Saturday, February 16, 2013

Poker Play

I would enjoy playing the game a little bit more but the hours of studying have been taking its toll.

I look forward to the Thursday evening tournament now. It is the same $15 bounty tournament. Last week I did well and chopped 1st and 2nd place and this week I made it to the final table again. That makes three weeks in a row. I was able to cash in this tournament as well when one of the players asked if a chop could be made. The five of us agreed and we all went home with $40 each. As long as I keep the bankroll growing this allows me to play the tournaments. I have not played any live games.

This next week I will be putting on my monthly home game. I am hoping I can get three tables. It was fun and everyone enjoyed getting together.

I have been reading a blog from a person who is about ready to go broke by playing poker. It seems he lost a lot of money on the poker machines. It just makes a person reading this think that you have to stay away from house edge games and make sure you are playing in a game that fits where you have an advantage.

Money management is so important when you play poker. I had a bankroll that was up to $2500 and when the casino here closed down and I pushed my money into live games and big tournaments and the money left in a hurry. I wasn't thinking about what I needed to do but just trying to get the money back. It never happened. Now I have a small bankroll about $200 and I use it to play some small tournaments and continue to get the bankroll to grow slowly.

I play weekly right now and studying to get through school. This summer I will have more time to play a little bit more. I continue to read the poker books when I can and then play a little bit online. So far I have built that one up over $6. We are on the move now. I have to look at this as recreational as well. I don't put in the time like I used to so I have to be patient and work a little bit harder to make sure I make the proper plays. Nothing fancy for me.

Have a fun day.....

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lightning36 said...

Sounds like you and I have some of the same issues -- time and rust. I feel like my game is nowhere near where it should be. Sounds like you have a good plan in being sure not to go too wild with your bankroll at this point.