Sunday, January 15, 2006

Division Playoffs

What a day in the Football world. Carolina beating Chicago and will now face the number 1 seed Seattle Seahawks. That should be a good game. AFC will have the Steelers playing the Broncos. The Steelers looked good today. Go Seahawks. I hope we get into the Super Bowl.

I played live poker last night and was able to get to 6th place out of 16 people. Just didn't have enough chips to make it any further and had to play the best hand I felt I could get to try and double up to keep going. We had one person down to one chip and she came back and got 3rd place. That was something to watch. I am back to SNG's this week.

My sister ran the Marathon in Phoenix over the weekend and for being hurt she did well. Congrats on your finish.

I did the 12 daily pro and am now at $4.32. Just keeps growing.

The movie Firewall really looks interesting and will try to go see it. If not at least keep it in my book to rent the DVD when it comes out.

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