Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Poker Tournaments

Now that I am basically playing one night per week I try to play the best that I can in the tournament that I am playing.  I chose to play in the tournament at the Pub where we all take turns and deal.

This week I decided that I would not play in that one and stay closer to home.  The Casino is only about a mile from my house and it is easier to go down there instead of driving twenty minutes.  The cost of the tournament is the same so the cost of gas is the difference.

We had thirtytwo players starting out in the tournament and we each started with T$1,000 in chips and we have 10 minute rounds.  It goes quickly and you have to make plays early to start building your chips.  I was able to get to the final table and went out in 5th place.  I bubbled the cash payout.

That was Thursday night and then on Friday I decided to play the afternoon deepstack.  I like this game better as we start with T$10,000 in chips with 20 minute rounds and the cost is $40.  I end up playing different people during this tournament.  These players are more advanced in their play and will play accordingly.  Overall better players. 

For some reason I got myself sidetracked with my thinking and I was out of the tournament in 20 minutes.  I did not make it through the 25-50 round.  That was bad.  I know I play better than this and I really did not play attention to what I was doing.  I decided to make another run at it on Sunday and played in the next deepstack of T$10,000 in chips with 15 minute rounds for $40 buy in.  The tournament is not as deep as the one on Friday but still it is a good tournament.

I ended up getting down to the final table and made it down to three of us left in the tournament.  We all had about the same amount of chips when we decided to chop the prize pool three ways.  I was glad I decided to play in this one as it more than paid for the weekend and I made some money to keep the bankroll active.

I did decide to play some online and was able to increase that bankroll as well.  It is slow going at the .01-.02 level but I will take the $1.00 increase anytime.  At least I am over the starting amount.

This week is test week again at the college so I am in the books again.  I will play again on Friday if everything looks good.  I guess you have to say I need to make sure my priorities are in order.

Have a fun week..... 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Poker Play

I would enjoy playing the game a little bit more but the hours of studying have been taking its toll.

I look forward to the Thursday evening tournament now. It is the same $15 bounty tournament. Last week I did well and chopped 1st and 2nd place and this week I made it to the final table again. That makes three weeks in a row. I was able to cash in this tournament as well when one of the players asked if a chop could be made. The five of us agreed and we all went home with $40 each. As long as I keep the bankroll growing this allows me to play the tournaments. I have not played any live games.

This next week I will be putting on my monthly home game. I am hoping I can get three tables. It was fun and everyone enjoyed getting together.

I have been reading a blog from a person who is about ready to go broke by playing poker. It seems he lost a lot of money on the poker machines. It just makes a person reading this think that you have to stay away from house edge games and make sure you are playing in a game that fits where you have an advantage.

Money management is so important when you play poker. I had a bankroll that was up to $2500 and when the casino here closed down and I pushed my money into live games and big tournaments and the money left in a hurry. I wasn't thinking about what I needed to do but just trying to get the money back. It never happened. Now I have a small bankroll about $200 and I use it to play some small tournaments and continue to get the bankroll to grow slowly.

I play weekly right now and studying to get through school. This summer I will have more time to play a little bit more. I continue to read the poker books when I can and then play a little bit online. So far I have built that one up over $6. We are on the move now. I have to look at this as recreational as well. I don't put in the time like I used to so I have to be patient and work a little bit harder to make sure I make the proper plays. Nothing fancy for me.

Have a fun day.....

Friday, February 08, 2013

Playing Pub Tournaments

The last two weeks I have been playing in a Pub on Thursday evening.  It is different than playing in the casino with dealers taking care of everything.

The tournament is a bounty tournament with a $15 buy in.  We get T$3,000 in chips to start but the blinds are 20 minutes in length.  It does move well since they did take some of the usual levels out of the middle part of the tournament structure.  It takes about three to three and a half hours to complete the tournament with the eighteen players.  We each take turns dealing the cards so we don't see as many hands during the levels but the increased time does help make up what we loose in dealer time.

Last week I made the final table and then went out in 8th place.  This week I again made it to the final table and this time I had the chip lead with two players left.  It was now 10:30 and both of us were ready to go home after the three and a half hours sitting and playing.  I was up about 2 to 1 against him and probably could have finished it but instead I told him that I was willing to chop the money and we both could go home happy.  He looked at me and told me it was an offer he couldn't refuse. 

As it turned out I didn't lose any of the money I would have gotten anyway for first place because of the amount of bounty chips I had in front of me.  Overall it was a good night.

I will play this tournament again next week.  In the meantime I will try to play some online when I get the chance.