Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday 12-26-05

Well, Christmas is over and now we are starting back to work. I took half of the day off and went shopping and spent the time with my wife.

Basically did not play poker over the weekend. We went to parties and I spent the time with family. Will try to play some poker this week.

The Foreign Exchange Market will open this evening and my Entries have been set. They have not changed from what I posted a few days ago. I am reading a new book on the Forex. It is interesting. Do what is not normal. Changing your paradigm. I am anxious to get to the system. Not so much Technical as it is more Fundamental. I don't normally trade that way. I must be open to new ideas. If what you are doing is not working then try to do what the people do that are making money. Read and listen and then learn. See it and then do it.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday 12-23-05

Today I went shopping again and it was even worse than yesterday. Toooooo many people for me. Toooooo many cars on the road. At least people were being civil on the road.

No change in the Forex settings. Since the broker will be closed till Tuesday Morning I will not be doing any buying or selling till it starts up again Tuesday Morning. It will be another short week next week and then we get started in another new year. I am still watching the 75 MA and seeing if it might work with the setup I am using. I also use the daily chart.

I played two games of Poker tonight. The first one was a Shootout Tournament. 1858 people started and I went out first on our table. Not a pretty site. I played stupid. I knew I could do better. So I went back to the SNG and in that game I was down to 420 chips and looking at 6th place and finally started getting the cards I needed and I ended up in 2nd place. That does help the bankroll.

Poker +40

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday 12-22-05

Had today off from work and spent the day shopping. One of the things I most hate to do. Tomorrow will be another day of going out and putting up with people and crowds.

Tonight we went to our Friends house and watched Christmas Vacation. This is something we do every year and we have fun, dinner and exchange gifts. It is a family time and is enjoyable. We never get tired of the movie and even our grown kids like it. It has become a yearly tradition.

I have set the Forex currencies up for the night and only two of them are within 100 pips of being purchased. Tonight the settings are: EUR/USD 1.1940, GBP/USD 1.7634, AUD/USD .7474, USD/CAD 1.1598, and EUR/JPY is set at 140.63. I want to start running a Monthly total as well on here so I can watch the progress.

December 127 pips

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday 12-21-05

I am on call tonight so I won't be playing any poker. Last night went real well at the table. I was able to get a number of hands in a row and then when it seemed to move away from me I just started folding and waiting for the cards to start showing up again. Playing tight and being aggressive at times seems to go well with me in the SNG's.

Work is busy and trying to make sure I meet the deadline for the testing of the module we are working on. We are now off for four days. I will be off of work on Monday afternoon to be with the wife for some shopping.

I have now reset the Forex currencies and will wait for the currency to come to the points I have set. I am now trying to figure out the MA that the service uses to set prices. They are being given late at night and I am unable to set them up till in the morning or waiting till evening. That is hard due to the next set is due in the evening again and I could miss the entry point. Will keep at it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday 12-20-05

I may play poker tonight before I go to bed. I do alot better with SNG's and I am going to stay with it and try to improve on my game with that.

This morning when I got up and was ready for work I looked to see if any of the Currencies had been purchased. Both the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD were in motion. The EUR was at 65 pips already and the GBP was at a -25 pips. I watched it for a while and the GBP went to the stop of -30 pips and stopped out. I watched the EUR and it started to move back and when it hit 60 pips I went ahead and closed the trade. I hate to give up pips when they are there. Today I ended up with a 30 pip profit. This evening I was looking at the information on the Currencies and the EUR went down another 40 pips and the GBP is at 20 pips if I would have been able to stay in. I have gone ahead and purchased a short on the GBP since it is supposed to drop further by morning. I am going to stay out of the EUR since I did make some good pips on it. I will reset the EUR when I receive my numbers tonight. Enjoy humpday tomorrow.

I ended up playing in a SNG this evening and placed 2nd. Played well in the early rounds and was able to hold on till the end. I was getting the hands I needed to be able to see a flop and see what everyone was going to do. In the end it was playing more aggressive and hopefully the hands were there. In the end the other guy had the hand to take me out. Another good day at the tables. It's a good day anytime you place and get some money.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday 12-19-05

This week at work is going to go slow. Not much happening and will continue to try and clean stuff off of the desk that I haven't been able to do for a while.

I played one game of SNG poker tonight and came in 4th place. One spot out of the money. I always hate that. You get close and then you just do not get the cards to come your way. And then when you have to go all in just to survive with the best hand then someone beats you with a lesser hand. It is just the nature of playing online poker I believe. I read somewhere that you will get hands and then you will get a number of hands that will not help you even if they are good. I had the AK twice tonight and did not win on either of them.

I am still set up with the Forex tonight and the none of the currencies are close to the buying spot. I would like to get 200 - 300 pips per week but will be patient and not push it to try and achieve it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday 12-18-05

Getting ready to go back to work tomorrow morning. It has been a nice weekend. Went to a Christmas musical on Saturday and then that evening had a Christmas Party to go to. They brought in Belly Dancers for the entertainment. At the end of the show the guys in the room had their picture taken with the girls. How do they do that dancing? Today we had a Birthday party to go to and that was fun as well.

I have had a headache most of the day and will now take some of my Migraine medicine to make it through the night and hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone.

Watching the Forex and I am not close to any buying points yet. Would like to have another week like last week and pull in 200 - 300 pips.

No poker either this weekend since I was on call and had two calls this weekend so being on the computer would not have worked. Got to keep the computer open for work on those days. I did that once and got caught and had to throw all my chips away just to do work related stuff. That was not good. Live and learn.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Today at work it was uneventful. Nice easy day which allowed me to get some stuff done that has been on my to do list. It does look like I will be project managing two new projects this next year. This came about when one of the coworkers resigned and went to work elsewhere. It is a very good opportunity for her.

After last night I gave back some of the pips I earned the day before. I am still positive though and that is the good news. It does say this system will be right about 40% of the time. The positives are at least 200 - 300 pips and the negatives are about 30 - 40 pips. Right now fortunately for the weekend I am out all of the currencies. I do not like holding over the weekend. This is the patience part and I have to wait for the next trend. I am getting ready to read a new book on trading called "Bird Watching in Lion Country" I am anxious to see what he has to say about trading.

Last night in poker was interesting. I played 2 SNG's at PP and I came in 5th in the first one and then was 3rd in the second one. Basically got to play for free last night. Pocket J's were 1-2 last night. I saw the Pocket A's get taken down a couple of times. You just had to wait and hope you could take the pot with a good hand before the River card was dealt. The Players were all playing tight last night on both tables. I must say it was fun and enjoyable when players are playing like they should and not pushing hands that should not have been there. Tonight there is a live game going on and I can't sit in on it because I am on Call for work this weekend and I need to be near a computer that will allow me to get into the work computer when I get called. I like to play the home games when I can.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


When I looked at the Forex when I got up this morning I was up over 275 pips and so I set the Limit for 300 pips. I also set my stop real tight so that if it decided to move back I would not loose much. I still wanted to give it room to move just in case it bounced a little. When I checked it when I got home I had been stopped out and earned 215 pips. I also went in with USD/CAD and this evening it stopped out at -20 pips. I also was in on AUD/USD and earned 5 pips from that one. After looking at the Trend levels this evening I am in with AUD/USD and USD/CAD. I set the stops and now will be patient to see if these will move through the night.

I am in need of playing some poker. That will get me away from looking and watching the Forex. That 200 pips total today was real nice. I could use that on a weekly basis. That would make me happy.


I spent most of the day interviewing new people for 3 positions at work today. It was a long day at that trying to get things off the desk so we could go enjoy an evening at a local restaurant and celebrate a co-workers 50th birthday. That was nice.

When I got home my computer was back. The night before it went out and I did not have internet access till today. I was going to play poker but that didn't happen.

When I looked at my Forex setup I found the EUR/JPY had been purchased and I was up over 175 pips. I kept telling myself patience. I then moved my stops closer and let it continue to run. Non of the others have done anything yet. My Forex service where I get my points every night did not come through and I am hoping it is because of the internet being down. I would like to get my setups done on the other four.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday 12-13

Another day another dollar. Today was a better day at work. Then one of the fellow workers starts talking about the class she is going to in February that I want to take. That is a little frustrating. After talking with a friend I found out the 4 classes I need to take and then I will be a little more marketable for other things that may come along. I still have a year and a half that I want to stay in this job before I start looking elsewhere. I want to get the knowledge of the software I am working with and learn all I can from one of my fellow workers.

No Poker last night. Maybe tonight I will try another SNG and try to be patient with it.

I set up the Forex tonight as well. If I would have stayed with the EUR/USD I would have made over 250 pips. I got anxious and got out at 12 pips. What a difference. I need to be patient with it as well. I have everything set up and now I will wait for the market to turn the other way. There were 3 of the currencies that went over 200 pips and that would have been a nice addition to the bankroll. I decided to get rid of the alerts since that is part of the problem when I know I am in the market and should only watch it once to change the setups for my stops.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday 12-12

Today will not be a good day to play poker. What a day at work. I end up taking quite a few calls from the Help Desk to solve questions about the Software we work with. My Boss has to have a report finished by this evening so she can report on it tomorrow and then our sons car is needing work. I find out the cost so far is $340. That was just for the switch for the lights. Now its the belts and the Tune-up. This thing is going to cost close to $1000 by the time they get done. Wow. I remember working on cars and being able to tear the engine down and put it back together and I did all the work. Now it is computer chips and all the rest.

I also found out one of my co-workers gets to go to a class on the the application we use and I have been there 3 years and have been wanting to do this and because I am not licensed as a RN they get to go and I don't. That of course is not fair since I have been wanting to do this. I have been learning it as I go and gleaning as much information out of my work mates as I can. I know it sounds like sour grapes and it is. That is why I shouldn't play poker. Depression leads to throwing money away and eating. Neither are good for me.

I figured out that my play last night and coming in 6th place was because I played way to many hands. I need to be patient and not push the hands when they are not there. Patience is the key.

My son and daughter-in-law are going out for poker night tonight. They play every Monday night at a friends house. He does well in these games.

Nothing has happened with the Forex so far today. Will take a look at the entrances and see how close I am to any of them. I have to be patient with that as well. I got out too early last week and even though I earned some pips I could have had more if I would have just been patient. Wow, there is that word again.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday 12-11

I set up the Forex this evening. I will watch 5 Currencies and see if I purchase any tonight while I sleep. I have set the Alerts. Four of them are within 100 pips of going.

I decided to play one game of SNG at PP tonite. I ended up 6th place tonite. Everyone was real tight this evening and when I tried to take some pots it didn't work. Even waiting for the right cards didn't help. It seemed the straights were working well tonight and when I had a chance it didn't do it. Usually I do not wait on the River to get me out of a bind. Isn't it crazy sometimes you will play a little different than what you are supposed to. You tell yourself you are not going to do that and you go ahead anyway. Maybe it is the thought that the right cards will come up for yourself and you just can't go wrong. Then it just shoots you down.

Got to go back to work tomorrow. Off to bed I go.

Saturday 12-10

I have been playing poker on PP and have done well at times. I played two games, one in the early afternoon which I came in 2nd place and added to my bankroll. In the evening I decided to play again and this time I came in 1st. That was exciting.

What makes people go all-in at the start and just throw the tournament away? I know it is nice to try and build your chips up but right off the bat? This one person kept going all-in and finally when I was BB I decided I had enough and went ahead and called. Good call. I busted that person and they were no longer in the tournament. I usually don't do that but no one else was going to do anything about it and I had enough. Yes, I could have lost it and been out of the tournament but this person kept going all-in on all the hands. I don't even get that many good hands and this was a good one to do that with.

Now I will get the week started by watching the Forex and maybe play another game at PP. I play the SNG's. I don't do well just sitting at a table and playing.