Sunday, August 19, 2012


The deepstack tournament was moved to Wednesday evening. This is a lot better for me as I can work out and be at the tournament by the time it starts. I won’t be able to do my revolutions class but with the schedule I am doing now it will be fine. We all start with T$20,000 in chips and the rounds are 20 minutes in length. This allows for some conservative play at the start and you can build the chip stack slowly. The buy in for this tournament is $65 and the prize pool is very nice when you get to the final table. There were four tables tonight which means we had at least 40 players. I started on the fourth table, which is the furthest from the final table and we would be the first table to break up when we start losing players. I tend to do well in these types of tournaments since this is what I study, more than playing in the turbos. I started chipping up and was comfortable with my table and the players. I don’t try to pick on any one person but do pay attention to those to my right and left of me. I had one player raise my big blind a number of times. I finally told him that I was not going to let him continue doing that and he slowed down after that. I would raise his bet if I needed to show I would not be bullied in the big blind. The table finally broke and I was moved to the number two table. I continued to chip up and was getting close to making the final table. The closer we got to the final table I started opening up my game to make sure I was one of them going over. The hand that moved me out of the tournament went like this. I had K10 and we had one all in and the chip leader. The flop comes xK7 and I move all in to take the pot and go heads up with the all in person. The chip leader goes all in as well. I then had to hope my kicker was good enough to beat his. I turn over my K10 and he turns over his K7 and I didn’t catch a 10 with the turn or the river. I went out of the tournament in 12th place this week. It was a good tournament and I will learn something from my play this week. Have a fun day…….

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