Friday, August 31, 2012

Poker Thursday

I spent the morning completing projects at my desk. I will let everything sit until I get a couple of days off and I can then catch up. I am so far behind in reading my magazines. It becomes old news by the time I get around to them. After everything was done for the day I put all of my things together for the afternoon and headed out the door. I was going to play the 1pm tournament at the casino. I walked around the front of my pickup and noticed the truck was sitting awkward. I looked down at the front tire and it was flat. I called Les Schwab and they were able to come out to the house and put air into the tire so I could drive down to their shop and fix the flat. Thank goodness for warranties. Since I was unable to make the tournament I finished up some other projects in the house and then left to see my Dad. After our visit I headed over to Club24 and did my workout. It was then time to head on over to the casino and catch the 6pm tournament and then start my live play. As I walked into the casino I noticed there were not very many people in the poker area. They did have a live game starting up and I was able to get my seat and put my buy in of $100 on the table. The tournament was cancelled due to not having the people but the live game was in full swing. I started off nicely and was chipping up and the table was having fun talking and joking with each other. It was around 9pm and I was sitting on a chip stack well over $200. I started watching the time as I figured I could go home early tonight since I had met my goal of doubling my buy in. At 10pm I was ready to call it a night. I had spent 4 hours at the table and was able to maintain the chip stack at $200. I racked up the chips and headed out the door. It was a good night of poker and playing with people I knew made it even better. Have a fun day……

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poker news

The week has been rather slow in the casino for poker. We do have the usual people playing the tournaments in the morning and early afternoon. I am trying to stick to a schedule of playing tournament and live play. I am playing the deepstack on Wednesday night now and will play live on Thursday night. Friday will be open to play the afternoon tournament. I played last night in the deepstack. I went out of the tournament in 15th place. The player next to me was playing loose and I made a call of his all in and lost. What do you think of this play? I have Ks and Jc. We both enter the pot and the flop comes QcXcXc. I checked and the player goes all in for T$25,100 and I go ahead and call. I turn over my KJ looking for either a club for the flush or a straight. He turns over AJ with no flush possibility. He wins the pot with his Ace high at the end. The turn was an 8 and the river was the 9. I am getting to the area in the tournament where I need to make better decisions with my chip stack. It always comes down to one or two hands could make a difference in my outcome. Earlier in the day I did play in the 1pm tournament and was able to cash so the day was not a total letdown. Have a fun day…..

Weight Loss Journey

I started back with the foundations class on Tuesday and Thursday evening. I did this for three classes and then decided to jump into the revolutions class and begin the journey. The revolutions class is a little bit more intense in the workout. It does change on a weekly basis and you never know what is going to happen the next week when you arrive. I have also continued with my treadmill and recumbent bike the other three days of the week. The first week I started the class we did 45 seconds exercise and 15 second rests. We had a total of ten stations. I really struggled through this class and felt I took a step back from what I achieved with the foundations class. I had to tell myself that over a short amount of time this too will get easier for me. I am really feeling the workouts in my legs. Especially the next morning. Getting out of bed is real slow, but once I start moving it feels better. I also need to drink more water. Remembering my water bottle is hard when I load up my gym bag for the day. I also decided to change my bike routine. I started riding 10 minutes and will then take a one minute break for the 30 minute workout. I will see if this makes a difference and if I will keep it as my routine. The first week was a rough one for me. I am having a new problem with my blood sugars. I am now going lower than I want it to be. It is affecting my job as a poker dealer as well. This is not good and I really need nutrition help real soon. My legs for the week are very tired and I am looking forward to the weekend off.


I look around me and I am in a very big house. There happen to be boxes all around so I figure we must be just moving in or we are moving out. I couldn’t tell either way. The walls are all wood panels, every room is the same with this paneling. It does make for a rather dark house. As I walked around the house it was nice. I came upon an area of the house that was different. I walked over to the area and touched the wall. The wall opened up and there was a room that was different than the rest. It was lighter inside this room. I walked into the area and found a person inside this little room. He greeted me and I asked what he was doing. He was the elevator guy. That is all he did was operate the elevator in this room. I figured that would be a boring job to have especially in this house. The door closed behind me and he pushed the button. We started moving and when we got to the top the door opened. I walked out of the elevator into this very big room. It was very clean and at first I didn’t see anybody. As I was moving around in the room I noticed a person walking around in a maid uniform. I looked at her and I recognized her. I said “Mom, what are you doing here?” She told me that she was cleaning the room. I told her that she didn’t have to do that anymore. I also told her there were people that would help her and it was time for her to rest. She told me that she wanted to keep busy. I looked around and noticed there were other rooms and there were people in them. They were moving around doing paperwork or other administrative type work. No one was paying any attention to us. Mom had her hair done and she looked very nice. As we were walking and talking in the room I told her that I loved her and she told me “I love you too”. I then woke up from my sleep and I could remember this dream very vividly. I love you Mom.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Poker Friday

On Friday I was able to play the customer appreciation tournament. The tournament was a $10 buy in for a chance at the $500 prize pool. If you have played during the week you are able to get in for $5. The last few weeks I have been able to get to the final table and cash and I would like to do it again. In a tournament you can expect to put your tournament life on the line a couple of times. You need to find the best spot and then you need to have some luck that the cards are good. Of course skill in playing the proper cards does help. My tournament life happened to be pocket jacks and I went ahead and went all in to get everyone out of the pot. I did get a caller and I got a J on the flop. I ended up getting another one on the river for quad J’s to survive my first all in and continue in the tournament. When I reached the final table I ended up going all in again and survived. My chip stack was growing nicely and was putting myself in position for another good run. When the final table reached five players someone made a proposal to chop the prize pool five ways and that everyone would receive $100 for their efforts. The proposal was accepted and everyone was happy. This has turned out to be a good week for me playing poker. Now I get to start my work week. Have a fun day……

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

Since I have settled on a routine for working out and trying to keep to a schedule, things are going better. I finally got through the cold symptoms. During this time I was asked if I would be interested in showing that a person could lose weight by sticking with a program at Club24 and especially the trials of working through this with the diabetes. As I have said before I wear an insulin pump so I have some areas that will need to be watched closely. I restarted the Foundations classes on Tuesday and Thursday and I continued working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday doing the treadmill and the recumbent bike. I am now working out five days per week at one hour per day. I expected some changes to happen with my attitude for working out and of course changes with my body. The item that bothered me for awhile was my legs. They are very tired and I was having issues with my stamina. Doing the Club24 now for a month and a half, I could feel some relief in my legs and being able to do the workouts. Another issue was my lower back. Some of the exercises in foundation require squats and steps. I was now having a problem completing some of them. I would work through the pain and would stop when I needed to, and take a second or two and try to continue on. I am happy to say that I can get through all three sets of exercises and that itself is a big accomplishment for me. Nutrition is still an issue in that I am now seeing some Blood Sugar numbers lower than I am used to. I have been diligently working on my breakfast foods, lunch and dinner. I need to work on this part of the meals. My motivation continues to be strong and I have been watching “Extreme Makeover” on TV and seeing real people struggle through their weight loss efforts and knowing if they can do this I can to. I have been called “the little short fat kid” and it always made me aware of my weight. Doing something about this will help that become a memory and will be a nickname that will not be used anymore. With the stresses I have had I always go to my comfort foods which are nachos and popcorn and will sit in front of the TV and watch whatever is on so I wouldn’t have to think about the problems. I am working on changing items in my life to allow myself to handle these stresses with a clear mind and a better attitude.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Poker Week

I work in the gaming industry. I deal poker for one of the local casinos. I know this sounds crazy and it is something that if you read this blog you already know. My rant today is the fact that yes, we work for minimum wage and we also receive tips for the job we do. If we do well, and put the number of hands out per hour that we should, then our overall tips can be good in the end. Now with that said why is it that our customers should care about what I earn working for them at the table. I am well aware of customer service and the fact my tips come from our customers. I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt my earning power. In fact I would want to try and enhance that and get my tips to grow. There was a conversation at my table the other day about tips and what we earned. I have always been a private person when it comes to my financial dealings. This is my first experience with tips and the ability to change what I earn. I started getting upset with the discussion and with the players thinking we earned a lot of money. One person said a dealer could earn $8,000 per month. Not where I am at for sure. I guess in Las Vegas it might be possible. I really don’t know and I am not interested in moving there to find out. I am happy where I am at and with what I make. Couldn’t we all use more? I guess I need to say remember your dealers because if you didn’t have them you would have to deal your own game. I played in the deepstack tournament on Wednesday evening. We had three tables with a couple of alternates so we ended up with over 30 players. I started on table two and was able to stay there throughout my time playing. Last week I was able to get to 12th place and this week I made it to 13th. I was closer to the final table with more chips but in the end I played a couple of hands that I will have to think about and see if they could have been handled differently. Last night I played live and since the fair is going on in the community no one played the tournament so we had a couple of hours added to the live game. My session this week was six hours and when I walked away at midnight I was up $30 for my time. Not great but it was not a losing night. I started with my usual buy in and in fact I bought into the game for an additional buy in. I was not doing well at the beginning and I think I was playing too many hands and was treating this live game like a tournament. I need to be patient and start slowly instead of walking in and being very aggressive. This game was a $2-10 Spread Limit. I am getting used to this spread and between the $2-6 and $2-10 I am enjoying this one more. I did get the Monte Carlo for Quad Q’s for $20 and then the high hand for the night at $100. That did help my bottom line for the evening. Today I plan on playing in a couple of tournaments. Have a fun day……

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bug and Windshield

Do you ever have one of those days when you just should have stayed in bed? Everything you do just doesn’t work out like you planned. Well, that was my Thursday this last week. I ended up not doing well in the tournaments I played and the live session that night was not a good showing. One bright spot was the High Hand I was paid for at the end of the day. I did play a four hour session in the evening and got home around midnight. Playing $2-$6 was not as good as playing the $2-$10. I am getting so I like the $2-10 a lot better. The next day being Friday I spend some time in my office at home working on things I have let slide. Last night I did not do well in the live session and understanding variance in the game and if you are playing long enough things will turn around. You have to be able to withstand the downs and play through them. Understanding that you need to control your chips and not try to catch up and play too loose. Today will be a couple of tournaments and a session of live. The first tournament I was able to get to the final table and went out in 8th place. I got involved with a player that likes to bluff and I had AK and he had A7 and he caught a 7 on the river. I then started my live play and when I finished I was up for the session which made me feel better. In the afternoon tournament they started with four tables. I maintained my conservative play and started to build my chip stack. I was able to make the final table again and this time I was able to cash for $100 in the tournament. This was a good ending to my day and basically made up for the down day I had yesterday. Tomorrow is the start of my work week. Have a fun day…..

Weight Loss Journey

I am going to try and catch up with myself here since I started late writing the blogs about my journey. The area of time I am dealing with right now is mid June . I had continued with the foundation class and completed the trial period. I knew that in the end I would need to come up with something to continue working out. I decided not to continue Foundations and start a schedule for myself of the times I would be in Club24. Between the time of ending the trial membership and starting on my own I came down with a cold. I did not feel like working out since I was continuing to work and I was so tired when I got home. Working out was the furthest thing from my mind at this point. This was the time that I could have given up and not gone back to Club24. I think one of the best things I did was I signed a contract for two years a week back and that was the thing that was keeping me on track. At this time I had stopped walking outdoors so for a week I did nothing. No exercises at all. During this last month I visited with two of my physicians and I told them I was exercising so if I stopped now it wouldn’t look very good for me. It is now the 18th of June and I decided it was time to get back on track and start my exercise program again. I also just had an issue with my diabetes while dealing at the poker table. This just told me I really need to do something about my weight and my nutrition efforts. I wasn’t in a good place in my mind but I needed to do something to get going. I started this and I need to finish. I struggled with myself because of the effort I was having to put in and the rewards I could see. My weight was not dropping as I wanted so the benefits of working out was not there. At this time I am now on my own trying to work through this. My plan now is to start going to Club24 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then get on the recumbent Bike for 30 minutes. My nutrition needs are still up in the air on what I should eat. I should say that when I talk about nutrition I am talking meals. In my mind I need to see meals that I can eat not just items. They have to be easy to fix or buy as our schedules are real crazy and we are not home very much. My attitude to workout has to get better and remember the time it took me to get here. It is not coming off in a week.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The deepstack tournament was moved to Wednesday evening. This is a lot better for me as I can work out and be at the tournament by the time it starts. I won’t be able to do my revolutions class but with the schedule I am doing now it will be fine. We all start with T$20,000 in chips and the rounds are 20 minutes in length. This allows for some conservative play at the start and you can build the chip stack slowly. The buy in for this tournament is $65 and the prize pool is very nice when you get to the final table. There were four tables tonight which means we had at least 40 players. I started on the fourth table, which is the furthest from the final table and we would be the first table to break up when we start losing players. I tend to do well in these types of tournaments since this is what I study, more than playing in the turbos. I started chipping up and was comfortable with my table and the players. I don’t try to pick on any one person but do pay attention to those to my right and left of me. I had one player raise my big blind a number of times. I finally told him that I was not going to let him continue doing that and he slowed down after that. I would raise his bet if I needed to show I would not be bullied in the big blind. The table finally broke and I was moved to the number two table. I continued to chip up and was getting close to making the final table. The closer we got to the final table I started opening up my game to make sure I was one of them going over. The hand that moved me out of the tournament went like this. I had K10 and we had one all in and the chip leader. The flop comes xK7 and I move all in to take the pot and go heads up with the all in person. The chip leader goes all in as well. I then had to hope my kicker was good enough to beat his. I turn over my K10 and he turns over his K7 and I didn’t catch a 10 with the turn or the river. I went out of the tournament in 12th place this week. It was a good tournament and I will learn something from my play this week. Have a fun day…….

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

Now that I am through the second week of the Foundation class, I am feeling a little bit better about my progress. Going through the feelings of “I can’t do this” and “ will I die” in the process of the changes I am making. Getting started in the third week the Foundation class changed again. We are doing different exercises and the time is changing as well. We are now doing 30 to 45 seconds of exercise with 15 seconds rest. I would try to keep up with the maximum time working out but with some of them I would revert to the 30 seconds on and take more rest in between. I want to continue to push myself if I can get my body to agree with me. I have to remember this is week number three and I can’t solve all issues in a short amount of time. I did get my assessment done with Club24 and now I have an idea of what workouts I need to continue with. We also discussed nutrition and what I should eat and what to stay away from. Since I am diabetic, I am concerned with carbs more than calories. It just makes things easier for me. I hate diets and if someone starts talking diet to me I run the other direction because I know I will not follow through. I like to eat and there are foods that are comfort foods. I have to break that chain. One to them is when I watch TV at night I will snack. Nutrition will be a huge part of the lifestyle change for me. Since I will be doing foundations two times per week I will need to continue walking outdoors. I am scheduling five days of walking outside and then the two days of Foundations. I will need to figure out what to do when the one month trial ends. Have a fun day……

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today is my Thursday in the work week of life. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I will have two days off after that. I am looking forward to a couple of days of rest. I have to remember that working in the Gaming Industry is still working but I am having fun working in something that I really enjoy doing. Yes, I do have those days that when I sit at the table and I am not in a winning mode I am still doing something that a lot of people would love to do. I get to deal and play poker every day. I am always in a learning mode and reading the board when the cards are laid out. I like the fact that I can look at the cards and can figure out what the person has before the cards are turned over. Does that stop me from putting in the bet that calls them? I like to say I have that special gene that I want to see what people have and it does cost me to see the cards. I must say the month of July was a positive month with my bankroll and my live play. The tournaments I played also wasn't that bad. I am hoping for a good month of August. I hope you are enjoying the Weight Loss blogs as well. It is a little bit different but this is my life. I did play in a tournament on Monday night. This was a $5 buy in with a $500 prize pool and we ended up with 4 tables of players. It was nice to see and I didn't make it very far but that was alright. Our $65 Deepstack tournament is now moved to Wednesday night so I will now have a chance to play this one. I am not sure about tomorrow night yet but I will see. I am working out at Club24 at 5:30 and the tournament starts at 6PM so that creates some issues with the schedule. Well off to bed and Have a fun day.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

I was so thankful that I had started Foundations on a Thursday. The class is only offered two times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday. This meant I was going to have four days off before I went to the next session. I knew that I was going to need that time. The next week came quickly and suddenly it was Tuesday. I am ready to do the workout and get further than I did the previous class. When this class started, as we all did our warm up exercises, I noticed we were not doing the same exercises as we did in Thursday’s session. It turns out the exercises are alternated so none are repeated two sessions in a row. This session we are doing more step up and not as much squats but the same regime of six exercises at 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. This time I made it through the first session and part of the second and then finished up completing the third. I was very happy with myself. I am getting better at completing the sessions. Again, the support from the others was great and I felt accepted even if I didn’t complete the workout. I went back home and started reading the literature I received from Club24. I didn’t see this before but it really makes sense. They have the “Laws of Success.” I started reading each one and they are the laws I must accept and abide by. The four laws are: • ONE: The Law of Possession. I have ultimate responsibility for my success or failure. I cannot blame it on any other person or thing. • TWO: The Law of Effort. I must have discipline, will power, character, persistence, and the commitment to achieve what I want to achieve. • THREE: The Law of Consistency. No matter what my schedule is at work or home, I must follow this routine to accomplish my goals. Basically, there are no excuses. • FOUR: The Law of Self-Efficacy. I must believe in myself and in my ability to make things better for myself. That includes making sure I am surrounding myself with positive people and those who are going through the same struggles in a positive manner. My biggest struggle right now will be the nutrition part of my program. I understand this and will continue to work at making my life better. I am also looking forward to be able to complete the class and will have done each of the exercises in the program. I must make exercising a part of my routine and life. Come join me in my pursuit to live a healthier life.

Tuesday Deepstack

I decided to play the deepstack at a different Casino tonight. I had two reasons for doing this. The first was to play the tournament and the second was to talk to the players and let them know that we changed our Deepstack tournament to Wednesday night so we would not compete with what they had going on in this casino. The staff was nice when we showed up and did not have any problem with us talking about our tournament. When I finally got my seat card and went to the table I found out that I was sitting right next to my poker manager. Something I didn't want to see at all. I tried to stay out of his way but being on his right I was first to act and that was not good on my part to have him on my left. I was very interested in watching him play and how he would play the tournament. Our poker manager does not play in very many tournaments at the casino and he has won some tournaments elsewhere so he has the game. Somebody I would like to learn from. I ended up lasting through about 5 rounds and went out when my set of 8's where beat by a straight. Being in a new spot and new players I figured I did well. Next time. This week I have been working and working out at the gym so not much happening. I have Thursday and Friday off this week and I played all day Thursday at Islands. I ended my day with a cash in the Poker League and next week will be the final week. I know I can't place first but I do have a chance if I play well next week. I needed to win both of these two weeks and get some help from some players going out early. I did get second place and there where some that did go out that I needed to go before me. I have a chance. My live play was good yesterday and I was in profit when I left for home. For the day my bankroll is up $100. Have a fun day......

Monday, August 06, 2012

Weight Loss #2

Since Type 2 Diabetes is a big part of my life, nutrition is very important to me. I will say that I don’t always follow what I plan for eating. At least I mean well. I enjoy food but that is part of what has gotten me to this point. I must set some goals and those goals must be achievable. So this is what I am thinking: • ONE: Lose Weight. I am tired of being tired and, as my doctor has listed in my medical record, obese. • TWO: Gain Strength. I am not so much interested in building muscle as I am in building stamina. • THREE: Decrease use of Insulin. I use an insulin pump that is attached to me 24/7. I want to decrease my dependence on insulin to the point that I am either using two injections a day or even taking oral medication. • FOUR: Decreasing use of other medications. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the pills that mask whatever the problems are and just live naturally. • FIVE: Permanently change my lifestyle. To automatically make good food choices and maintain regular activity would lead to my feeling better about myself. These are achievable goals and I will be working with each one as I continue this journey. My first night in the Foundation class went as I expected. I couldn’t have written a better script. Now that I look back at it I have to smile. As I said in the first blog, the exercises are in stations and you do each one thirty seconds thirty seconds rest between activities. After all six stations are complete, you get one minute to rest and then you start again. This happens three times. I looked at this for the first time and figured “no problem” I should be able to finish this. I started the first rotation and by the fourth station I was exhausted. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was leaning down trying to get some air. I wanted to quit right then and there and not come back. Then I thought “I don’t have an option and I must continue.” I finished the first round and I was headed for water and just wanted to lie on the floor. The trainer had other ideas, knowing that stopping was not the best choice, but I just needed some time. Overall my body was hurting, my lungs needed air and I wanted to drink water and I did not want to throw up on the exercise mat. I elected to sit by the sidelines and watch the group work through the second rotation. My mind was starting to say “It is easier to give up.” I needed to push through this and get the first workout done. When it became time to do the third round I got back out to the floor and completed the stations. So, for the first class of Foundations I was able to do the first and the third rotation and I felt like it was an accomplishment for me. That was more exercise than I had done in a very long time. It wasn’t easy but I felt I accomplished something big. The group there that night really supported me and assured me that “it will get better.” I was doubtful. I was so exhausted and happy to be done and head home. I did have to remind myself that it took a long time to get to where I am today and I would take little steps to get back to something reasonable. I will not give up. My journey is a lifetime and I want to be as healthy as I can be. Yes, I will have struggles and I know that food will be a big part of that. I need to make time to work out on a daily basis. Eat food that is better for me and that will help me achieve my goals.


The weekend was good and we were able to have the games go as scheduled. The heat seems to bring in the players just trying to stay cool and do something rather than sit at home. I did not play in any of the tournaments and didn't even play in the live games. I have been able to put some poker books on my Kindle Fire and have been reading from that when I get the chance. Now, reading from the kindle is different in that I am not able to mark the spots that I find important but I do like the fact I can carry so many books around with me. I have been reading "Harrington on Hold'em." I have read these books before and now I am reading them again but I do find interesting that some of the concepts I find in the book I have also read in the book written by Annie Duke. I guess it is good to hear the same thing over and over again so eventually it will sink in. I am in the middle of my five days on and tomorrow night I will be playing the Deepstack tournament at the Cable Bridge Casino. It will be interesting going over there since I haven't been there for awhile. I hope I play well. I hope you enjoy the journey of my weight loss as well. These will also be showing up on at some point. At least you will get a first hand look before they go on that site. Have a fun day......

Friday, August 03, 2012

Weight Loss Journey #1

My name is Steve and I am overweight. Seriously overweight. And I really want to do something about that. I am now highly motivated to take advantage of the opportunity to change my lifestyle. First, a little bit of history. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2001. I began taking medication and eventually started giving myself insulin shots. I had worked up to seven shots a day by January 2010 when I was able to get approved for an insulin pump. I was still gaining weight and in May of 2012 I was at 243 pounds. I am 5’6” tall and that weight was just too much. When diagnosed, I attended classes on dealing with Type 2 Diabetes and initially lost some weight but watching what I ate was hard because I used food as a comfort in reaction to stressful work days. Although I left the stressful job in early 2010, I never gave up the comfort food, in part because just not having a job was stressful in itself. I watched The Biggest Loser a number of years and always wished I had access to professional exercise and nutrition help as did the show participants. In March of this year, I decided I would follow a program to bike across America on my stationary recumbent bike at home. I put a map on the wall and put in the miles on the bike. Unfortunately, lack of accountability added to low motivation and I soon abandoned that activity. One evening in May, while watching TV, I saw an ad for Club24. The ad showed people doing the same things that The Biggest Loser participants were doing. I began to wonder if I could do that. Having watched some of the participants on The Biggest Loser laying on the floor almost sick from the workout, my first thought was it would be embarrassing to not be able to do the exercises. I finally decided to check out the program and see if this could work for me. I purchased a one month trial membership and when the person at the desk told me that I could start that day, I was surprised but figured I had to start at some point. The program I started was the Foundations class. This class has seven exercise “stations.” You have seven minutes to complete all of the stations. Each station is 30 seconds for the exercise and you get 30 seconds of rest. Then you start the next one and when you have completed all seven you get one minute rest and then start all over again. You do this rotation for three sessions. What a beginning for me. I am committed to a 13-week program of regular exercise and some changes in eating. Part of that commitment is the accountability of blogging about my progress. My goal is not only to get healthy but to inspire others to do the same. If I can do this….so can you!


This is my second day off in a row from dealing and it feels good to have the two days to get ready for the five days that are coming up. I do feel like I can take off for an overnight trip somewhere and not have to rush back so I can get back to work the next day. I played in the deepstack tournament on Tuesday night and I did well except the last hand. It is always that way, isn't it? The last hand always gets you. I played in our poker league on Thursday. This is a six week league and we are building points for the final. We just finished our fourth week and I am 13 points behind the leader. I did not do well in this one. I will need to win the next two weeks to have a chance at getting into the money. I have continued on my weight loss journey and the blog posts will be up soon on if you want to follow along in my progress. I am also looking at putting them on here as well. Have a fun day.......