Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday 12-11

I set up the Forex this evening. I will watch 5 Currencies and see if I purchase any tonight while I sleep. I have set the Alerts. Four of them are within 100 pips of going.

I decided to play one game of SNG at PP tonite. I ended up 6th place tonite. Everyone was real tight this evening and when I tried to take some pots it didn't work. Even waiting for the right cards didn't help. It seemed the straights were working well tonight and when I had a chance it didn't do it. Usually I do not wait on the River to get me out of a bind. Isn't it crazy sometimes you will play a little different than what you are supposed to. You tell yourself you are not going to do that and you go ahead anyway. Maybe it is the thought that the right cards will come up for yourself and you just can't go wrong. Then it just shoots you down.

Got to go back to work tomorrow. Off to bed I go.

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