Sunday, July 25, 2010

It is HOT

This past week has been very busy for me. Trying to stay cool with the weather being very hot around here. We are in the 90's and now getting to the 100's. Of course when it gets this hot who cares about the temperature because now it is just hot. I think the older I get the more I can't handle the heat. Growing up in Indio, California as a youngster the heat did not bother us. We ran around barefoot all the time as well. Times change and the body changes as well.

I have not played much poker this week since my showing at Wildhorse. I was very pleased with my play and learned a lot about myself and my game by going that deep into their tournament. I am excited to try this again in November and hopefully can fulfill another goal of mine and that is to cash. I really enjoyed the bigger tournaments because it allowed me to play my style and not be rushed into decisions. I only wish I could go to more of them. Around here they don't have those type of tournaments.

I have been getting emails from Johnathan Little and his online teaching videos. Since I have purchased before from him I was invited to play a freeroll on a poker site. I did sign up for the tournament and it took place today. There were 127 players starting and I ended up in 11th place for this tournament. Missed the final table by one. I had AA and I went all in and was called by a person that had 99. Guess what happened? He got a 9 on the flop and I was out of the tournament. I did get paid $1.00 for being in 11th place. I did well on this tournament. It would have been nice to have my AA hold up. For being free that wasn't bad. Now I am going to play live with that $1 and see if I can get it to grow. I have heard about people taking an account and playing a freeroll and then turning it into a lot of money by playing cash games. I will give it a try.

I have been very busy with my stock trading class. I have been revisiting my lessons and redoing my notes. This is taking a lot of time. I have also been listening to the WSOP Academy instruction as well. Working on my certification with them. I was called by H&R Block about my class I will be taking with them in September and it is now set. This is a busy year for me so far. Hopefully it will get better.

My Mom is going back through some tests to see if her cancer is back. That has been taking time as well. Lets hope she does alright through this. She doesn't understand since she has Alzheimer's. We will know this week what she has.

Have a fun one and stay cool.

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