Monday, January 09, 2006

Another Monday

I am not able to play Poker tonight due to being on call and this week I will be on call on Wed., Thur. as well. Maybe tomorrow I can play a couple of SNG's.

I set up the EUR/USD this evening for a Sell at 1.2034. I have been reading and setting the entries up with which ever I am feeling comfortable with at the time. This is the Beau Diamond setup. I have been reading the Tunnel setup and will be getting more information about it hopefully soon. I like that one and really looks interesting. I had emailed the author for the tunnel and he emailed back with some more information.

I did my 12dp today and will be repurchasing within the next two days. I want to see if this works and will keep at it to either prove it works or it is like all the rest and does not. I will give it a chance.

I watched more football this last weekend than I did during the season. TB and Redskins. No offense but a lot of defense. I hope Seahawks can handle the Redskins. Panthers and NY Giants. Wow, Panthers did a number on them. They just did not look like they wanted to play on Sunday. Steelers and Bengals. Steelers look good and I would hate to have to bring down Bettis. New England and Jaguars. I didn't watch them but here comes New England. They are defending champs and if they get on a roll. Next week will be interesting to watch.

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