Friday, July 30, 2010

Can it get any Hotter?

Maybe I shouldn't ask that question. I know once you say that then there it goes and it will be over 100 degrees before you have a chance to pour the ice water. We did get some rain this past week but just very little. I didn't hear any thunder or lightening so I know the weather isn't cooling down any. I am staying inside most of the time and I am watering the yard as much as I can. Trying to save on the water and our budget.

This past week I have been working on the Stocks class. This is my second month complete now and I am close to starting the trading portion and get this thing done. I should say started. I have been going over the lessons again we have had and making sure my notes are up to date and this also gives me a chance to reread the information. I am also relistening to the lessons as well since they are all recorded. I am thankful this is a lifetime class that I will always be able to go back as well as listen to the new information as I go forward. A lot of looking at charts and that is important. I hope too much information doesn't keep me from doing what I need to do and click the button when it is time. Got to start somewhere.

I have also been going through the lessons on the WSOP Academy. I have finished this week all of the lessons that are available at this time and waiting for the new lessons soon. This will be going forward for the certification with them. That seems funny that you can get a certification for playing poker. Well, I guess it shows that you have put in the work and the time. The proof is at the table when you are playing. Can you play according to the textbook. This week I played a live tournament and came in 4th. Not bad for not having cards and then when I got AA they got cracked by Q3. I really don't like AA that much anymore. It seems like they get cracked more times than not. I am sure that is not the statistics but at least it seems like that.

I have also set up a new challenge and that is to play more cash game on a daily basis. So far my hand count is:
398 Hands = -10%
Not so good but I just started this week. I need to see more hands and just keep plugging along and get these numbers to turn around.

I did play in a tournament of 125 players and came in 11th place for a cash. That was good.

Jokers Casino is going to start something new now and that is a Freeroll on Monday nights. The casino is putting in $300 for this freeroll. To start we will have T$1500 chips and it will be 10 minute rounds. This will be fast tournament but should be fun. They are also going to start up a Live Cash game of $1/$2 game. Hopefully this will attract some new players and in turn help the casino with new patrons. It won't hurt the games as well.

Stay cool this weekend.

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