Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What a Game

That was a fun game to watch tonight. Texas beat USC and takes the National Championship in Football and in Baseball this last year. What a great feat by both teams and the University.

No poker tonight. I was watching the game and just didn't play.

Forex is something I did do and am still in. I did a Sell this evening when the MA's crossed and at this time it is up. I just don't think it will move very far before heading back down. I purchased the EUR/JPY tonight. I went in at 140.52. I will give this room to move.

Weight loss: I had 2 fried eggs and toast this morning with 8 oz. of Orange Juice. Lunch was Steak/Onion soup with a salad and then on the way home I stopped for some Nacho's from Tumbleweeds and then had 3 pieces of Pizza. Way to go Steve. Do well all day and then when I get home I go nuts with eating. That needs to change.

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