Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cold Weekend

I was doing so well with 12 Daily Pro. Then StormPay decided to hold the business money. Thank goodness I did not have much in that account. I will wait and see what happens. The company has a Lawyer on the case and trying to get the money released. I am not a fan of HYIP type of stuff but it did sound good and thought I would at least try it.

Xooma is doing well. I now have the two individuals that I needed under me and now I need to keep going and see if this thing will grow. Putting the Sachets in the water is no big deal and as long as I feel better it should be alright.

I played Live Poker tonight. Out of 22 individuals I placed 7th. Not bad for the people that were there. There was not much I could do when the blinds entered the $1600 / $3200 area. I was one of the short stacks and needed help by that time. I know I didn't play very many hands during the evening and when I did I did make some chips to keep going. It just didn't last long enough.

On Friday I went over the pass in the Cascades and it was alright. A lot of snow up there and we were glad to get back over the mountain pass that night. I looked on the Internet at the passes and it was covered with snow so it really laid down the blanket of snow after we went through. The wind hadn't picked up yet either. Today it is cold here and the wind is just biting.

Tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday. Go Seahawks. I would like to see a good game either way as well. Just let the Seahawks win at the end.

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