Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And Here we Go

The rest of this week will be very busy for me. I am preparing for the tournament at the Wildhorse Casino and the Summer Roundup. My plan is to play the Sunday tournament. I am only going to play in one of them this summer.

On Wednesday I played in a Home Game. I haven't played in one of these in quite a while so it was fun to sit down with friends at the table and play. The cost was $5 so it was affordable to just haveing fun and not feel the pressure of getting into the money. When I arrived at the home of the tournament I was late and I was being blinded out. Needless to say I was the shortstack when I arrived. No pressure I just started working the table and playing my gameplan. I eventually was near the top in chips before I ran into a hand that got me back to being in shortstack and then went out in third place. It was enough to get third place money which was $5. I spent 2 hours playing and came out even. Not bad for being short stack and playing my plan.

Tomorrow night I will be playing at Jokers Casino in the $35 tournament and will try to tune up my game plan and be prepared for the weekend. I have been doing a lot of reading and studying the WSOP Academy information. I am presently working on the certification course with them. Yes, a certification for poker. They have 12 chapters and testing throughout the program. So far I am through 2 chapters and have done well on the exams so far.

As I have been saying the Tournament at Wildhorse Casino is going on starting today and will go through Sunday. I will be playing the final tournament on Sunday. The tournament starts at 12PM.

I have not had a chance to play anymore live cash games since last week. I will hopefully get back to playing this next week to grow the Bankroll.

Having a good time.

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