Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday 12-22-05

Had today off from work and spent the day shopping. One of the things I most hate to do. Tomorrow will be another day of going out and putting up with people and crowds.

Tonight we went to our Friends house and watched Christmas Vacation. This is something we do every year and we have fun, dinner and exchange gifts. It is a family time and is enjoyable. We never get tired of the movie and even our grown kids like it. It has become a yearly tradition.

I have set the Forex currencies up for the night and only two of them are within 100 pips of being purchased. Tonight the settings are: EUR/USD 1.1940, GBP/USD 1.7634, AUD/USD .7474, USD/CAD 1.1598, and EUR/JPY is set at 140.63. I want to start running a Monthly total as well on here so I can watch the progress.

December 127 pips

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