Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just a slow day

I checked the list this morning and 3 of them were within the range to watch for a trade. This evening when I got home I looked at the list and now 2 of them have fallen out and only one looks to be still in range to watch. AUD$ is getting close to a trade. I like to trade every day but this new system has me being patient. Do I really like that? No. I want to trade on a daily basis. Do I want to loose pips? No. Be patient.

I told you about the new shopping site I have. It is fun to watch the coins grow. Play free lotto for 1 million. Try it. www.myonestore.madebig.com you will like it and have fun with it.

I heard today there is a Poker Game going to happen this Saturday night. That should be fun. It is a different group of people. They are a little more tight and tend to play the game a little differently than I am used to seeing. Will have to be patient with these guys.

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Bent said...

Hi Steve...

I could be all wet, but the dollar looks like it is trying to change trend vs the yen in here...one to keep an eye on imho...

hit 'em hard!