Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday Deepstack

I decided to play the deepstack at a different Casino tonight. I had two reasons for doing this. The first was to play the tournament and the second was to talk to the players and let them know that we changed our Deepstack tournament to Wednesday night so we would not compete with what they had going on in this casino. The staff was nice when we showed up and did not have any problem with us talking about our tournament. When I finally got my seat card and went to the table I found out that I was sitting right next to my poker manager. Something I didn't want to see at all. I tried to stay out of his way but being on his right I was first to act and that was not good on my part to have him on my left. I was very interested in watching him play and how he would play the tournament. Our poker manager does not play in very many tournaments at the casino and he has won some tournaments elsewhere so he has the game. Somebody I would like to learn from. I ended up lasting through about 5 rounds and went out when my set of 8's where beat by a straight. Being in a new spot and new players I figured I did well. Next time. This week I have been working and working out at the gym so not much happening. I have Thursday and Friday off this week and I played all day Thursday at Islands. I ended my day with a cash in the Poker League and next week will be the final week. I know I can't place first but I do have a chance if I play well next week. I needed to win both of these two weeks and get some help from some players going out early. I did get second place and there where some that did go out that I needed to go before me. I have a chance. My live play was good yesterday and I was in profit when I left for home. For the day my bankroll is up $100. Have a fun day......

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