Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let the races begin

Today the NASCAR will start up again for 26 wonderful weeks. I have always been a sports nut and watch most sporting events. I usually can't watch a full event but to have it on and checking in on it from time to time is fine with me. I like to watch and keep track of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson and a few others. I used to watch the older drivers but most of them are gone now. Watching the big track racing can be boring but to see them drafting and when someone gets out of line they are gone. I wonder what it would be like if they didn't have the restrictor plates in the cars so they could really get out and go. Especially on a track that you put the pedal to the floor and just let it go.

I watched the King of Vegas yesterday afternoon. It just kept going and going show after show. It started with 12 players and it takes one out each show and the last one will be crowned the King of Vegas. The personalities are great. A lot of trash talking. The game at the end is the Texas Hold'em death match. That is where one will go home. I was sorry to see Matusow have to go home. When I first saw him on WPT events I was not to keen on him but he seems to grow on you over time. He really is not that bad of a person. I do prefer him over Phil Helmuth. The book I would like to read is Dan Harringtons book. He is a pretty tight player. I don't see him very much. Maybe his playing style doesn't allow him to win? Maybe I shouldn't read his book. I like to watch Phil Ivey as well. His concentration is great and he does well. I also ended up watching a WPT event last night the Aruba one. Eric won that event over a person that got in by playing the internet.

My weigh in for the week was 235. I feel like this thing is really working. My breakfast in the morning is a breakfast bar and then at lunch I will take it easy with as light a lunch I can find. For dinner, since we eat out a lot it is hard, but I will find something and watch portions. But getting down to the 235 mark is a great achievement and I am anxious to get on with the next week. I will visit my doctor in March to get a prescription refill for Byetta and keep it going.

I will get back to my Forex trading and see what is happening with the trends. I have a few of them that are about ready to cross and I will pick and follow them in the trend. I would like to start trading with a longer time frame. This means of course that I will have to put a wider stop on currencies to allow them room to move a little in the day.

This is the week that I will be moving parents over to the other side of the mountains. I will be going this next weekend and picking up the truck then load it on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I would like to be out of town by noon so I am not driving during the evening hours. Will be a very busy few days.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Come on Weekend

We are getting closer to the weekend and it feels good. It is going to be cold here. I understand it is supposed to get down to 8 degrees over here for tonight and through the weekend. Wow, that will be cold. I just have to keep in my mind that spring is right around the corner.

We took my parents out tonight for their anniversary. They have been together 55 years this year. This is a great accomplishment. I rented the truck tonight and will be ready to move them to their new place on the weekend of the 25th. I went ahead and rented an auto carrier as well. I don't want my parents driving that distance in their car so this will be easier. We can use the car for stuff as well.

Starting this next week I should be in the Currencies for some long term trades. I will need to be careful because of the fundamental announcements but I think this will be better trading. I have also purchased a book on Commodity trading as well. Will see about getting involved with it as well. I was thinking about going back into stocks but I don't like the fact of the market being available only from the hours of 5:30 to 1:00 every day. I really like the fact the currencies are moving all the time.

I am doing well with Byetta shots as you already know. I did forget my shot this evening when I went to the restaurant. I had it all prepared and everything. Just forgot it. Oh well, it states that if I miss the shot I am not to take it after the meal is eaten. Wait for the next time it is to be taken. At least I know I won't be nauseated tonight.

Since I am now officially on call for the rest of the weekend I am unable to play any poker. Thats alright since this last week was not so kind. I know I need to play more to play better.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where does it go

Where does the week go. It just shoots by so fast you can't keep up with it. We have been out most evenings late and then getting home just doesn't leave time for anything but going to bed and then getting up and going to work. On Sunday we bought a new 32 inch TV. We really didn't need it but I did it anyway. This should last us for quite awhile. This one is an HDTV. I am still trying to set the colors the way I like them and get used to the sound as stereo. I have also been trying to get ready to work on a Web site for an organization I belong to and that is taking up some time as well.

The Byetta shots are going well. It is taking time to get used to giving myself the shot in the morning and in the evening. Not eating until I have the shot is going alright. I have been nauseated and that will take some time to get used to. I am hoping it will settle down and go away. My appetite is not as strong or the desire to eat as much is going away. The Blood Sugar numbers have been lower. I am trying to drink as much water as possible. I did get another packet of X20 the other day so I have enough now to last all month. I also have 2 people underneath me now and lets hope it starts to take off so the residual money can start to come in.

I went to a Stock Trading seminar this afternoon. I took the afternoon off from work and went to the class. It was interesting to listen to the person talk about the stock market and making money with it. I agree with everything he said but I like the Foreign Currency and the ability to trade 24 hours per day. I don't trade for 24 hours but the market moving all day is a good thing. At least I can get in and get back out with pips earned. I want to try to use the daily charts and stay in longer.

I have not played any poker since the weekend. If I am going to play online I will need to put more $$ in the account. I didn't do very well and the account is down to not much. I am on call this weekend so the poker time will be non existant. The following week I am moving my parents to the other side of the mountains so probably will not play again for awhile.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The day after

Our Grandson is here for the day while his dad is in a class for his job. He is 2 1/2 now and is full of energy. Will see if us grandparents can keep up.

My byetta shots have done well so far. I was very nauseated Wednesday night and I am hoping that is just a stage and will clear up and not happen again. Now this morning after taking the shot I am feeling a little nauseated again. I ate my breakfast this morning as well. Maybe its just the weekend and I am not going to work and I am a little more relaxed. I still like it and they way it makes me feel better during the day. I have a little bit more energy and seem to do better. My Blood Sugars have been in the 80's and 90's most of the time. I don't mind giving myself the shot as well. I am getting used to it.

The big event for me happened Friday evening when a group of us went to the casino and played in a live poker tournament. This was a $40 buy in. I must admit, being the first casino tournament, I was a little bit intimadated with the people there. I went in and paid my $40 and then waited for the tournament to start. At about 6:10 they came out to the casino area and announced that the tournament was starting and you could pick up your seat placement. I was at Table 12 seat number 10. Fortunately I was sitting next to a friend I now and he is a seasoned live tournament player. I picked up a paper at the start to make sure I new the rules and how much the chips were. Fortunately the button ended up at the number 1 seat so I had a bit to watch the table and how people were playing. I had decided to play very tight and not be the first one to go out. There were 3 tables playing with about 33 people playing in this tournament. The hands I remember playing were the pocket 10's and ended up throwing them away. I even won a couple of hands I played so that in itself was exciting. I started getting used to the table and by watching players play I started to figure out what there style was going to be. I made it into the next round of blinds and maybe I felt I could play with these guys and maybe push a little bit. My one mistake, and it was costly. A good friend was in seat number 2 and I was dealt AKo. Now I figure that is a good hand to start with. My first bet was a raise to $500. I was called by my friend. Ok, I will just lead him on and see what the flop gives me. The flop comes up A96 and I was feeling good about my hand. At that point I didn't want to go any further with this hand and so I went all-in. I was surprised I was called. I would have been happy with the money out there and would have increased my chip count. I turned over my AK and he turned over A9. The turn was a 2 and the River was a Q. I was out of my first tournament. 30 minutes is all it took. I was not the first person out of the tournament and that was a good thing. I am anxious to get into another tournament and try it again. I feel that was a good learning experience and I will do better next time. I will not be hasty next time to push all-in. I did have a lot of fun and the wifes of all of us were waiting for each of us and we all had dinner at the casino. One of the guys did get in the money and that is a good thing.

I looked at our account this morning and the Tax money has arrived. That helps a little bit. This will help get my parents get moved at the end of the month.

My weigh in for Saturday is 237. My first week on Byetta and I can feel the decrease in appetite. I am not as hungry as I used to be or wanting to eat as much. Now add exercise to this and I should loose some weight. Could it happen?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hump Wednesday

Lets see, have I ranted enough about the Seahawk loss? I saw a perfect picture today. It is the Ref looking into the replay booth and he is wearing the yellow and black stripe with the steeler yellow hat. Perfect. I really believe they will find out this game was rigged. Anyway, must move on.

I played Poker last night in the $10 SNG's. It was a better game and people were more willing to play the proper hands. I ended up 9th place in the first game. I figured I have to do better than this. The second game I came in 3rd and was able to get some money back. I will play the higher $$ games now since people seem to play better hands.

This is the second day of taking my shots for Diabetes. I must say I feel better. My blood sugars have not been as high and I am not eating as much. Of course this is only the second day. I do feel better. Giving myself the shot is not as bad as I first thought. The needle is not that long and poking myself is alright. I guess if I can prick my finger every day 2 or 3 times per day I can at least work with this needle. This morning I tried eating a breakfast bar for breakfast and I wasn't hungry until about 11:30 today. In fact I could have gone a little further. My blood sugar was the lowest that I have ever had it. It was actually in the 80's today. After eating the highest I have seen it is in the 140's. That is good for me. I can't wait to let the doctor know and what would even be better is if I was to go in and also have lost some weight as well.

Stormpay is a bust and I am watching them right now since they took money from my account. That is not right. Xooma is doing well. I have my two individuals now and will see how it is growing.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday after SuperBowl

First of all I am a Rams fan. I do like to watch a good football game. I truly believe the Seahawks won that game yesterday. They had the better team on the field. I truly believe the Refs were paid to make sure the Steelers won the game. What kind of a call was that in the endzone? In the regular season that would not have been called. I thought these refs were the best in the NFL? I don't know where they got them from but don't ever let them ref again. That was terrible. Maybe they just wanted to get involved and were jealous because Steelers fans were using their Terrible Towels and they wanted to join in? The only way they knew how was to throw the yellow flag out so they could see it. I have been reading from journalists from all over the country and they are saying the same things. If the Steelers would have won the game fairly then that would be one thing but they did not.

I am starting my new shots tomorrow for my Diabetes. I am all set. The pharmacist said I would really like the outcome of this. He has seen people do well on Byetta. I hopefully will do well. I am anxious to get started. I will have to get used to sticking myself with a needle. I am not a needle fan. My weight on Saturday was at 238. Up one pound from the week before. I even did better decreasing my eating and still didn't go down. I want this to really help me.

I know have the 2 individuals in with me for Xooma. Lets see this thing grow now. Maybe start making some residual income. Take a look at the links area if your interested.

I am looking at Pinnacle-Exchange for some Forex help. They are long term traders and I might do well with that. It would be like Mutual Fund Trading. Trading more trends.

No poker since Saturday night. Our daughter in law came in 1st place in that tournament. Our son came in 3rd. At least the money stayed in the family. In this game it was a $20 buyin and had 22 people attend. Way to go kids.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cold Weekend

I was doing so well with 12 Daily Pro. Then StormPay decided to hold the business money. Thank goodness I did not have much in that account. I will wait and see what happens. The company has a Lawyer on the case and trying to get the money released. I am not a fan of HYIP type of stuff but it did sound good and thought I would at least try it.

Xooma is doing well. I now have the two individuals that I needed under me and now I need to keep going and see if this thing will grow. Putting the Sachets in the water is no big deal and as long as I feel better it should be alright.

I played Live Poker tonight. Out of 22 individuals I placed 7th. Not bad for the people that were there. There was not much I could do when the blinds entered the $1600 / $3200 area. I was one of the short stacks and needed help by that time. I know I didn't play very many hands during the evening and when I did I did make some chips to keep going. It just didn't last long enough.

On Friday I went over the pass in the Cascades and it was alright. A lot of snow up there and we were glad to get back over the mountain pass that night. I looked on the Internet at the passes and it was covered with snow so it really laid down the blanket of snow after we went through. The wind hadn't picked up yet either. Today it is cold here and the wind is just biting.

Tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday. Go Seahawks. I would like to see a good game either way as well. Just let the Seahawks win at the end.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hump Day

Here it is a Wednesday already. Need to catch up on the blog here.

The 12 Daily Pro is going well. I keep surfing the 12 sites every day and the amount keeps going up by .72 cents per day per $6 I have in the account. I did receive payment and it was placed in the stormpay account. I am very pleased and will keep at it.

The Forex trading is about breakeven for the week. On Monday I was in AUD/CAD and went -45 pips. I then turned it around and then with EUR/USD I was +20 pips and USD/CHF I was +20 pips. At this time I am in EUR/USD. I have 2 other currencies set up and ready to go when and if it reaches the entry position.

Poker was a bomb tonight. I placed 8th, then 7th and then I tried a third game and came in 9th. The AK did not make the all-in and my third try was gone. At that point I decided to stop playing for the night.

I am headed to the other side of the mountain on Friday. We have been having a lot of snow up in the mountains and that will be good for the summer months. That also helps the farmers.

Went to the doctor today and my A1C was a 6.0. This is up from a 5.7 but he was pleased. I am going to start taking shots for my diabetes. This is not Insulin. I will be taking a shot before I eat breakfast and dinner and this will help the blood sugar stay normal as well as helping my appetite so I will start to loose some weight. The way I am doing it now is not good. I am skipping breakfast and really skimping on eating during the day and then at night I eat. Sort of makes up for the day of trying to be good.