Thursday, December 06, 2012


Things change and I am changing again. I have decided to move my blogging to another site. I now own the domain name of the site and it will be better to access. I hope everyone will make the change as well and follow me to my new site. Let me know what you think of it and keep the comments coming in. This new site will also allow me to categorize each blog and you can look at just the ones you want to read and not all of the posted things I will write about. The new site is: Hope to see you there......

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Things are Looking Better

You have those times when you don't think that anything is working for you and you have to wonder what you are going to do next. The last two months have been like that for me. I am talking about unemployment and worksource. When the casino closed down, on September 24, I felt lost and not sure of what I would do next. I did know that I wanted poker to be a part of whatever I continued doing. I didn't need to deal poker but I wanted to continue playing and getting better at the game. The next day I did apply for unemployment benefits since I had enough hours and getting something while I looked for my next income source. When the unemployment got approved it was a relief to be able to get something each week. Now I would have to search for three jobs per week. My problem then was what do I apply for? We as dealers knew there were no jobs available in this area so I started to apply for whatever was available in retail working in the customer service area. I started working with Worksource as well and finding out we were dislocated workers we had more avenues opened up for us. I went to the local community college to see what there worker retraining offered and was signed up for some computer classes that I could take at Worksource. I was also signed up to go through their program and see if I could take short term classes to get a certification in a subject that interested me. This last week I was approved for the classes and will be going to the college for one year and will achieve a certification in Computer User Support Help Desk. At the same time I was also approved for extended unemployment while I am going through the program. Now I am working with Worksource to get the funding to complete the program for the year. The help I have recieved from the employment specialist has been great. She has pointed me in the right direction and will be following me throughout the year. At the end of the year she will again help me to find employment if I don't come up with something on my own. I will be putting on a poker home game this Friday evening. This will be my first one and I hope to have one or two each month. I would like to see if we could do a seat in the Wildhorse Roundup or something else that will encourage play. Have a fun day...... Bankroll = $280

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Final Nine Poker Event

The last nine weeks the Joker's Casino has been holding a Freeroll tournament in the bar area. This has not been connected to the poker room except that we have been given cards that allow for added money when playing in the poker room. This has been fun and because it is a freeroll the players are not all poker players that spend a lot of money on poker. I woke up this morning knowing that today is the day. Having the nine of us play with the opportunity for a part of the $1,000 prize pool. I started getting a little nervous also knowing that we all could have spent the nine weeks of playing and may not end up with any of the money at all. I worked out an option that would give everyone money and still leave a lot of money for the top three players. I wanted to talk to the players at the beginning and see if everyone would agree. I approached two of the players and told them my idea and they informed me that one of the players had told them that he would not agree with anything. That told me what I needed and knew that it would come to playing the cards and working hard to get into the money. I knew I was going to play a TAG type of game at the beginning. I normally do this anyway and I would wait to see who was going to be aggressive. The guy in seat 7 next to me was the best player at the table I figured. I was in seat 8 and had the best position on this guy. He also came out tight and a couple of players, one in seat 9 and the other in seat 6 started playing rather loose. Having seen these two before this was not unusual for them. The person in seat 2 also was playing a little tight and I haven't seen him do that before. I was saved on the river from elimination with my KK near the start when I went up against the player in seat 9 with QQ. He got a 7Q7 on the flop for a full house and on the turn was a blank and the river gave me a K for a nice full house as well. Wow, survived that one. I had JJ on another hand and I threw them away and someone had a better hand at the end. When we got down to five players I presented to the table the proposal of giving 5th place some money. Everyone agreed on the $50 for fifth and we continued on playing the game. I became card dead at that time and a couple of other short stacks came back and was able to build their stacks up and I then was the short stack at the table. I got 33 and decided to make a stand and went all in with this hand. The person in seat 8 had raised it T$600 and then I went all in and everyone folded and before he decided to make the call I had a brain fart and turned my cards over. He looked at them and now it was up to him to decide to call or fold. Mistake on my part for sure. He said he figured he should call and he turned his cards over and had A4. On the flop he got a 4 and I didn't get any help with the pocket pair. I was out of the tournament in 5th place. It was fun and I will do this again when they start up another freeroll tournament. Have a fun day..... Bankroll = $280