Thursday, January 12, 2006

One more day

Not much to talk about tonight.

Today is my Brothers Birthday. He turned 51 today. I called him this evening and talked with him for awhile.

My Forex Trades did very well last night. The EUR/JPY ended at +134 pips this morning. If I can do that on a weekly basis I would be happy. I used the tunnel method and it worked well. This evening I started the USD/JPY and it went down to a +12 and then moved back up toward the tunnel. Since I don't like to trade on Fridays I went ahead and took +4 pips this evening and got out. Today was a good day for a total of +138 pips. I will wait now till Monday to trade again.

No poker tonight. I am on call again for work.

I finished setting up Vonage and the only thing that is not good is that they do not have any local numbers for this area. So, we have a Spokane number now. We will have to keep our other phone service and will put minimal service on it and then wait for Vonage to get local service. We can use Vonage to call out but anybody else will have to dial in on the other service. At least now we have long distance service and having to pay for it through Vonage. Just a little disappointed. We have a friend that lives about 4 miles from us that has Vonage and lives in a different county and she was able to keep her number. Must be a County thing. I will have to do some extra work to see if this number can be transferred.

12 Daily Pro is up to $2.16 today. Just moving along earning on a daily basis. I need to find something to advertise on there site. Maybe Vonage? I can get 2 months free service for everyone I get to sign up. New people get 1 month free.


Kris said...

At least you called your brother, I forgot until I was filling out a form to offer on a house. Maybe we will get it, pray.......the house would be perfect.

Kris said...

Oh, I forgot, I check every day so keep it up.

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Steve said...

Thank you for taking a look at the blog. I try to write down the events of my Forex trading and my poker games when I get a chance to play.