Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work

Ok, back to work in 2006 and wow, what a busy day. Everyone is getting started again and here weeeeee gooo.

I started the day out by eating 2 eggs and toast for breakfast. Soup and 1/2 sandwich for lunch and then for dinner I had Carne Asada. I thought I did pretty good for the day. I was never full and I drank water for most of the day.

I opened up the Forex when I got home and noticed the USD/CAD was doing a cross and waited for the second bar. I put in a sell and rode it down to 12 pips and then went ahead and got out. I went looking for another cross and none was to be had. I will wait until I see the next one. Patience.

That is not the way it went for my Poker tonight. I went in and played 2 games of SNG tonight and the first one I came in 6th. Never did get any cards to play. I finally went all in with what I had left and was busted out. At least it was 6th and not 10th. The next game I came in 4th. I lost to pocket jacks with a KQ. Again I should have just folded on the Turn but at that point I was pretty much pot committed. I was not patient at the end and that is what really hurt me. I had the chips to last to get at least 3rd but played to aggressive at the end.

I received an email from one of the services I get for Forex tonight. He was talking about a side business to gain some money by looking at Ads. Ok, I will try it. If it works and you are interested give me a holler and I will send you the information. Looks like he made about $3000 in one week. I went ahead and joined and will give it a try.

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