Sunday, January 29, 2006

Here we go again

Just when the weekend starts we start another week. I would like to have a 5 day weekend and 2 days to work. I could go for that.

The 12 Daily Pro is doing well. I haven't been paid into the stormpay account yet. I am waiting for 2 payments of $7.92 to be entered into the account. Each payment is a gain of $1.92. Just looking at 12 advertisements per day is not hard to do and earn the extra cash.

Xooma is starting to go. I was told that my upline person just placed a person under me. I only need one more person to look and see the benefit of the X2O and then take off with this. I have been drinking my 24 oz. of water daily with the sachet put in the water. I still believe this is worth something for those people that exercise or do sports and need to replenish themselves with drinking water instead of the flavored drinks. It doesn't look that hard. And to be involved with people that are pushing this product is great. I went looking for someone that was excited to be in the business doing this and to see if I could get the help I would need. Looks like I found the person.

This is a first for me in that our Taxes are done for the year 2005. Usually we wait till April to do them. Of course I need to go into work tomorrow and tone down my deductions. Wow, I don't like using this as a savings account. We were paying for so many years and I was so tired of it that I think I went way overboard the other direction. Now I have to try to get back to mid line and this will give me a raise in my paycheck on payday. I will like that and so will my wife.

I haven't been able to play poker this weekend due to being on call but I have been reading the Poker blogs and found a sight that was giving interesting information on the players. It even had some information and pictures of Shana Hiatt and one of the pictures was of her on the cover of Playboy 1995 issue. I thought I might have that issue and went and looked. I sure did. Never know who you are going to see on the cover. I am hoping that I can play some online poker this week and do a few SNG's.

The Forex trading will be very cautious this week. Being the first of the month and also Greenspan is having his last meeting tomorrow. I will probably wait till after that meeting to get into the market. Let things settle down abit and see where the market is going and try to pick up some pips. I ended up the week with +30 pips which was a good way to end the week.

I see in the paper where Jerome Bettis guaranteed a victory for Pittsburgh. I hope the Seahawks are up for the challenge.

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