Friday, January 14, 2005

I meant to write before I left for Las Vegas on Tuesday and I forgot to put down what took place on Monday. I did trade the Daily and the Weekly setup knowing I would close out Monday night. My daily trading went like this. I traded the EUR$ and it opened at 1.3122 Buy. I closed out that night at 1.3132 for a 10 pip profit.

For the Weekly trade I set it up Monday Morning GBP$ at 1.8722 Sell. That was the mistake. It went against me for a -61 pips. I immediately turned it around at 1.8785 Buy and by the end of the night I at made 26 pips.

The total so far for the Year trading goes like this.

Daily Trading: 25 pips
Weekly Trading: 166 pips.

I will write about my trip to Las Vegas this weekend.

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