Friday, August 03, 2012


This is my second day off in a row from dealing and it feels good to have the two days to get ready for the five days that are coming up. I do feel like I can take off for an overnight trip somewhere and not have to rush back so I can get back to work the next day. I played in the deepstack tournament on Tuesday night and I did well except the last hand. It is always that way, isn't it? The last hand always gets you. I played in our poker league on Thursday. This is a six week league and we are building points for the final. We just finished our fourth week and I am 13 points behind the leader. I did not do well in this one. I will need to win the next two weeks to have a chance at getting into the money. I have continued on my weight loss journey and the blog posts will be up soon on if you want to follow along in my progress. I am also looking at putting them on here as well. Have a fun day.......

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