Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here goes Tuesday

Got home late from work this evening and am working at the computer listening to my favorite group the "Blue Man Group" We went and watched them this last year in Las Vegas and had a fun time. This group really gets the crowd into the concert. They are fun to watch. At one time they had pulled rolls of paper down over the audience and we were sitting right at the edge of the aisle. When my wife got out from under the paper one of the guys was standing right next to her face and she screamed. I was able to get out from under the paper just in time to see him staring back at her. He never changed his expression.

I am working in Forex tonight. I am in the market with USD/CAD. I just checked and now I am in with EUR/USD. I will need to watch these and see how I do this evening. If I can pull out 20 pips on each I will be happy. Remember to be patient. I have set my stops a little more out to try and let it run a little bit more.

We also got our new phones tonight. We are switching over to Vonage. A friend from work uses Vonage and she states she is doing well with it. Tonight I have them in the charger and will set it up tomorrow night. I am excited to be able to save some money by using Vonage. If your interested let me know.

I have also done my 12 daily pro set and have also done an upgrade. I have earned some money so far from it and will be able to withdraw down the road with this. I am still evaluating this to see how it will work. It also allows a person to advertise as well. That is a good thing.


Kris said...

So, do you have any family? Grandchildren? Who do you play poker with?

Steve said...

Yes, I do have family. Poker is with any group that wants to play. Grandchildren are one and one on the way. You ought to start one and we can keep up.