Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poker Challenge

Back on July 4 I gave myself a challenge. To play as many hands of live cash game poker and grow the bankroll. A lot of the pros have been saying and doing just this and they will grow a bankroll by showing it can be done. Ok, why not me. My goal was to play at least 100 hands per day. I would start out at the .02/.05 game and move forward from there. I also will start with $10 and see if I can get it to grow.

Here it is August and I am still going. I have now played 751 hands and my bankroll is down 80% from where it started. Wow, I didn't do very well. The last half of this month I have finally turned the corner. I went down in stakes to the .01/.02 level and started working on the game. Patience was important to me and has been something I have to learn with this game. I wanted to be aggressive and my bankroll showed it.

As far as the 100 hands per day, well it didn't happen. Along with the other things happening in my life I couldn't put in the amount of hands I wanted. Soooo, patience again shows that I stay with a table until it starts to break up and then I will usually shut it down for the evening. I try to get as many hands in as the table will allow. I watch the players and learn what they are doing and figure out what type of hands they are playing. Right now the plan is to keep going forward with this plan.

I did play an SnG last night with 18 players. I came in 3rd. I have been doing only the cash game so it felt weird playing in a tournament. I prefer tournaments but only at the casinos.

Having fun.

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