Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hump Day

Well, the Forex trading didn't go so well last night. I ended up -69 pips down by this morning. Tonight I have set up the EUR/JPY. This set has just gone below the Tunnel and will let it run. The problem with the setup last night was I was late and I started the sets in the wrong direction according to the tunnel. Thats what I get for not following the system. Tonight lets hope for some better results.

The 12 Daily Pro is starting to earn some money on a daily basis now. In two days I have now earned $1.44. I will let this grow and then start compounding the income. Could be a good way to earn some spending money and also advertise a home business. I don't have one but still the opportunity is there.

I set up the Vonage Phone tonight. It does work. The only issue right now that I have is the fact if someone from town calls me it is long distance. I sent an email off to the company to see if we could get that taken care of. I want to get rid of the regular line and that also gets rid of the constant calls every night for money. So, for the family members out there when we get it working to our satisfaction I will let you in on the new number. This hooks up through the internet and has its own wireless box. I have little blinking lights going all over my desk in my office now.

My online poker has been non existant right now. I am on call tonight and tomorrow night and I can't tie up the computer. I am anxious to get back at it. I do read the poker blogs out there.

Our daughter in law is pregnant and she is starting to show. She is due in May. I promise I won't spoil her. We have a Grandson from our foster child and he keeps us busy now. We had him over this last weekend and he spent the night and was with us all day. That will wear you out. He is getting to the point that he wants you to read to him. He is smart and we just have to laugh at him. He was talking to my wife the other day and she told him that he couldn't talk with her with his binky in his mouth. He took the binky out, which he calls baby, and looks at her and tells her he is done. At that point he puts baby back into his mouth.

My brother turns 51 tomorrow. I am not that far behind him. I am set to make a trip to Dallas in March. I will be there for 3 days for a User Conference for a Computer Software we use at work. Should be a good trip and a fast one. We tried to get tickets with United but they are $100 more than Delta. That means I get to fly through Salt Lake again and see if my luggage follows me. It has been 2 times within the year that my luggage has met me from Salt Lake. When I was in Knoxville, TN the guy told me Salt Lake was known for not getting luggage on the next flight. So far it has happened to me twice.

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