Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let the races begin

Today the NASCAR will start up again for 26 wonderful weeks. I have always been a sports nut and watch most sporting events. I usually can't watch a full event but to have it on and checking in on it from time to time is fine with me. I like to watch and keep track of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson and a few others. I used to watch the older drivers but most of them are gone now. Watching the big track racing can be boring but to see them drafting and when someone gets out of line they are gone. I wonder what it would be like if they didn't have the restrictor plates in the cars so they could really get out and go. Especially on a track that you put the pedal to the floor and just let it go.

I watched the King of Vegas yesterday afternoon. It just kept going and going show after show. It started with 12 players and it takes one out each show and the last one will be crowned the King of Vegas. The personalities are great. A lot of trash talking. The game at the end is the Texas Hold'em death match. That is where one will go home. I was sorry to see Matusow have to go home. When I first saw him on WPT events I was not to keen on him but he seems to grow on you over time. He really is not that bad of a person. I do prefer him over Phil Helmuth. The book I would like to read is Dan Harringtons book. He is a pretty tight player. I don't see him very much. Maybe his playing style doesn't allow him to win? Maybe I shouldn't read his book. I like to watch Phil Ivey as well. His concentration is great and he does well. I also ended up watching a WPT event last night the Aruba one. Eric won that event over a person that got in by playing the internet.

My weigh in for the week was 235. I feel like this thing is really working. My breakfast in the morning is a breakfast bar and then at lunch I will take it easy with as light a lunch I can find. For dinner, since we eat out a lot it is hard, but I will find something and watch portions. But getting down to the 235 mark is a great achievement and I am anxious to get on with the next week. I will visit my doctor in March to get a prescription refill for Byetta and keep it going.

I will get back to my Forex trading and see what is happening with the trends. I have a few of them that are about ready to cross and I will pick and follow them in the trend. I would like to start trading with a longer time frame. This means of course that I will have to put a wider stop on currencies to allow them room to move a little in the day.

This is the week that I will be moving parents over to the other side of the mountains. I will be going this next weekend and picking up the truck then load it on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I would like to be out of town by noon so I am not driving during the evening hours. Will be a very busy few days.

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