Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Morning Blues

Have to get up and have to go to work. Not a good day. I started the day out with a headache that was not going to go well. Usually I will end up with a Migraine with that early of a start. I got to work and took some aspirin and was hoping I didn't have to get into my Migraine medication because that will change how I can get through the day. I hate it when the computer starts to flicker and the lights hurt your eyes. I did make it through the morning and by the afternoon the aspirin took hold and I made it the rest of the day.

My setup with forex netted me +19 pips this evening. I have now waited and it looks like USD/CHF is working and I will set up for a Sell at 1.2796. It is real close to the Tunnel and looks to be moving down. I set my stop at the top of the tunnel. I am about ready to head to bed and will check this out in the morning.

My 12 Daily Pro is now at $5.76. I purchased another upgrade. One of them now will close out in 6 days. The program is looking good so far.

This evening I received another booklet from Vegas on the tunnel system. I like his theory and the system. I am studying the system to make sure I get the full understanding of the way it works.

The Vonage phone system is working well. I still need to get a local number so will keep working on it. At some point I want to get rid of our phone company and keep our costs down.

Our son is playing for a Semi Pro Football team and starts his season the first of April. He will be playing in 8 games and will come into town to play our towns team. Will be fun to watch him play. This is the second team he has played for on a Semi Pro level. No, he doesn't get paid because he wants to keep his eligibility for College. He is Community College right now and wants to go to a University later.

I am done and am headed to bed. One more look at the Forex Market and I am done for the night.

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