Thursday, August 05, 2010

More of the Same

Not much new to write about this week so far. I have been staying pretty close to home and on the computer. My Sister is here for a few days with her granddaughter and will visit Grandpa and Grandma.

I have been playing some poker and was able to get into a Freeroll on FT and placed 643 / 7500 players. I am getting closer in the multitable tournaments. My decision making skills have gotten better with the cards I am being dealt.

I played on FT again in a 45 player tournament and placed 11th. Ohhhhh so close.

Monday night Jokers Casino held a Freeroll tournament with T$1000 in chips for a prize pool of $300. This is a very fast tournament and I guess you could say luck of the cards would be on this one. My QJ vs AK with xQK on the flop sort of did me in. Will try again next week.

I have also played 498 hands of live cash game. I am trying to get 100 hands in at a time. Slightly different than tournaments so I will try to stay patient.

We got a leak on our roof and so I decided to try and fix it myself. I am not a carpenter, roofer, plumber and have never tried to be. I am also afraid of heights. Took me years to finally get comfortable to fly. I still hate landings and takeoffs. I finally talked myself into getting on the roof but when I got up there it was not a good thing. I felt I was not going to get myself down without falling. I then made myself get off the roof and Cindy called Rob. So Rob and Nick went up on the roof and fixed the spots where the shingles came off in the wind. I don't know when I will be able to get on the roof again. That was bad.

I have also been working on the Stock Trading part and have made a trade finally. As of this time I am still in the market and may get out on Friday depending on the price. Feels good to have the first one sort of under the belt. So far it has been a good trade.

We are now in August and the heat is building.

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