Sunday, December 11, 2005

Saturday 12-10

I have been playing poker on PP and have done well at times. I played two games, one in the early afternoon which I came in 2nd place and added to my bankroll. In the evening I decided to play again and this time I came in 1st. That was exciting.

What makes people go all-in at the start and just throw the tournament away? I know it is nice to try and build your chips up but right off the bat? This one person kept going all-in and finally when I was BB I decided I had enough and went ahead and called. Good call. I busted that person and they were no longer in the tournament. I usually don't do that but no one else was going to do anything about it and I had enough. Yes, I could have lost it and been out of the tournament but this person kept going all-in on all the hands. I don't even get that many good hands and this was a good one to do that with.

Now I will get the week started by watching the Forex and maybe play another game at PP. I play the SNG's. I don't do well just sitting at a table and playing.

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