from this. I will hopefully have some good news soon to share with everyone. I might have a new job. Got to keep low key about it for now. Not too high or not too low.

Our neighbor has been having a problem with mushrooms in his yard. I see him out in the yard digging through the grass to try and get rid of them. They are gone for the week and this is what I saw the other day.

I know he will not be happy when they get back home at the end of this week.

Need to do some studying with the taxes.

Have a nice day tomorrow......

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is one of those somber days. Where were you at on September 11, 2001? So many families lost loved ones. It is so sad to go back to the stories. So many kids as well growing up without their Dad or Mom. I wish all of the families peace today in their hearts.

I was so unsure about what I was going to do on Saturday. I had two tournaments and a cash game that could have taken my time. Instead what happened was I didn't sleep well Friday night and ended up not going to NorthernQuest this month. I didn't even go to Islands to play in the tournament that was by invite only. I felt that I was so tired that I took a small nap on the couch and didn't do a thing. I guess that answered all of the questions from Friday.

Now we are beginning a new week and it seems they just keep getting busier as the weeks go by. I will be studying for the Tax class and spending my mornings at the Island Casino playing the cash game and then at least the first tournament of the day.

The contractor came over yesterday and started working on our roof.

As you can see far right is what he was working on because we had lost a lot of shingles due to the wind. Time to get it repaired before winter. The part on the left is being taken care of this week and the front part will get a complete new roof. I will show you when it is complete.

I walked out to the car yesterday and noticed this from our neighbors garden and had to take a picture of it to show them.

It is so pretty and I noticed today it was already shriveling up. If you don't catch it the one or two days that it is open you will miss it for the year.

Today I am watering the back yard and will study chapter 4 in the Tax book. I will be going to a job fair tomorrow to meet some tax people from the company that owns the one I am taking my courses through. I believe you call this networking. Hopefully I can land a job with them or the one I am studying with.

Have a good week.....

Friday, September 09, 2011


Here it is Friday and I feel sort of confused. What should I do this weekend?

I know I am going to Spokane and I was going there to play in the $3-$6 Limit Spread game. I have been playing at NorthernQuest in Spokane the last couple of months and have done fairly well.

This is the dilemma I am facing right now. I have been working real hard on my tournament play at Islands Casino. I cashed in the tournament yesterday and I cashed today as well. Am I on a roll and should I play in the tournament tomorrow morning with the $125 buyin or take the money and play the cash game like I was going to anyway? This is a hard decision for me.

I get to Spokane early and the cash game starts around noon. I will be sitting there about 3 hours by that time. If I get into the tournament I will start at 10 and that is sitting only about an hour. Now, the next part is where do I have the best opportunity to cash? I am doing well in tournaments at this time and I have been leaking money in the cash game. If I play the tournament can I get myself to the final table? This is a group of people I don't know since I play here in Tri-Cities.

I stopped by Mom's Assisted Living place and seen the flowers my sister gave my Mom over a month ago. They are still looking nice.

I am not sure what they are but they are nice. The Director has them in her office since one of the other residents likes to take flowers and put them in her room. At least someone can see them.

We are having a new roof put on our house this next week. In order to do that I had to close down my stock portfolio. I feel sad about this but then again it wasn't going anywhere fast. I would really prefer getting a motorhome and travelling a little bit. Change my outlook on life.

Have a good weekend and I will let you know my decision......

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Playing the Game

I have been playing the game the last couple of days. I get up and get myself ready and drive to the Island Casino. When you walk into the
casino you better have your sunglasses off. The lights are low except
over the tables.

I have gotten so I like a certain seat at the table when I sit down. I
like to be able to see the action and I usually don't like being on the button right off the bat. We get about 5 or 6 people in the morning who like to come in and have their coffee and play some $1-$6 Limit Spread
and not have to worry about putting in a big buyin. In fact you can
even have breakfast comped by playing in the game. I haven't tried that yet.
I usually eat before I take off in the morning.

We play for about an hour and we sit around and talk. Basically about nothing but it is fun trying to get the Monte Carlos during the hour.
We try to crack the aces if we can and we work on getting the high hand
for the morning time. This gets us ready for the Tournament that gets started right after we get done.

On this day I was doing well. I even got to the final table and this was what my chip stack looked like.

I went out in 8th place this day with my two pair loosing to a full house. Just another day playing the game I enjoy.

Took a drive north of town the other evening and this is what I saw.

It really looks like it is coming up out of the sand. It is close to the river where they take the sub nuclear power plants to their final resting spots. This thing is huge. Can you imagine what the rest of the submarine looks like? I would love to get inside the tower and look around.

Have a good day.....

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday Poker

This morning I played the $1-$6 Limit Spread at Islands. It was nice to sit down and play the game and not be so concerned about the bankroll. I have been moving upwards with the BR this past week. And yes, it has been growing as well.

I have always kept books about where I am at with each game that I play. Being at Islands right now and playing with this group of players has been fun and we enjoy the hour we just sit and play the cash game. I think we enjoy trying to crack the best hand more than just working for the best hand.

Now for me even though I do enjoy what I am doing I must say I am serious
about keeping my BR in tact. I don't plan on doing anything to hurt what I have been doing. This process for me has been slow with the amount of hands I see in an hour each time I play. I need to keep the BR intact and keep looking forward.

I haven't updated the BR situation in a while in the blogs and so I sat down and went through my books and did some calculations to see where this sits. I am presently at about $375 to the good with the bankroll and this will continue to give me the opportunity to play this game. Yes, this is a low limit game and it will take me some time. I accept that, and I do get to play the $3-$6 limit game once a month. I do sit in this game about 3 - 4 hours at a time.

The other part of what I am doing was not planned for. I am playing in more tournaments now as well. Today I was able to chop the pot for 1st and 2nd place. Playing tournaments is not a winning game plan for growing the bankroll. You have to win a very large tournament with big money to keep playing. I play tournaments for the fun of the competition. Trying to play the game appropriately and working on the strategy that best fits my game. The way I see it is if I do well in the cash game, then that pays for the tournaments to get the opportunity at some point for the bigger win.

I guess it all comes down to attitude and how you accept yourself when you are playing this game. Are you able to make the proper decisions with the cards you are dealt? Can you tell the best story about what cards you want them to believe you are holding? Today I made a move on another player with 102 and he had AJ. The flop came down J10x. I went all in to tell the story I had the nuts. Was the decision right? I don't think so, but I had that gut feeling. Turn card was a 2. River was a blank. I win with two pair. He now sees my range of hands I am willing to play. This person raises quite a bit and I wanted to play a hand with him to tell the story that I play a wide range of hands. The next time I busted the player. Some stories last awhile. He thought I was loose and actually I was playing tight.

I plan on being at the table again tomorrow morning. Another table, another story. But we can have fun telling our stories to each other. I hope you are having as much fun playing the game as I am.

There are other things that are weighing in for my time. I try to juggle all of the needs but this one item allows me to focus on something other than what is happening with family and for a few hours I can play a game I enjoy.

Have a fun day.....