Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poker Thoughts

I was so ready to play poker Friday afternoon. The poker tournament started at 3PM today and I was ready to get started. I hadn't played poker since the big tournament almost two weeks ago. I was down on myself about how I played and I didn't show myself that I deserved to be playing in a bigger tournament yet. Three times per year I give myself the opportunity to see where I am at in my poker play. I will play at Wildhorse Casino and pay the larger fee just to see where I am at. I would do the same thing with my golf. If I wanted to see how I was doing I would play at Canyon Lakes Golf Course because that course was the size of golf courses the pros would play. You see where I am going with this already?

Every time I play like I did at Jokers Casino the next thing to do was study some more and get myself more prepared for the next time. I am competitive and this game will put me up against people that are better than me and I can't have that. I need to learn and get better.

With this game I have goals that I must meet each and every time I play. If I don't meet these goals I have to figure out what I did that did not allow myself the opportunity and fix those leaks. The three goals I have for every tournament are:
1) Make the Final table. 2) Make the money spot. 3) Win the tournament.
Now number one and two can be switched around depending on the tournament and how many people are playing. At Wildhorse those would be switched around. At Jokers they would remain as I have them listed. These are important goals and they must be reached to accomplish where I want to be in my play.

The next thing that has to be looked at are procedures. With poker you have to make plays with hands that you are given. Now I know there are other things that enter into the decision making on making plays but you do need to have procedures of how to play certain hands. I play pocket pairs differently than face cards and for straight and flush possibilities. Procedures is important in how you play. I must follow them. If you have been reading my other posts you can see a correlation with the boxes in the brain. Things for me are basically cut and dry and if you do something then the outcome should be the same.

With all of that said then how did I do in the tournament today. I came in second place today. We played for four hours and I made one play at the end that made me loose a big share of my chips. Was I tired? Why did I choose to play the hand the way I did? These are two of the questions I have to answer. So, I accomplished goal number one and two but fell short for goal number 3. I will still pat myself on the back and say good job but then have to sit down and think about what I did that made me do what I did.

The tournament started with T$10,000 in chips and I did drop down to around T$7,000 and I had to tell myself that this is my job and I needed to concentrate a little bit more and I then was able to get back up to the T$9,000 area before getting to the final table. Even though this is a game and I do enjoy this game it is also a job to me in making money to keep the dream alive. What is the dream? It is part of the goals list. You have to have that and it has to be written down and you have to read it almost on a daily basis to make it part of your life.

Having Fun.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boxes Continued

I have been accused of having boxes in my brain. Only able to work on one item at a time. Now I usually am not a multitask person. I do like to work on one item and finish the task before moving on to the next item. If I have to work on more than one I usually will write down the tasks and then again work on the items at hand and try to get the items to a spot I can't go further and then move to the next item on the list. This tends to work well with me. In multitasking the stress level moves up a notch because you have items not being finished and then adding more becomes inevitable.

This is how I percieve the boxes. I have talked about boxes before and how we live in a box. I think you can see the next version and how this is possible.

In the morning I wake up and the mind starts to work. The hyster is starting up and the motor is now running. What boxes are needed for this person to move. I must get the Hygiene box out. This motorized little hyster moves to that area and pulls the box out. The box opens up and there are a number of items that have to be completed. Please don't interrupt the items in this box. They have to happen in order for them to be completed and if they don't happen according to the list then something gets missed and it is gone and out of the box for the day. How it gets back into the box I don't know. Must be a little person that runs around looking for missed items like what they do at Walmart. Put lost items in a cart and someone picks them up at the end of the day and puts them back in the box for the next day. That seems logical to me.

If I have done things correctly and listed my day according to plan the next box is pulled. Of course the previous box must be put back to allow for the next box to be opened up. Cleanliness in the conveyor belt of boxes. Don't work ahead too much in placing more than one box on the conveyor belt because then it will stop and have to wait for the mechanics to come in and fix the belt. I wonder if that is when I sit in the chair and try to figure out my boxes and what order they should be in. Sounds logical.

The day proceeds as it should going from box to box and opening and closing of said boxes. All within a very logical and orderly fashion. In my mind I have all kinds of boxes that will get opened during the day. All of said boxes are clean and will be put back in the same location as when they were pulled.

Remember as before since we live in a box and move around in boxes then our minds must be a box as well. I think it is logical. I like logical and precise. I like things to be in order and function in order. Oh, how I like my box.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I want to play!!!!

The State of Washington is making it so hard to play a game that is so much fun. With proper bankroll management you are not hurting anyone. Let us play.

I did play in a live game the other day in a $1/$2 game. I am very patient and basically when I got through I had increased my bankroll again. I like playing at this level. I will keep it up as long as I can or if they keep having the $1/$2 game. I am starting with a little more than my bankroll would allow but I am seeing a much better game and I am responding to this as well. I will probably play in a tournament on Wednesday night and then try to get in on Friday afternoon. Both of these tournaments give me the best chance to get the bankroll up.

The best avenue for me with studying the game is the WSOP Academy. I think the price is right and there is good information available. You even get to take a test after each session. If you haven't tried it you should. I am still thinking about going to the Wildhorse Casino this next month to play in the seniors event. I liked that one last year and would like to play in this one again. It is also a way for me to find out where I am at in this learning process.

Life is still throwing out personal and physical problems and I will keep at them. Keeping my eye on the prize. I would love to play in the June 2011 WSOP.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poker Weekend

This was my poker weekend while my wife was gone for her girls trip to Seaside, OR. I was hoping to get some quality time playing poker as well as spending time in my WSOP books and the WSOP Academy site on playing tournament poker. Sometimes I feel like I do to much book study and not enough actual play. Now that I can't spend the time playing online and learning to make plays I have to spend more time and more money to be able to play at our local casino.

On Thursday the tournament structure at the Jokers Casino was a $45 buy-in and you get T$10,000 in chips. The rounds were 15 minutes in length. This is not a bad structure to play in. This was also a bounty tournament so for every person you busted you received $10 back. I was able to bust two people during the evening. I ended up in 4th place. They paid 3 spots. I always try to take something away from each tournament as something I learned about myself, and the individuals I play against. Patience is a big item as well as when to shove and when to not give up. I find I will shove to easy when I get down in chips where if I just wait a little longer I might be able to double up and maintain in the tournament.

Friday was another tournament at Jokers Casino. This one was a $35 buy-in and you get T10,000 in chips. The rounds were 20 minutes in length. I like the longer rounds as it gives more time to play but also can be something that goes against you by playing more hands you shouldn't since you have a lower blinds for a greater amount of time. During this tournament I did just that. Too many hands early and then I just tightened up and was able to make it to the final table. This tournament I went out in 8th place. Again they paid 3 spots. Most of the time I can get to the final table it is just the problem of not having the chips I need to make a difference.

Sunday was the big tournament of the weekend. This one was a $210 buy-in and you get T$10,000 in chips. The rounds were 30 minutes in length. This was a nice tournament structure and was more in line with the Wildhorse Casino I play during their Roundups they have three times per year. I never got myself going during this tournament. I ended up in 31st position. I really think I gave up on myself. I shoved with AQ against AK and lost the pot and was out of the game. I had about $8000 left when I did this at the 300/600 blind level. Was it too soon? Should I have waited for a better spot? I figured the amount I was pushing in would take the others off of their hands. The caller must have thought about it for 5 minutes before he finally called me. It would have been a good double up and would have gotten me into the next session towards the money. What can I learn from this?

So many things going on with my family right now. Mom with Alzheimers and Cancer and decisions that need to be made. Problems with my neck C7 and I think it is locking up on me. Can't even do my exercises right now.

Ok, back to the books before the next tournament this week.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Colder

I have been so busy just trying to keep up with all of the things pushing for my time. Guess what took a back seat for awhile? Ok, you guessed it. I haven't written anything on this blog but I have thought about it the last few days.

With my Mom having Cancer and Alzheimers it has kept me fairly busy. I make the trip over to the home where they are at and I try to spend some time so Dad can go for a walk or go down to the cafeteria for his lunch. This allows him some away time from watching Mom. It looks like the Cancer is going into remission but of course there is no guarantee. We are still waiting for some test results from the bone scan she had the other day. Will continue with the plan of making sure she is taken care of and Dad gets some needed rest. C will now be helping me with some time at parents since her job is now allowing her some time off for family. This will help.

I started the H&R Block tax class in September and was doing well. All I needed to do was maintain greater than 80% in testing and I would have a job with them. Looking good at 99%. Then the hammer fell. I ended up with Gout in my left knee that set me down in bed for almost a week. By the time we got the medications I had missed 2 days of class and a test. Now I was in a catchup mode. Unfortunately you just can't miss the days in class and the computer time and keep up. I spent a couple of days trying to catch up but when it came down to it I was behind and couldn't get it done. So, again this year I gave up on the Tax class. Maybe next year I will give it another shot. This time I will put myself into a health capsule and fight off all health issues.

I did have my MRI done and found that I have an issue with the C4 and the C7 spine impinging on nerves. I am attending PT twice a week to see if we can solve this issue. A lot of pain from the C7 area. If this doesn't fix it then steroid shots or surgery to fuse the area. I am opting for PT at this time.

Poker has taken a back seat as well. I will be playing tonight and will also try some live cash game as well. I am not a fan of 2-20 spread but if that is all that is available I guess I will give it a try. The state of Washington has made playing online a class C Felony. I cannot believe this. I ended up transferring my BR over to a friend in Arizona. This is so wrong. You can gamble on horses, Lotto, and even the stock market. Makes me want to leave Washington State and go somewhere more poker friendly. So I guess my days of learning online are over with.

I am still working on my certification from the WSOP Academy. This has really helped my game and understand some of the finer points of playing poker. I need to really look at the math side of this game since the internet pros are starting to use this in how they play. You have to know what they know so you hopefully can figure out what they are thinking. I am getting prepared for the Fall Poker Roundup in Pendleton in November. This is always exciting for me to play with very knowledgable individuals. Last time I came in 80/245 players and I want to do better on this next trip. Getting into the money would be good.

Have a fun day.