Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poker news

The week has been rather slow in the casino for poker. We do have the usual people playing the tournaments in the morning and early afternoon. I am trying to stick to a schedule of playing tournament and live play. I am playing the deepstack on Wednesday night now and will play live on Thursday night. Friday will be open to play the afternoon tournament. I played last night in the deepstack. I went out of the tournament in 15th place. The player next to me was playing loose and I made a call of his all in and lost. What do you think of this play? I have Ks and Jc. We both enter the pot and the flop comes QcXcXc. I checked and the player goes all in for T$25,100 and I go ahead and call. I turn over my KJ looking for either a club for the flush or a straight. He turns over AJ with no flush possibility. He wins the pot with his Ace high at the end. The turn was an 8 and the river was the 9. I am getting to the area in the tournament where I need to make better decisions with my chip stack. It always comes down to one or two hands could make a difference in my outcome. Earlier in the day I did play in the 1pm tournament and was able to cash so the day was not a total letdown. Have a fun day…..

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