Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday after SuperBowl

First of all I am a Rams fan. I do like to watch a good football game. I truly believe the Seahawks won that game yesterday. They had the better team on the field. I truly believe the Refs were paid to make sure the Steelers won the game. What kind of a call was that in the endzone? In the regular season that would not have been called. I thought these refs were the best in the NFL? I don't know where they got them from but don't ever let them ref again. That was terrible. Maybe they just wanted to get involved and were jealous because Steelers fans were using their Terrible Towels and they wanted to join in? The only way they knew how was to throw the yellow flag out so they could see it. I have been reading from journalists from all over the country and they are saying the same things. If the Steelers would have won the game fairly then that would be one thing but they did not.

I am starting my new shots tomorrow for my Diabetes. I am all set. The pharmacist said I would really like the outcome of this. He has seen people do well on Byetta. I hopefully will do well. I am anxious to get started. I will have to get used to sticking myself with a needle. I am not a needle fan. My weight on Saturday was at 238. Up one pound from the week before. I even did better decreasing my eating and still didn't go down. I want this to really help me.

I know have the 2 individuals in with me for Xooma. Lets see this thing grow now. Maybe start making some residual income. Take a look at the links area if your interested.

I am looking at Pinnacle-Exchange for some Forex help. They are long term traders and I might do well with that. It would be like Mutual Fund Trading. Trading more trends.

No poker since Saturday night. Our daughter in law came in 1st place in that tournament. Our son came in 3rd. At least the money stayed in the family. In this game it was a $20 buyin and had 22 people attend. Way to go kids.

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