Friday, August 31, 2012

Poker Thursday

I spent the morning completing projects at my desk. I will let everything sit until I get a couple of days off and I can then catch up. I am so far behind in reading my magazines. It becomes old news by the time I get around to them. After everything was done for the day I put all of my things together for the afternoon and headed out the door. I was going to play the 1pm tournament at the casino. I walked around the front of my pickup and noticed the truck was sitting awkward. I looked down at the front tire and it was flat. I called Les Schwab and they were able to come out to the house and put air into the tire so I could drive down to their shop and fix the flat. Thank goodness for warranties. Since I was unable to make the tournament I finished up some other projects in the house and then left to see my Dad. After our visit I headed over to Club24 and did my workout. It was then time to head on over to the casino and catch the 6pm tournament and then start my live play. As I walked into the casino I noticed there were not very many people in the poker area. They did have a live game starting up and I was able to get my seat and put my buy in of $100 on the table. The tournament was cancelled due to not having the people but the live game was in full swing. I started off nicely and was chipping up and the table was having fun talking and joking with each other. It was around 9pm and I was sitting on a chip stack well over $200. I started watching the time as I figured I could go home early tonight since I had met my goal of doubling my buy in. At 10pm I was ready to call it a night. I had spent 4 hours at the table and was able to maintain the chip stack at $200. I racked up the chips and headed out the door. It was a good night of poker and playing with people I knew made it even better. Have a fun day……

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