Friday, July 30, 2010

Can it get any Hotter?

Maybe I shouldn't ask that question. I know once you say that then there it goes and it will be over 100 degrees before you have a chance to pour the ice water. We did get some rain this past week but just very little. I didn't hear any thunder or lightening so I know the weather isn't cooling down any. I am staying inside most of the time and I am watering the yard as much as I can. Trying to save on the water and our budget.

This past week I have been working on the Stocks class. This is my second month complete now and I am close to starting the trading portion and get this thing done. I should say started. I have been going over the lessons again we have had and making sure my notes are up to date and this also gives me a chance to reread the information. I am also relistening to the lessons as well since they are all recorded. I am thankful this is a lifetime class that I will always be able to go back as well as listen to the new information as I go forward. A lot of looking at charts and that is important. I hope too much information doesn't keep me from doing what I need to do and click the button when it is time. Got to start somewhere.

I have also been going through the lessons on the WSOP Academy. I have finished this week all of the lessons that are available at this time and waiting for the new lessons soon. This will be going forward for the certification with them. That seems funny that you can get a certification for playing poker. Well, I guess it shows that you have put in the work and the time. The proof is at the table when you are playing. Can you play according to the textbook. This week I played a live tournament and came in 4th. Not bad for not having cards and then when I got AA they got cracked by Q3. I really don't like AA that much anymore. It seems like they get cracked more times than not. I am sure that is not the statistics but at least it seems like that.

I have also set up a new challenge and that is to play more cash game on a daily basis. So far my hand count is:
398 Hands = -10%
Not so good but I just started this week. I need to see more hands and just keep plugging along and get these numbers to turn around.

I did play in a tournament of 125 players and came in 11th place for a cash. That was good.

Jokers Casino is going to start something new now and that is a Freeroll on Monday nights. The casino is putting in $300 for this freeroll. To start we will have T$1500 chips and it will be 10 minute rounds. This will be fast tournament but should be fun. They are also going to start up a Live Cash game of $1/$2 game. Hopefully this will attract some new players and in turn help the casino with new patrons. It won't hurt the games as well.

Stay cool this weekend.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It is HOT

This past week has been very busy for me. Trying to stay cool with the weather being very hot around here. We are in the 90's and now getting to the 100's. Of course when it gets this hot who cares about the temperature because now it is just hot. I think the older I get the more I can't handle the heat. Growing up in Indio, California as a youngster the heat did not bother us. We ran around barefoot all the time as well. Times change and the body changes as well.

I have not played much poker this week since my showing at Wildhorse. I was very pleased with my play and learned a lot about myself and my game by going that deep into their tournament. I am excited to try this again in November and hopefully can fulfill another goal of mine and that is to cash. I really enjoyed the bigger tournaments because it allowed me to play my style and not be rushed into decisions. I only wish I could go to more of them. Around here they don't have those type of tournaments.

I have been getting emails from Johnathan Little and his online teaching videos. Since I have purchased before from him I was invited to play a freeroll on a poker site. I did sign up for the tournament and it took place today. There were 127 players starting and I ended up in 11th place for this tournament. Missed the final table by one. I had AA and I went all in and was called by a person that had 99. Guess what happened? He got a 9 on the flop and I was out of the tournament. I did get paid $1.00 for being in 11th place. I did well on this tournament. It would have been nice to have my AA hold up. For being free that wasn't bad. Now I am going to play live with that $1 and see if I can get it to grow. I have heard about people taking an account and playing a freeroll and then turning it into a lot of money by playing cash games. I will give it a try.

I have been very busy with my stock trading class. I have been revisiting my lessons and redoing my notes. This is taking a lot of time. I have also been listening to the WSOP Academy instruction as well. Working on my certification with them. I was called by H&R Block about my class I will be taking with them in September and it is now set. This is a busy year for me so far. Hopefully it will get better.

My Mom is going back through some tests to see if her cancer is back. That has been taking time as well. Lets hope she does alright through this. She doesn't understand since she has Alzheimer's. We will know this week what she has.

Have a fun one and stay cool.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today was the day that I played at the Wildhorse Casino. I was able to play in one of the tournaments for the week and this was the one. I left this morning at 0800 and got there around 0930. I bought in for this tournament for $150 and we will start with T$5,000. The rounds are 30 minutes each. This is perfect as it gives you the time to play and usually those with some type of skill level can rise to the top.

I was able to get through 8 rounds today. This is the longest I have been able to last in these tournaments. Coming in with a strategy really helped me this time. I am really glad I was able to spend the time with the Pros down in Las Vegas. It really helped. I ended up in about 80th position out of 245 players that started. Being in the money started in the 25th position. I got close.

I will now take what I have learned about myself and what I was able to do in this tournament and start practicing at Jokers again to get myself ready for the tournament in November. I had a lot of fun today.

At one point one of the players asked me if I was a Pro. I told him no but I did stay at a motel 6 last night. Ok, it was a Holiday Inn. It still went over real well with the table.

It was an exciting day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And Here we Go

The rest of this week will be very busy for me. I am preparing for the tournament at the Wildhorse Casino and the Summer Roundup. My plan is to play the Sunday tournament. I am only going to play in one of them this summer.

On Wednesday I played in a Home Game. I haven't played in one of these in quite a while so it was fun to sit down with friends at the table and play. The cost was $5 so it was affordable to just haveing fun and not feel the pressure of getting into the money. When I arrived at the home of the tournament I was late and I was being blinded out. Needless to say I was the shortstack when I arrived. No pressure I just started working the table and playing my gameplan. I eventually was near the top in chips before I ran into a hand that got me back to being in shortstack and then went out in third place. It was enough to get third place money which was $5. I spent 2 hours playing and came out even. Not bad for being short stack and playing my plan.

Tomorrow night I will be playing at Jokers Casino in the $35 tournament and will try to tune up my game plan and be prepared for the weekend. I have been doing a lot of reading and studying the WSOP Academy information. I am presently working on the certification course with them. Yes, a certification for poker. They have 12 chapters and testing throughout the program. So far I am through 2 chapters and have done well on the exams so far.

As I have been saying the Tournament at Wildhorse Casino is going on starting today and will go through Sunday. I will be playing the final tournament on Sunday. The tournament starts at 12PM.

I have not had a chance to play anymore live cash games since last week. I will hopefully get back to playing this next week to grow the Bankroll.

Having a good time.

Friday, July 09, 2010

I See Twins

I guess I will start my blog off with Poker this time. The last two days have been not nice to me. Just when you think you might have it all figured out it turns against you. Or is it you just think your getting better and it has to knock you down a peg to let you know you are not in charge.

I looked over my notes from the WSOP Academy just like I am now doing before I go and play any tournament. This will help me reinforce what I have learned and to play the style I need to get to the final table. I have always said that anything can happen when you get to the final table but you have to get there first. Well, then how do you get there? By following the plan sam!!

Ok, I did make the final table thursday night at Jokers Casino. The only problem I had was not following the plan. Instead of playing TAG to start I opened up playing LAG. TAG is Tight Aggressive and LAG is Loose Aggressive for those that do not like letters only. I was so LAG that I ended up getting low on chips. At that point I figured I was in trouble so I went to TAG in the middle of the tournament and where I normally start to open up the game. OK, now you can see I am reverse of what I should be doing. That followed me all the way to the final table. Yes, I did make the final table but with not very much in chips. At that point I usually start playing TAG again to get to the top three. Well, I ended up moving to LAG to catch up and that is what got me in trouble.

My final hand here was KQ vs KJ and was allin with 2 other players. On the flop was a K and then on the river there was a J. I am out in 7th place.

Now I figured today playing at Islands Casino I would do better. At the beginning I was TAG and then I get AQ vs KQ. The Q came on the flop and the K on the river. I really don't like the river card anymore. At least through the rest of the day.

Both of these Casinos are different with the game. Jokers is $35 for T$5,000 chips and 20 minute rounds. Islands is $25 for T$2,000 chips and 15 minute rounds. Will have to figure out the difference between how to play them. Any ideas let me know.

Now that I am running two blogs I am trying to separate my poker playing from my stock trading. I am still being highlighted with the stock blog. I am even getting some followers with it and that will keep me going with that one. What about this one? Anyone out there? You can comment on if you like it or whatever you want to say.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting Hotter

We are starting to get the heat finally. The temperature is supposed to be in the upper 90's and then reaching into the low 100's. Will try to stay inside most of the time and then water the yard in the evening when it is cooler outside.

We had a good 4th of July. We spent our time at a couple of BBQ's with friends and it was enjoyable. I need to get my Grill up and running soon.

This week has been taking care of parents financial stuff and getting through the DSHS requirements. Today was the visit from the Social Worker making sure parents are getting the proper care and that they are still able to be in the program they are in. I must say that we were unsure they would be able to stay in the Assisted Living but after the visit it turned out alright and another year is set. What a relief.

I had a chance to have lunch with a good friend and that was fun and enjoyable as well. Being able to discuss what is going on in each others lives. Have a conversation with someone that is interested in what each other has to say. Friends are good to have.

I have been playing poker this week and so far for the week I have been playing in a cash game and so far have played 166 hands and have increase BR by about 10%. I am going to try and keep playing the cash game and see what happens with the BR. This next week is the Summer Rodeo at Wildhorse Casino. Tomorrow night is back to Jokers for another tournament. Working on my strategy to go deep in tournaments.

Stay cool.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Multiple Topics

Sometimes in my life I will go out of the norm or what I percieve to be normal and do the opposite. For the people that know me I will sometimes do things that I wouldn't dream of doing. I don't like wearing jeans. I once did the brakes on my car in slacks. I don't like wearing hats but sometimes I will wear a cowboy hat. I will wear clothing that I don't normally wear just to see if people notice. Ok, you say what is your point?

In life overall a dream of mine was to work for myself. I have always looked for ways to make an income for my family and still be true to myself and the dreams that I have. Of course family comes first so you do the right thing and settle down and work for someone else. I have met and know of a person who is a very good friend that took their entire retirement account and put it into a business. This business went through some tuff times and even to the point of possibly selling the business for very little money. They hung on and today this business has grown 3 fold. Wow, what a story and the willingness to step out of the norm. This person is an inspiration to me and knowing it can be done.

I don't have the same opportunity or the money to do what this person did but it doesn't stop me from looking for ways to work for myself. I have tried a number of things. The worm farm being one. If it wasn't so hot in my garage I know it would have worked. Keeping worms happy is really hard. I then spent five years working MLM and even had one of them take off and went from Washington to Canada back to Washington and then on to Oregon and California. You would have thought I would have made it with that one. No, the payout structure was changed and I was getting less money than when I started. Ok, I got into Stocks, Forex and at the end of the couple of years I was still at breakeven. All of these never stopped me from thinking that someday I can work for myself.

I guess the opportunity is now here again. I am pushing myself to make my next projects work. I have attended an academy for poker, and am in the middle of the academy for stocks. I think the education part is going to help me get to where I need to be. I have to have the drive to make it work. You have to want this to work out. I have now added another part of what I want to achieve. I will be attending the H&R Block class on taxes. This one is a little more far fetched. When I started college back in 1974-75 my major was Accounting. The reason I didn't finish was because I ran out of money. I had to settle for an associate business degree. For me being able to help people with their taxes is something that I enjoy doing. I am now going to give this a shot.

My plate is pretty full now. I will have the Stocks that I can trade and work on and I will also have the poker game to enjoy. I will hopefully have the tax season to help others and keep busy. Will any of these bring in a steady income for our family? Did my friend have a guarantee that when they pulled out their retirement to start a business that they would have an income? I don't think so. I have let this person know that I think they are a hero of mine. Doing something you have a desire to do and no matter what anyone says you keep pushing forward. That is why I always try to listen to the positive. Negative people have no business being around me. I try to keep myself positive.

This week I have been working with my parents financial stuff trying to make sure that they are able to continue living where they are at. It is important to me that they are able to continue with the lifestyle they presently have. The State has multiple papers that need to be filled out and the nurse is due to evaluate in August to make sure they are able to stay in their apartment. Again, I am staying positive that they will not have to be moved.

Yes, I have signed up for the H&R Block class. This will start in September when I am done with my stock class. It was nice that so far the 3 education courses have been able to follow each other. First the Poker Academy, Stock Academy and then the tax course. I feel like I am learning and will be able to keep busy.

My poker game has been doing well right now. Last week I came in 1st place and last night I came in 2nd. I almost eeked out another win last night. I had the other player all-in twice with me being the chip leader and both times he was able to river out on me. I just couldn't make a comeback on the last one. With blinds at 3000/6000 I was in trouble. I let the guy off of the hook by letting him take a break when I just about had him at one point. He was not able to concentrate and make good decisions. I gave in and let him go to the bathroom. If I had to do it over again I should have made him keep playing. Maybe I wanted to win it fair and square and without the added stress he was going through. Hopefully some day he returns the favor and I win.

I have been having fun watching the The Big Game. One loose cannon against five pros. You are staked with $100,000 and you get to keep anything over that amount after you have played 150 hands. This week Nadya is up $71,000 and has about 45 hands to play yet. It has been fun. I have also been watching the WSOP on ESPN3 and that is fun as well. I learn by watching and this has taught me alot by seeing them play each hand, not the ones the TV wants to show you. I am very visual so I learn well by seeing someone do this and then I can follow and do the same thing.

Have a happy fourth everyone.