Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hump Wednesday

Lets see, have I ranted enough about the Seahawk loss? I saw a perfect picture today. It is the Ref looking into the replay booth and he is wearing the yellow and black stripe with the steeler yellow hat. Perfect. I really believe they will find out this game was rigged. Anyway, must move on.

I played Poker last night in the $10 SNG's. It was a better game and people were more willing to play the proper hands. I ended up 9th place in the first game. I figured I have to do better than this. The second game I came in 3rd and was able to get some money back. I will play the higher $$ games now since people seem to play better hands.

This is the second day of taking my shots for Diabetes. I must say I feel better. My blood sugars have not been as high and I am not eating as much. Of course this is only the second day. I do feel better. Giving myself the shot is not as bad as I first thought. The needle is not that long and poking myself is alright. I guess if I can prick my finger every day 2 or 3 times per day I can at least work with this needle. This morning I tried eating a breakfast bar for breakfast and I wasn't hungry until about 11:30 today. In fact I could have gone a little further. My blood sugar was the lowest that I have ever had it. It was actually in the 80's today. After eating the highest I have seen it is in the 140's. That is good for me. I can't wait to let the doctor know and what would even be better is if I was to go in and also have lost some weight as well.

Stormpay is a bust and I am watching them right now since they took money from my account. That is not right. Xooma is doing well. I have my two individuals now and will see how it is growing.

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