Friday, August 10, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

I was so thankful that I had started Foundations on a Thursday. The class is only offered two times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday. This meant I was going to have four days off before I went to the next session. I knew that I was going to need that time. The next week came quickly and suddenly it was Tuesday. I am ready to do the workout and get further than I did the previous class. When this class started, as we all did our warm up exercises, I noticed we were not doing the same exercises as we did in Thursday’s session. It turns out the exercises are alternated so none are repeated two sessions in a row. This session we are doing more step up and not as much squats but the same regime of six exercises at 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. This time I made it through the first session and part of the second and then finished up completing the third. I was very happy with myself. I am getting better at completing the sessions. Again, the support from the others was great and I felt accepted even if I didn’t complete the workout. I went back home and started reading the literature I received from Club24. I didn’t see this before but it really makes sense. They have the “Laws of Success.” I started reading each one and they are the laws I must accept and abide by. The four laws are: • ONE: The Law of Possession. I have ultimate responsibility for my success or failure. I cannot blame it on any other person or thing. • TWO: The Law of Effort. I must have discipline, will power, character, persistence, and the commitment to achieve what I want to achieve. • THREE: The Law of Consistency. No matter what my schedule is at work or home, I must follow this routine to accomplish my goals. Basically, there are no excuses. • FOUR: The Law of Self-Efficacy. I must believe in myself and in my ability to make things better for myself. That includes making sure I am surrounding myself with positive people and those who are going through the same struggles in a positive manner. My biggest struggle right now will be the nutrition part of my program. I understand this and will continue to work at making my life better. I am also looking forward to be able to complete the class and will have done each of the exercises in the program. I must make exercising a part of my routine and life. Come join me in my pursuit to live a healthier life.

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