Saturday, January 14, 2006


The shootout online poker game didn't last long for me last night. I ended up in 8th place out of 10 seats in the 1st session. There are 4 sessions and I didn't get out of the 1st one. I won a hand that was a Flush draw and bluffed at it and won it. The next one I got the flush and won that one. That was it. I mainly played the BB and the SB and if I felt I had a hand that I wanted to see a flop with. I had pocket 10's and lost that hand on the BB and then the SB I had a JKo and ended up all in and lost it. Statistically I played in 13 hands and won 2 of them. Tonight there is a live game with a $5 buyin. I am going to play in that one. Let you know how that one turns out.

Don't you hate it when you are driving at night and you have these Bright Lights staring at you and it is those Fog lights that people use when there is no fog. That is a big pet peeve with me. I found out the other day that anybody can drive with there fog lights on at any time. That is just wrong. I would like to have a big flood light I could aim at people that use them. See how they like lights in there eyes when there is no fog.

12 Daily Pro is now at $3.60. I am moving now. That money will continue to grow.

My weigh in for the week was 240. I was down to 239 last week and just gained it back. I know, exercise!!!!!

Everyone take care, Congrats to my Sister that just bought their house and now have a lot of work to get it cleaned and ready for Parents. My other Sister in Phoenix don't run too hard. Remember there is another day and you don't want to destroy or hurt parts any further.

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