Sunday, January 23, 2005

Las Vegas Night II

Walking down to the casino floor I decided to start with the Video Poker machines. I wanted to work the same machines as I did last night. I sat down and put in $20. My strategy was to play the same way I did last night. Keep all pairs. Keep all face cards unless a pair was on the screen. I got a 4 of a kind and it paid off about $200. I actually ran the machine out of money and an attendant had to come and refill it so I could get all the money due to me. At that time I decided to move to another machine two seats down. I put in $20 and started the same strategy. An older gentleman came around the corner and wanted to know if I was done with the machine I had just won on. He stated he had just left it before I started on it and won. He went back around the corner and moved his stuff to that machine and started playing. He never did get anything from it. The machine I was playing came up with 4 of a kind and it paid off about $125. I decided to move down a couple more chairs to the machine I used last night. I put in $20 and started using the same strategy. The older gentleman kept watching me and asking about what I was doing. This time I went through the $20 and did not win anything. I took my two buckets of coins to the cashier and she gave me $300 in cash. I wanted to play blackjack and I headed over to the tables. I walked around the tables to find a seat available and could not find a seat at all. All the tables were full. I sat down at a blackjack video machine. I put in $20 and by midnight I was even and decided to call it done for the night.

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