Sunday, January 08, 2006

Early Sunday Morning

My weigh in for the week was 239. I lost a pound over the week. Now my next goal is to loose another one for this week. I know that exercise is a big part of what I need to do. Having led the sedentary life style for so long makes it hard to get after it. I spent part of this last summer building my deck on our house and I believe I did something to my elbow. I was lifting so many concrete blocks and moving them and stacking them and placing them that I hurt it somehow. I went to the Emergency Department and they told me they were not going to do an x-ray that my arm needed some rest. So, I am about 6 feet short of finishing the 30 foot x 10 foot patio because of the arm and the "rest" it needs.

The Forex trade on Thursday night did not go well. I should not have gotten in due to the MA's not crossing. I knew better. In fact one of them hit the stop and the other one I closed at 3:30 am when I woke up and started thinking about the Fundamental announcement that was going to come up in 2 hours. After checking on the pair at the end of the day friday I found out I would have stayed in I would have made some pips on that one. I need to stick with the plan and system. Trade on Crosses.

I have been with a Survey Company online for a few years and every now and then they will send a survey out and when I complete it I get paid $5. It gives me spending money for the year. I just started with another company online that pays for watching ads online. I have to watch 12 of them per day and get paid for doing that. I just started that and will let you all know how that is going a little further on.

I have not played any online poker in the last few days. I did play live poker last night at a friends house. Buyin is whatever and you get 20 cent chips. At the end of the night around midnight then we just stop and the amount of chips you have left you get paid for. My night last night ended up leaving all my money with the other people sitting at the table. This game is for fun and if I make some bucks that is great. As we go around the table and each person deals they have the opportunity to call the type of game we are going to play. We end up playing all kinds of Poker games through the evening. You don't really get into any type of rhythm and it really doesn't matter. I am anxious to play some online games. Maybe this afternoon. I am reading a new book on Online poker. "Internet Texas Hold'em" by Matthew Hilger.

Looks like Washington Redskins are going to be playing the Seattle Seahawks. I am a St. Louis Rams fan since the 60's and living in Washington State I do like the Seahawks. I don't like it when these two teams play each other because I want each to do well. Except my loyalties go to the Rams. But, since they are out I have to now hope that the Seahawks can show they belong in the Post Season.

Another week is getting started and we will have some people out of the office for the week. Short staff makes for more work. We are hiring 2 new people and that will be good.

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