Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just a slow day

I checked the list this morning and 3 of them were within the range to watch for a trade. This evening when I got home I looked at the list and now 2 of them have fallen out and only one looks to be still in range to watch. AUD$ is getting close to a trade. I like to trade every day but this new system has me being patient. Do I really like that? No. I want to trade on a daily basis. Do I want to loose pips? No. Be patient.

I told you about the new shopping site I have. It is fun to watch the coins grow. Play free lotto for 1 million. Try it. www.myonestore.madebig.com you will like it and have fun with it.

I heard today there is a Poker Game going to happen this Saturday night. That should be fun. It is a different group of people. They are a little more tight and tend to play the game a little differently than I am used to seeing. Will have to be patient with these guys.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Forex Trading

Looking at the forex this morning I will wait till tomorrow to see if the parameters are met. It is very close for AUD$. The other one $CAD looks like it is going down and may meet the criteria tomorrow. The other three are still in their respective runs and are not getting close to turning around.
The Eagles did what they were supposed to do yesterday. It was nice to see they are in the Superbowl. New England is so well coached and play very well. I just do not see anyone beating them.
Don't you just hate it when a friend comes up to you and says " I want you to look at something ". Come to a meeting with me. My first thought is oh no not again. I went to a meeting Saturday night and looked at this thing. It really was not that bad. Shopping, and that is something we all do. I did sign up. It is all internet based and since I spend a lot of time on it and I don't have to do much it will be fine. Take a look if you like. www.myonestore.madebig.com and if you do sign up use me as a referral. #25249601. You don't have to pay anything to shop on this site. You do get rewards for shopping though. Have fun.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Las Vegas Night II

Walking down to the casino floor I decided to start with the Video Poker machines. I wanted to work the same machines as I did last night. I sat down and put in $20. My strategy was to play the same way I did last night. Keep all pairs. Keep all face cards unless a pair was on the screen. I got a 4 of a kind and it paid off about $200. I actually ran the machine out of money and an attendant had to come and refill it so I could get all the money due to me. At that time I decided to move to another machine two seats down. I put in $20 and started the same strategy. An older gentleman came around the corner and wanted to know if I was done with the machine I had just won on. He stated he had just left it before I started on it and won. He went back around the corner and moved his stuff to that machine and started playing. He never did get anything from it. The machine I was playing came up with 4 of a kind and it paid off about $125. I decided to move down a couple more chairs to the machine I used last night. I put in $20 and started using the same strategy. The older gentleman kept watching me and asking about what I was doing. This time I went through the $20 and did not win anything. I took my two buckets of coins to the cashier and she gave me $300 in cash. I wanted to play blackjack and I headed over to the tables. I walked around the tables to find a seat available and could not find a seat at all. All the tables were full. I sat down at a blackjack video machine. I put in $20 and by midnight I was even and decided to call it done for the night.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Friday Night Poker

I got back to playing Poker last night with the group. I haven't played since Christmas since we have been so busy with other things. There were 8 of us playing tonight. We play No Limit Hold em. Price to get in is usually $10. I was the first one to go out tonight. I thought my decisions were good. I tried to play tight. I did not play very many hands and when I did I figured I had the best hand. I had one brain fart though. I gave away a lot of my chips on one hand with a K8o. Dumb hand. I had a K show up in the flop and I thought it was the best. Wrong. The hand I was taken out on was a Full House. I had a Full House as well just not as good.
Football is on most everyones minds. On the West Coast the teams did not do very well this year. I am a Rams fan so my year is done. I have no favorites with the rest of the teams. My picks for tomorrow will be the Philadelphia Eagles over the Atlanta Falcons. I was very impressed with Atlanta last week against the Rams. That was the first time I had seen Atlanta play. They had quite a bit of speed. It will give the Eagles something to think about. I still like the Eagles.
I will also pick Pittsburgh Steelers over the New England Patriots. New England is good, real good. Depending on how the quarterback plays we will see what happens for the Steelers.

Las Vegas Night

I was ready for my first night of gambling. I first walked the casino floor to see where the machines and tables were located and get the feel of the place. I decided to start the evening off with Video Poker. Having done quite a bit of reading on strategy I wanted to try it out. I found a set of machines that looked like they met the criteria I was looking for. I started out by putting $50 into the machine. About 30 minutes later I hit a 4 of a kind. Four K's with an Ace. I cashed out for $96.25. Not bad for 30 minutes. I then went looking for a blackjack table. I did find one and the seat was in the 7th position. I gave the dealer $105 to start my evening. I will always start with a certain amount and when it is gone I will not keep going. I will walk away from a table if I am not doing well or if I have lost what I started with. I was not doing well at this table. My strategy was fine it was the hands I was being dealt and what the dealer was getting. I would get 18 and the dealer would get 19. I would get 20 and the dealer would get 21. The table was starting to remark about how unlucky I was. I finally played down to my next to last chip. I was given an Ace to start the hand. My second card was an Ace as well. I split the hand with my last chip. The next card was another Ace. I then pulled out the wallet and gave the dealer $20 to play another card. The next card was another Ace. I now had 4 aces out on the board. Each of the Aces now get one card. I recieve a 4, 2, 3 and my next card was a face card. The dealer drew 21. I loose on three and push on the last one. I now play a few more hands with the chips I have left and then with my last chip I get an Ace. The next card is another Ace. I pull out the wallet again and give the dealer another $20 to play the split. I get a 3, and a face card this time. The dealer draws a 21 again. At that point my luck turned around. I was able to build my stack up to $100 and I decided to call it quits for the night. I had played about 2 hours. Total for the night was +$1

Friday, January 21, 2005

Week 3 2005

This week I made 5 trades.
Monday I made a sell on EUR$ at 1.3027. -50 pips
Tuesday I made a buy on $CAD at 1.2216. -60 pips
Tuesday I made a mistake and entered $CHF. -10 pips
Wednesday I made a buy on $CAD at 1.2260. 81 pips
Thursday I sold the remainder of $CAD at 1.2315. 55 pips.

I am working the Beau Diamond System. I am going to work this one and see how I do.

Weekly: - 18 pips
YTD: 173 pips

Friday, January 14, 2005

I meant to write before I left for Las Vegas on Tuesday and I forgot to put down what took place on Monday. I did trade the Daily and the Weekly setup knowing I would close out Monday night. My daily trading went like this. I traded the EUR$ and it opened at 1.3122 Buy. I closed out that night at 1.3132 for a 10 pip profit.

For the Weekly trade I set it up Monday Morning GBP$ at 1.8722 Sell. That was the mistake. It went against me for a -61 pips. I immediately turned it around at 1.8785 Buy and by the end of the night I at made 26 pips.

The total so far for the Year trading goes like this.

Daily Trading: 25 pips
Weekly Trading: 166 pips.

I will write about my trip to Las Vegas this weekend.
This is the setup I will use for my trades on a Weekly basis:

1) This set up will only be used for a maximum of 2 trades in a week. The second will only take place if the original reverses.
2) I will trade from the 1 hour chart. This will be done on Monday morning.
3) I will look at 0500 PST and see what the OPEN was.
4) I will place a BUY order at 50 pips above the OPEN. At that time I place a STOP ORDER 100 pips from that.
5) I will place a SELL order at 50 pips below the OPEN. At that time I place a STOP ORDER 100 pips from that.
6) Once one of the orders is filled I will then cancel the opposite order.
7) At that time I will then pull my STOP order to within 50 pips behind.
8) I monitor that trade and for every 25 pips of movement I will adjust my stop behind it so it is trailing and if it comes back against me I will have profits if I am above 50 pips positive. I will close the trade at some point Thursday evening before I shut down the computer.

Forex Trading Week 1

I am going to start posting my Forex trading in this blog. This past week I have been trading a new system and have done rather well. I am trading a system that will last a week if it doesn't get stopped out. The other one will be traded on a daily basis. I will show the rules that I follow for these trades soon.

Week 1: The weekly trade netted 201 pips.

Week 1: The daily trades netted 15 pips.

I feel pretty good about the first week of the new year.