Sunday, January 29, 2006

Here we go again

Just when the weekend starts we start another week. I would like to have a 5 day weekend and 2 days to work. I could go for that.

The 12 Daily Pro is doing well. I haven't been paid into the stormpay account yet. I am waiting for 2 payments of $7.92 to be entered into the account. Each payment is a gain of $1.92. Just looking at 12 advertisements per day is not hard to do and earn the extra cash.

Xooma is starting to go. I was told that my upline person just placed a person under me. I only need one more person to look and see the benefit of the X2O and then take off with this. I have been drinking my 24 oz. of water daily with the sachet put in the water. I still believe this is worth something for those people that exercise or do sports and need to replenish themselves with drinking water instead of the flavored drinks. It doesn't look that hard. And to be involved with people that are pushing this product is great. I went looking for someone that was excited to be in the business doing this and to see if I could get the help I would need. Looks like I found the person.

This is a first for me in that our Taxes are done for the year 2005. Usually we wait till April to do them. Of course I need to go into work tomorrow and tone down my deductions. Wow, I don't like using this as a savings account. We were paying for so many years and I was so tired of it that I think I went way overboard the other direction. Now I have to try to get back to mid line and this will give me a raise in my paycheck on payday. I will like that and so will my wife.

I haven't been able to play poker this weekend due to being on call but I have been reading the Poker blogs and found a sight that was giving interesting information on the players. It even had some information and pictures of Shana Hiatt and one of the pictures was of her on the cover of Playboy 1995 issue. I thought I might have that issue and went and looked. I sure did. Never know who you are going to see on the cover. I am hoping that I can play some online poker this week and do a few SNG's.

The Forex trading will be very cautious this week. Being the first of the month and also Greenspan is having his last meeting tomorrow. I will probably wait till after that meeting to get into the market. Let things settle down abit and see where the market is going and try to pick up some pips. I ended up the week with +30 pips which was a good way to end the week.

I see in the paper where Jerome Bettis guaranteed a victory for Pittsburgh. I hope the Seahawks are up for the challenge.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Grandson Story

I tell you when Friday evening came along I was ready to turn the brain off and just do nothing. And that is what I did. I made it through a work day.

Why is it that you must always choose? Is it our nature as a civilization or is it something religious? I think most decisions we make have 2 sides and you have to put up with the consequences of that decision. Now, how is that for being vague about the issue? Just something to ponder.

I will not be playing poker over the weekend since I am on call from Thursday thru Sunday. Just can't chance tying up the computer. I am thinking about starting up an email poker game. That would be interesting. Having up to 10 people playing. It would be a slow process but may be fun to try. I am also working on a blackjack game that would be somewhat like poker. Since I enjoy both games why not try to put them together. My mind sometimes works overtime and then you have to take the time to implement what I have thought about. That can be dangerous.

Did you see the cartoon with Garfield with a Bathrobe on drinking coffee and he says, " I am not fat, my brain is full and it had to go somewhere." I like it. It fits me well. I put the sign up at work. And working into that I should say that my weigh in for the day netted 237. Now I have to make sure I don't gain it back and will work on one more pound this next week. No pressure, just do the right things. That exercise thing is still sitting out there that I know at some point I will have to do. Can I keep from it?

Oh yes, the story. My wife went to pick up our grandson the other morning and he was in a grumpy mood. He didn't want to kiss his dad good-bye and got in the car to go to daycare. As they were driving he decided that he did want to kiss dad but it was too late. He didn't like that and stated that he then did not want to play with the kids at daycare. My wife said that would be alright but if he didn't then he would need to go stand in the corner. Well, when he arrived at Daycare he walked into the room and the teacher said good morning and he looked at her and immediately walked over to the corner and stood there. My understanding was that he was in a grumpy mood all day. He is learning how to try and manipulate people to do what he wants. It doesn't work with us. At least grandma.

Today is going to be busy with 2 events going on this evening. One at a very nice restaurant in town and the other after that is a Birthday party for a friend. Hopefully I don't get called for computer related needs.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

One more day to go

Here we are looking for Friday again. Weekend is right around the corner.

The 12 Daily Pro is doing well. I am now at $11.52 for this session and tomorrow another will go into the payout mode. I am waiting for the payout and see if this really pays off. I am receiving .72 every day for $6 that was initially put in. You can see after 12 days times .72 how much I am earning each time. I have a rotation of every six days I am putting money in and soon will be using money that I am earning from.

Last night I played 2 SNG's and I came in 6th place in both of them. I tried to play a few more hands and see if I could get a flop for very little chips. I noticed that some of them were playing that way and were building there chips and able to stay in the game a little longer. I don't like to play that way but sometimes you have to go with the herd. The second game I had pocket A's and was taken out with straight. Didn't even see that coming. I figured I finally got a hand to play and then BAM. Took me down.

I tell you my forex trading has not done well this week. I went -30 pips and then decided to get into EUR/JPY since I have been doing well with it. I decided to not go for such big profits and try for at least 10 pips tonight and get out. I set up EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/JPY and so far 2 out of the three have turned in 10 pips each for a total of +20 pips. GBP is Farting around and not getting with the program tonight.

I received the package from Xooma this evening and got my X2O and have drank my first 24 oz. of water. It says I can take one packet minimum during the day. Maybe take 2 or 3 to get into the system and see if it will help my Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis or anything else it wants to help.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a Tuesday

This has been a very busy evening. I have a number of items I have been trying to work on with the internet in the evening. Sometimes I get so many extra things going I start to not do anything and then I don't get anywhere.

I ended up at -25 pips this morning. My system isn't doing well right now. I won't give up though. This evening I set up GBP/USD with a sell and will see how I do with that. It is coming back to the Tunnel. I have to give this some room and let it make its way there.

12 Daily Pro is now at $8.64 after surfing this evening. I was told that the upgrade from the 4th would be put into the account and I still don't see it. They did state that it would show up on the 24th and maybe it will be there tomorrow sometime. I put the new Xooma site on there and it has 27 hits so far. That is nice. Maybe I will start a downline with some help. Go look on the right side and the links I have posted.

I am trying to get the new website up and running for an organization I belong with and am having some issues with the past people taking care of the site and that is some of the issues for tonight. I wish it was easier.

I have a friend that decided to loose some weight this month after being told his face looks round. He decided to go on the subway diet of one 6 inch sandwich at noon and a 6 inch sandwich at dinner time. So far he has lost 12 pounds. Beats my 2 pounds. Maybe I should start that diet or at least eating the sandwiches. That just seems boring to me.

No poker tonight. Just busy and I like to have my mind clear when I start on a poker game.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday again

A very busy evening last night. I will tell you about it soon.

12Daily Pro is at 5.76 for the 23rd of January. I am earning about $1.44 per day right now. The company sent me an email today telling me I will have another upgrade coming on the 24th due to them missing the first one that I put in on the 4th when I signed up. I also put a website on the site now and it has had 5 hits so far. I will continue to work with this and see if things will grow.

I did something I said I would not do again. I spent 5 years with MLM's and it did not go well. That is when I got into Stock and Stock Options and now Forex. Well, I joined one last night. It is call Xooma and it is real interesting to read. I put the Link on the right side so you can go visit and read about it. I also put the 12daily pro there as well. You will also see StormPay. This is where I place the Finances to back the 12daily Pro. Go ahead and look at them and if you have any questions let me know.

I set up two currencies tonight. EUR/JPY and GBP/USD. I will see how they do in the morning before I go to work.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Football Sunday

I have alot of catching up to do here. I keep thinking I need to put something up and then the day is gone before I know it.

Today the 12 Daily Pro is now up to $12.24 and am starting the first payback to my account of $7.92. So the first $6 has grown $1.92. All I did was look at 12 sites per day to get that. If I would have had more money in there I would have earned more. I am going to stay with the $6 every 6 days and see how that goes and let this thing build up and then start increasing the amount that I will put in to earn the money.

The last time I was working the Forex I was -20 pips on Tuesday. Wednesday I set up and was -15 pips. So on thursday I set up the tunnel system and was -17 pips. Not a good week. I need to go back to the papers and see if I was setting it up wrong or if I missed something.

I played Online Poker on Friday evening in a Shootout Tournament. This tournament has 4 sessions and you have to be in the top 3 on each of your tables to advance. They pay the top three in the first 3 tables and then on the last table will pay 5 spots. The start of the tournament we had 1320 players. I was 3rd place on the 1st session and was able to get to the 2nd table. On the 2nd session there are 396 players and I made it to 1st place at my table on this one to advance to the 3rd session. In the 3rd session there are 120 people left and I placed at 45th place trying to get to the final session of 36 players. I got real close. I did make some money on this tournament. I am in the positive with the account. I am definatly not playing with my principal.
Now on Saturday night I started to play SNG's and placed 6th out of 10 and on the second game I placed 4th. On the SNG's they only pay the top 3. I was chip leader with the second game and tried to take some players out and my stack just twindled and they got better cards and I couldn't get them to back down. It cost me. I should have been more patient. I had the chips.

My weight for the week is 238.

I set up a listserve for a software company this weekend as well. I hope it goes well. It will take some of my time to monitor it but I do believe it will be worth it. I told the company that I wanted to do this some time ago and I hope they will back it as well. I am also supposed to be monitoring and setting up a web page for our church. That will take some time as well.

Football is going and right now the Pittsburgh Steelers are way in front of Denver Broncos. How about a Steeler and Seahawk Superbowl.

I watched Two for the Money last night. That was a good movie. It got a little predictable in the end and it got a little choppy with the story line. Goes to show the movie could have gone a little further but with time restraints they started chopping it and that is what I thought it looked like. Good Movie. I would give it 4 starts out of 5.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday looking for Friday

I have been watching the Forex tonight trying to find one of the currencies within the tunnel. EUR/USD and GBP/USD are the only ones starting to drop out of the tunnel. I will wait just a little longer to see if they will continue the move down before I short one of them. Remember Patience. Don't chase the currency or you will end up loosing on it.

The 12 Daily Pro is now at $7.20. I have only been in this about 8 days now. So far so good. This is simple to do and if I can earn some extra money doing this great.

I have not played any poker since Saturday night. Maybe tomorrow night I will do another SNG.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Morning Blues

Have to get up and have to go to work. Not a good day. I started the day out with a headache that was not going to go well. Usually I will end up with a Migraine with that early of a start. I got to work and took some aspirin and was hoping I didn't have to get into my Migraine medication because that will change how I can get through the day. I hate it when the computer starts to flicker and the lights hurt your eyes. I did make it through the morning and by the afternoon the aspirin took hold and I made it the rest of the day.

My setup with forex netted me +19 pips this evening. I have now waited and it looks like USD/CHF is working and I will set up for a Sell at 1.2796. It is real close to the Tunnel and looks to be moving down. I set my stop at the top of the tunnel. I am about ready to head to bed and will check this out in the morning.

My 12 Daily Pro is now at $5.76. I purchased another upgrade. One of them now will close out in 6 days. The program is looking good so far.

This evening I received another booklet from Vegas on the tunnel system. I like his theory and the system. I am studying the system to make sure I get the full understanding of the way it works.

The Vonage phone system is working well. I still need to get a local number so will keep working on it. At some point I want to get rid of our phone company and keep our costs down.

Our son is playing for a Semi Pro Football team and starts his season the first of April. He will be playing in 8 games and will come into town to play our towns team. Will be fun to watch him play. This is the second team he has played for on a Semi Pro level. No, he doesn't get paid because he wants to keep his eligibility for College. He is Community College right now and wants to go to a University later.

I am done and am headed to bed. One more look at the Forex Market and I am done for the night.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Division Playoffs

What a day in the Football world. Carolina beating Chicago and will now face the number 1 seed Seattle Seahawks. That should be a good game. AFC will have the Steelers playing the Broncos. The Steelers looked good today. Go Seahawks. I hope we get into the Super Bowl.

I played live poker last night and was able to get to 6th place out of 16 people. Just didn't have enough chips to make it any further and had to play the best hand I felt I could get to try and double up to keep going. We had one person down to one chip and she came back and got 3rd place. That was something to watch. I am back to SNG's this week.

My sister ran the Marathon in Phoenix over the weekend and for being hurt she did well. Congrats on your finish.

I did the 12 daily pro and am now at $4.32. Just keeps growing.

The movie Firewall really looks interesting and will try to go see it. If not at least keep it in my book to rent the DVD when it comes out.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


The shootout online poker game didn't last long for me last night. I ended up in 8th place out of 10 seats in the 1st session. There are 4 sessions and I didn't get out of the 1st one. I won a hand that was a Flush draw and bluffed at it and won it. The next one I got the flush and won that one. That was it. I mainly played the BB and the SB and if I felt I had a hand that I wanted to see a flop with. I had pocket 10's and lost that hand on the BB and then the SB I had a JKo and ended up all in and lost it. Statistically I played in 13 hands and won 2 of them. Tonight there is a live game with a $5 buyin. I am going to play in that one. Let you know how that one turns out.

Don't you hate it when you are driving at night and you have these Bright Lights staring at you and it is those Fog lights that people use when there is no fog. That is a big pet peeve with me. I found out the other day that anybody can drive with there fog lights on at any time. That is just wrong. I would like to have a big flood light I could aim at people that use them. See how they like lights in there eyes when there is no fog.

12 Daily Pro is now at $3.60. I am moving now. That money will continue to grow.

My weigh in for the week was 240. I was down to 239 last week and just gained it back. I know, exercise!!!!!

Everyone take care, Congrats to my Sister that just bought their house and now have a lot of work to get it cleaned and ready for Parents. My other Sister in Phoenix don't run too hard. Remember there is another day and you don't want to destroy or hurt parts any further.

Friday, January 13, 2006

It is finally Friday

I didn't think it would ever get here.

I got on the bus this morning from the new parking lot at work and found out that one of the riders had his car stolen from the lot 3 days before. Where have I been? Evidently not paying attention. They found his car about 200 miles away on the side of the road and all he was told was that the wheels and tires were still on the car. My next concern is about the security in that lot and my truck being parked there. Is it safe? I like riding the shuttle every morning because it takes me right to the door and I don't have to walk ( exercise ) to get to the work place.

This morning I looked at the Forex currency that I had set up the night before and found it the USD/JPY at +5 pips. I went ahead and took the positive pips. Again I don't like to be in the market over the weekend. This was a good week for trading for me. I like this Tunnel trading. Once I reach my predetermined amount of Principle I will start opening with another Lot. That will start the $$ to start multiplying.

I am going to try and play poker tonight. A friend called and is going to start in a shootout at 8:40 and I am going to go see if I can register for that. Hopefully I will have good news for you tomorrow.

The 12 Daily Pro is now at $2.88. Let it grow. I need to find something to advertise. Maybe this blog? Maybe not?

Welcome to my sister that started blogging yesterday. I will post her site here soon. Now if I can get my other sister to start her own. See how easy it is to journal.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

One more day

Not much to talk about tonight.

Today is my Brothers Birthday. He turned 51 today. I called him this evening and talked with him for awhile.

My Forex Trades did very well last night. The EUR/JPY ended at +134 pips this morning. If I can do that on a weekly basis I would be happy. I used the tunnel method and it worked well. This evening I started the USD/JPY and it went down to a +12 and then moved back up toward the tunnel. Since I don't like to trade on Fridays I went ahead and took +4 pips this evening and got out. Today was a good day for a total of +138 pips. I will wait now till Monday to trade again.

No poker tonight. I am on call again for work.

I finished setting up Vonage and the only thing that is not good is that they do not have any local numbers for this area. So, we have a Spokane number now. We will have to keep our other phone service and will put minimal service on it and then wait for Vonage to get local service. We can use Vonage to call out but anybody else will have to dial in on the other service. At least now we have long distance service and having to pay for it through Vonage. Just a little disappointed. We have a friend that lives about 4 miles from us that has Vonage and lives in a different county and she was able to keep her number. Must be a County thing. I will have to do some extra work to see if this number can be transferred.

12 Daily Pro is up to $2.16 today. Just moving along earning on a daily basis. I need to find something to advertise on there site. Maybe Vonage? I can get 2 months free service for everyone I get to sign up. New people get 1 month free.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hump Day

Well, the Forex trading didn't go so well last night. I ended up -69 pips down by this morning. Tonight I have set up the EUR/JPY. This set has just gone below the Tunnel and will let it run. The problem with the setup last night was I was late and I started the sets in the wrong direction according to the tunnel. Thats what I get for not following the system. Tonight lets hope for some better results.

The 12 Daily Pro is starting to earn some money on a daily basis now. In two days I have now earned $1.44. I will let this grow and then start compounding the income. Could be a good way to earn some spending money and also advertise a home business. I don't have one but still the opportunity is there.

I set up the Vonage Phone tonight. It does work. The only issue right now that I have is the fact if someone from town calls me it is long distance. I sent an email off to the company to see if we could get that taken care of. I want to get rid of the regular line and that also gets rid of the constant calls every night for money. So, for the family members out there when we get it working to our satisfaction I will let you in on the new number. This hooks up through the internet and has its own wireless box. I have little blinking lights going all over my desk in my office now.

My online poker has been non existant right now. I am on call tonight and tomorrow night and I can't tie up the computer. I am anxious to get back at it. I do read the poker blogs out there.

Our daughter in law is pregnant and she is starting to show. She is due in May. I promise I won't spoil her. We have a Grandson from our foster child and he keeps us busy now. We had him over this last weekend and he spent the night and was with us all day. That will wear you out. He is getting to the point that he wants you to read to him. He is smart and we just have to laugh at him. He was talking to my wife the other day and she told him that he couldn't talk with her with his binky in his mouth. He took the binky out, which he calls baby, and looks at her and tells her he is done. At that point he puts baby back into his mouth.

My brother turns 51 tomorrow. I am not that far behind him. I am set to make a trip to Dallas in March. I will be there for 3 days for a User Conference for a Computer Software we use at work. Should be a good trip and a fast one. We tried to get tickets with United but they are $100 more than Delta. That means I get to fly through Salt Lake again and see if my luggage follows me. It has been 2 times within the year that my luggage has met me from Salt Lake. When I was in Knoxville, TN the guy told me Salt Lake was known for not getting luggage on the next flight. So far it has happened to me twice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here goes Tuesday

Got home late from work this evening and am working at the computer listening to my favorite group the "Blue Man Group" We went and watched them this last year in Las Vegas and had a fun time. This group really gets the crowd into the concert. They are fun to watch. At one time they had pulled rolls of paper down over the audience and we were sitting right at the edge of the aisle. When my wife got out from under the paper one of the guys was standing right next to her face and she screamed. I was able to get out from under the paper just in time to see him staring back at her. He never changed his expression.

I am working in Forex tonight. I am in the market with USD/CAD. I just checked and now I am in with EUR/USD. I will need to watch these and see how I do this evening. If I can pull out 20 pips on each I will be happy. Remember to be patient. I have set my stops a little more out to try and let it run a little bit more.

We also got our new phones tonight. We are switching over to Vonage. A friend from work uses Vonage and she states she is doing well with it. Tonight I have them in the charger and will set it up tomorrow night. I am excited to be able to save some money by using Vonage. If your interested let me know.

I have also done my 12 daily pro set and have also done an upgrade. I have earned some money so far from it and will be able to withdraw down the road with this. I am still evaluating this to see how it will work. It also allows a person to advertise as well. That is a good thing.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Another Monday

I am not able to play Poker tonight due to being on call and this week I will be on call on Wed., Thur. as well. Maybe tomorrow I can play a couple of SNG's.

I set up the EUR/USD this evening for a Sell at 1.2034. I have been reading and setting the entries up with which ever I am feeling comfortable with at the time. This is the Beau Diamond setup. I have been reading the Tunnel setup and will be getting more information about it hopefully soon. I like that one and really looks interesting. I had emailed the author for the tunnel and he emailed back with some more information.

I did my 12dp today and will be repurchasing within the next two days. I want to see if this works and will keep at it to either prove it works or it is like all the rest and does not. I will give it a chance.

I watched more football this last weekend than I did during the season. TB and Redskins. No offense but a lot of defense. I hope Seahawks can handle the Redskins. Panthers and NY Giants. Wow, Panthers did a number on them. They just did not look like they wanted to play on Sunday. Steelers and Bengals. Steelers look good and I would hate to have to bring down Bettis. New England and Jaguars. I didn't watch them but here comes New England. They are defending champs and if they get on a roll. Next week will be interesting to watch.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Early Sunday Morning

My weigh in for the week was 239. I lost a pound over the week. Now my next goal is to loose another one for this week. I know that exercise is a big part of what I need to do. Having led the sedentary life style for so long makes it hard to get after it. I spent part of this last summer building my deck on our house and I believe I did something to my elbow. I was lifting so many concrete blocks and moving them and stacking them and placing them that I hurt it somehow. I went to the Emergency Department and they told me they were not going to do an x-ray that my arm needed some rest. So, I am about 6 feet short of finishing the 30 foot x 10 foot patio because of the arm and the "rest" it needs.

The Forex trade on Thursday night did not go well. I should not have gotten in due to the MA's not crossing. I knew better. In fact one of them hit the stop and the other one I closed at 3:30 am when I woke up and started thinking about the Fundamental announcement that was going to come up in 2 hours. After checking on the pair at the end of the day friday I found out I would have stayed in I would have made some pips on that one. I need to stick with the plan and system. Trade on Crosses.

I have been with a Survey Company online for a few years and every now and then they will send a survey out and when I complete it I get paid $5. It gives me spending money for the year. I just started with another company online that pays for watching ads online. I have to watch 12 of them per day and get paid for doing that. I just started that and will let you all know how that is going a little further on.

I have not played any online poker in the last few days. I did play live poker last night at a friends house. Buyin is whatever and you get 20 cent chips. At the end of the night around midnight then we just stop and the amount of chips you have left you get paid for. My night last night ended up leaving all my money with the other people sitting at the table. This game is for fun and if I make some bucks that is great. As we go around the table and each person deals they have the opportunity to call the type of game we are going to play. We end up playing all kinds of Poker games through the evening. You don't really get into any type of rhythm and it really doesn't matter. I am anxious to play some online games. Maybe this afternoon. I am reading a new book on Online poker. "Internet Texas Hold'em" by Matthew Hilger.

Looks like Washington Redskins are going to be playing the Seattle Seahawks. I am a St. Louis Rams fan since the 60's and living in Washington State I do like the Seahawks. I don't like it when these two teams play each other because I want each to do well. Except my loyalties go to the Rams. But, since they are out I have to now hope that the Seahawks can show they belong in the Post Season.

Another week is getting started and we will have some people out of the office for the week. Short staff makes for more work. We are hiring 2 new people and that will be good.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Slow Computer

My computer is not doing well this evening. I am not going to chance it by playing poker tonight. It is acting slow and taking forever to load any application that I am trying to run.

Forex: I am in a position this evening and I am hoping to get out of it early before morning arrives. I do not like to be in the market on Fridays anyway and this being the first Friday of the month does not help matters. I am in USD/JPY this evening. It looked to be the best one with the MA's nearing a cross over. I went ahead and went in before the actual crossover which is not a good move but something that looked like I could get away with because of the wide swings this was taking. I am in positive territory as I am writing this and would hope to be out sometime soon.

My weight loss food intake for the day consisted of :
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and 1 toast with 8 oz. of Orange Juice.
Lunch: Tomato Soup with 1/2 sandwich egg salad with 1/4 can of Diet Cherry Coke.
Supper: 6 oz of Rib eye with Baked Potato, Nachos and Ice Tea.

I think I need to start eating a light snack sometime around 2:30 because I eat lunch at 11:30. When I get home I want to eat everything in sight. At some point I need to add exercise. What a treaded word for me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What a Game

That was a fun game to watch tonight. Texas beat USC and takes the National Championship in Football and in Baseball this last year. What a great feat by both teams and the University.

No poker tonight. I was watching the game and just didn't play.

Forex is something I did do and am still in. I did a Sell this evening when the MA's crossed and at this time it is up. I just don't think it will move very far before heading back down. I purchased the EUR/JPY tonight. I went in at 140.52. I will give this room to move.

Weight loss: I had 2 fried eggs and toast this morning with 8 oz. of Orange Juice. Lunch was Steak/Onion soup with a salad and then on the way home I stopped for some Nacho's from Tumbleweeds and then had 3 pieces of Pizza. Way to go Steve. Do well all day and then when I get home I go nuts with eating. That needs to change.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work

Ok, back to work in 2006 and wow, what a busy day. Everyone is getting started again and here weeeeee gooo.

I started the day out by eating 2 eggs and toast for breakfast. Soup and 1/2 sandwich for lunch and then for dinner I had Carne Asada. I thought I did pretty good for the day. I was never full and I drank water for most of the day.

I opened up the Forex when I got home and noticed the USD/CAD was doing a cross and waited for the second bar. I put in a sell and rode it down to 12 pips and then went ahead and got out. I went looking for another cross and none was to be had. I will wait until I see the next one. Patience.

That is not the way it went for my Poker tonight. I went in and played 2 games of SNG tonight and the first one I came in 6th. Never did get any cards to play. I finally went all in with what I had left and was busted out. At least it was 6th and not 10th. The next game I came in 4th. I lost to pocket jacks with a KQ. Again I should have just folded on the Turn but at that point I was pretty much pot committed. I was not patient at the end and that is what really hurt me. I had the chips to last to get at least 3rd but played to aggressive at the end.

I received an email from one of the services I get for Forex tonight. He was talking about a side business to gain some money by looking at Ads. Ok, I will try it. If it works and you are interested give me a holler and I will send you the information. Looks like he made about $3000 in one week. I went ahead and joined and will give it a try.

Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 is Here

Here we are at 2006. Time just flys when you are having fun.

This past week was really busy with Christmas and trying to keep up with work. I didn't get a chance to blog anything. I did do some trading with the Forex. I also got to play a little bit of Poker online. I even figured out how to put pictures in my blog and added links to it. I will post the blogs I like to read soon.

At last writing I was up with the Forex and then last week I nearly gave all the profit back at the end of the year showing not much profit at all for 2005. Sometimes a little impatience does hurt. I met a person online that does trading here in town. He is using the Bunny Cross system. I decided to take a further look at it and see if it might work for me. I like the simplicity of the system and will go ahead and work with it. Today I woke up and decided to start using it and then found out the FXCM is not live yet. So, I will have to wait until tonight or maybe even tomorrow before I start. I would like to see the year 2006 be a good year for trading.

I read the ebook "Bird Watching in Lion Country" and really enjoyed the book. I even emailed the Dr. and asked him a couple of questions. He responded and it is a possibility I might take him up on his mentoring. It would mean I would be using more Fundamentals in trading but then again it might not be a bad idea.

My poker is up for the end of 2005. I enjoy playing SNG's online and have done well with it. I am not ready to go up in the table price though. I am going to stay where I am at and keep learning. I watched a tournament the other night where the 1st place amount was $44,000. That was fun to watch online. It did cost $200 to get into the tournament. You still have to play with patience.

I was able to put up a picture of one of the tournaments I played in. That was fun. The picture looks great.

One other item I am going to try and blog about is my adventure in weight loss. I need to lose 100 pounds. That will take some time and if I can loose 1 0r 2 pounds per week then I will feel good about it. At this time I am at 240 pounds. If you have people that are supportive and will help you reach your goal and keep you on track that is great.

Here comes 2006.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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