Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome Back

It has been almost two months since I put anything in this blog.  This quarter at college has been really time consuming and not letting me write on here. 

This quarter I have three classes and two of them are requiring me to write up to five papers per week and one of the instructors was requiring a research type of paper and at least one page for each.  On Friday I would write and then on Saturday night I would put them on Word and on Sunday I would do my final draft and then transfer to the college.  I have about two weeks left of this and then next quarter will have only one class and then will be finished with the Computer Science Computer Support program.  Time to find some type of job.

Poker has taken a back seat at this time.  I have played one tournament per month and that one is a special by invitation and at least I can see how rusty a person can get by not playing.  The last one I played I was out of the tournament within 15 minutes and was the first person out.  I have also been playing in a Blackjack tournament every Sunday now for six weeks.  It was free and the final is today.  I have a qualifier seat to fill the last seat at the table today at 4pm at the casino.  It pays $1,000 and it would be nice to get that.  This means I have to win both tournaments today and that will be a tough one.

I am hoping now that the college program is finishing up I will be able to get back to some more poker and will be able to do some more writing on the blog.  Stay tuned.

Have a fun day......