Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday 12-21-05

I am on call tonight so I won't be playing any poker. Last night went real well at the table. I was able to get a number of hands in a row and then when it seemed to move away from me I just started folding and waiting for the cards to start showing up again. Playing tight and being aggressive at times seems to go well with me in the SNG's.

Work is busy and trying to make sure I meet the deadline for the testing of the module we are working on. We are now off for four days. I will be off of work on Monday afternoon to be with the wife for some shopping.

I have now reset the Forex currencies and will wait for the currency to come to the points I have set. I am now trying to figure out the MA that the service uses to set prices. They are being given late at night and I am unable to set them up till in the morning or waiting till evening. That is hard due to the next set is due in the evening again and I could miss the entry point. Will keep at it.

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