Thursday, December 15, 2005


I spent most of the day interviewing new people for 3 positions at work today. It was a long day at that trying to get things off the desk so we could go enjoy an evening at a local restaurant and celebrate a co-workers 50th birthday. That was nice.

When I got home my computer was back. The night before it went out and I did not have internet access till today. I was going to play poker but that didn't happen.

When I looked at my Forex setup I found the EUR/JPY had been purchased and I was up over 175 pips. I kept telling myself patience. I then moved my stops closer and let it continue to run. Non of the others have done anything yet. My Forex service where I get my points every night did not come through and I am hoping it is because of the internet being down. I would like to get my setups done on the other four.

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