Saturday, April 25, 2009


I just got back from Spokane yesterday evening. I am working on my A+ Certification and was finishing up my class time. I did get through the class and was able to pass all of the tests. Now I need to start working on the final test and become certified. What does this do for me? Well, I have been asking for years to get some training on the computers I work with. I am a Respiratory Therapist by trade and all of my computer skills were self learned. Nobody would give me any definite ways to get skills with computers. I finally looked at the group of people I have worked with before and had done some training with. New Horizon in Spokane. They do a great job and really help you get to the point of testing. I had to travel to Spokane and spend the night in the motel. Now I need to pass the tests.

While I was there I had the opportunity to go to Northernquest Casino and I was looking for a game of poker. It is also a nice place to eat since most casinos have some good restaurants and you can eat cheaply and then go play at the tables. They had a couple of tables going and then were looking for interested people in about 3 or 4 different categories. I looked at the 1/2 game and they still needed 6 people to sign up before they would get a game going. I didn't want to spend a lot of time waiting so I went and played Video Poker. I at least doubled my money at the game. I do stick with a strategy and have always done well playing that game. After that I went ahead and went back to my room.

I decided to play some online poker. I went to Pokerstars and got into an SnG table and I guess I really wasn't in to it. I played very loose and went out in 8th place. Not a good showing. I do know what I was doing and I wasn't paying much attention.

I am now at home and getting ready for travel to Dallas for the week. I have a Conference to attend and maybe in the evening if I am lucky I might look for a casino nearby.

I am not a fan of flying but will get through this. Hopefully I will have a good week. I am taking my Netbook and maybe play a little online as well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Irwin blow up

This weekend I am playing at Wildhorse Casino in the Spring Tournament. I tell myself to have patience and play the best hands. Don't do anything stupid because the tournament will last about 12 hours and I need to pace myself in getting the chips and working my way up the chip count.

The Tournament started at Noon and I was ready and excited to be able to play again. I started on Table 15 seat 1. There were actually two people I was very concerned with at this table. My chip count went down then back up and then slowly started back down and then it went back up again. At this time our table broke and we were all sent to new tables. I was sent over to Table 24 seat 1.

When I played in the Fall Tournament last year I played at table 24 seat 2 so this table is familiar to me. When I sit down I look at the players to see who I would be going up against. In seat 6 is Marsha Waggoner. I saw her in the Fall Tournament but if you remember I played at the same table as Tom McEvoy. Along with Marsha are two others that will be tough as well.

I usually like to see flops when I have pocket pairs. Maybe I get lucky and get a set. Well, this one hand I had pocket 9's. There were 2 raises before me and so I decided to lay the hand down. When the flop came there was a 9 and after the hand finished I would have had the best hand with a set. I would have taken quite a bit of chips with that hand. I have to let that hand go and move on right?

We started with T$3000 in chips so I was at T$2625 in chips at the end of Round 3 with 50/100 blinds. We are getting ready to go to 100/200 blinds. The person in seat 7 had T$350 left and he went all in. I looked at my hand and had pocket 9's again. I look at my chips and decide in all my wisdom to go all-in. Marsha looked over at me and said "Why would you do that?" I think my mind had a brain fart and I couldn't control myself. All I needed to do was just call the raise and see where it would come out. Marsha called my all-in. I turned over the Pocket 9's and at the end of the hand Marsha had 2 pair K10 and I had 2 pair K9. Goodbye tournament.

During the tournament they have a wheel that a person spins for a gift when a professional player takes you out. I was able to spin that wheel and ended up with a blanket from the Pendleton Mill. I was told there that this was the best gift on the board so I felt lucky about that. This blanket is priced at $200 to $330. So I guess I went down there for a blanket and played a tournament. Ok, I feel a little better but no not really.

I need to learn to not make those plays. I could have seen that hand for a lot less money and who knows I could still be playing. In tournament I have to remember it is also about survival and keeping and building chips not trying to build it all at once.

Now, when I see that blanket I will always remember the irwin blowup and Marsha Waggoner. Oh yes, she is a very nice person. It was fun playing at the same table and to watch her play.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Ready

Why do I hate to go to the dentist? That word is so strong and I don't like to use that word. Everytime I go I say to myself that I have been going to the same one since 1983 and he has never hurt me. Everytime I get a little bit of pain he takes care of it and I can continue.

Back when I was a young kid my parents would take us to a dentist near Palm Springs. I can remember what his office looks like. The brick glass and even how the dentist chair and office looked. I would sit in the chair and he would take his tools of the trade and then start to work on my teeth and take care of the cavities that I had. I would wince in pain some times and then he would stop look at me and tell me to stop that because this did not hurt and if I continued he would slap me. Is that why I don't like to go to the dentist? Is this in my mind and everytime I go I expect to be hurt and I am supposed to get through this? I get worked up just thinking about going and my day is just lost afterwards because I am so tired trying to get through this. Here I go again.

I have been playing quite a bit of poker lately. Mostly cash game trying to learn something new. I need to play more tournament right now since I have a game on Sunday in Pendleton and the Wildhorse Casino. I am looking forward to the tournament and hoping I do well. I am going to only play in one tournament for the Spring Tournament unless I cash in this one.

I was at the doctors yesterday and he said I was doing well with my diabetes. My A1c was at 7.4. This is alot better than the 9.4 a few months ago. I am increasing my insulin a little bit to see if I can get my FBS down a little bit more. I do well with the Lunch and pre Dinner. I have to work on the food part of it just a little bit more. I don't mind the foods that I am eating. Maybe even develop some new tastes. It's all about the numbers.

Spring is here and now the yard has to be mowed and watered. The seed I spread out in the backyard is now starting to sprout and grow. Will need to water the backyard as well now. Since our dog passed away the yard in the back is coming back around.

I also need to continue to work on my Certification for A+. I am headed to Spokane in another week to finish the class work and then its the tests. I really need to study some more. After the tournament I will turn my attention to that.

A lot to do and little time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Poker at Jokers

I haven't played in almost two weeks. I have been out of town and even tried to play in Spokane while I was there but was late getting to the casino.

Tonight I am back in Jokers playing the evening tournament. There were 30 individuals starting. I played with patience and played the best cards and did not over play any of the cards that I had. I had a number of pocket pairs and I did let quite a few of them go because I was not in position and someone raised the pot after the flop.

I did make it to the final table this evening. I like the final table because anything can happen. You just have to give yourself the chance to move up in chips and get some cards that will help you. I had to tell myself a couple of times to remain patient and not move all in just because I felt I was getting low on chips. Keep playing and when I played correctly I kept adding to my chip count.

I ended up in 4th place tonight. I did make the buyin back so I got to play the tournament for free, so to speak. I missed the bigger money by just one spot. At that time the blinds were 3000/6000 and only had enough for two rounds. I had K7 and the person that called me had Q7 and he got the Q on the flop.

I feel very good about my play tonight. Patience and Position really played a role for me tonight.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Toy

I purchased this new toy last week. I have been trying to load my stuff on the little guy. It is 8.5 inches and travels very well. 1GB of RAM and 16 GB Hard drive. It has a video cam on the lid with speaker. 3 USB ports and a port for a Video Monitor if I want to use it with my bigger screen. It has an ethernet card in it as well. It will be a great traveling companion.

No poker this week. I have been working later trying to catch up at work and studying for the A+ Certification as well. I am trying to take a practice test every night and now reading another A+ Cert Book by Mike Meyers. I will have to go back to Spokane for another day of Videos and more testing to prepare. I would like to get this done sometime within the next 2 months. I hate tests. I have never done very well with them. I usually like 2 answers and find it hard to pick just one. There is always a 50 - 50 chance I will get it right.

I am getting ready for the Spring Tournament at Wildhorse this next month. I have decided not to play the satellite this time and just play in one of the regular tournaments. I will be playing on April 19. I have been reading poker books as well. I haven't played at Jokers in a couple of weeks. I will try to play this week at some point. I see they have a Sunday tournament for $60 and may try that one as well.

Nothing new on the Diabetes front. Still taking 5 shots per day and watching the numbers.

Have a good week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jail Time

Not really.

This is what it must feel like though. I am in Spokane for the week and taking a computer class. I am now working on getting myself certified in CompTIA A+. I will also be working on Remote certification as well. I have been getting to the classroom around 0730 in the morning ( it opens at 0830 )and since it is open I have been going in and starting the computer learning. I watch videos all day and take Quizzes after each module. Today we actually opened up a computer and took it apart and we then talked about the pieces and then had to build it back and it had to run after we got done. It did.

Getting back to the room around 5:00 and then quickly going to get something to eat. I am back in the room and then I start studying again for the next day. I have to be done with all of the modules by friday. I think I am going to make it. I will have a week off and then need to come back up and do some more computer work. After this week it is all preparation for the test.

This room must be 12 X 12 if that much. That is why I say a jail room.

I did go to the Players Club Poker room on Sunday when I got here but they started their tournament at 6PM instead of 6:30 like it said on the internet. It was a nice small casino about the size of Jokers. Maybe when I come back up and need to spend the night I will be able to play.

Well, I need to get back to studying. It will be nice to be home friday evening and have a weekend to rest up before I get back to the office.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Our Grandson's first match yesterday at Benton City. Way to go Darion on your second place.

Learning the Game

When I see new people sit down at the tournament table it brings back memories of how I once started the game. I didn't know the proper way to bet, or where to sit, play the cards, betting and when to bet. The other night it brought back the memories again. Two individuals sat down at the table and they were very new to the tournament scene. Now I am sure they played online and were now trying out the live scene.

I started out in the small blind and this new person called. Since the BB had not sat down yet I figured I could just take the pot. Well, the new guy kept betting and he did eventually win the hand. I wasn't playing a good hand so I was just trying to win the pot. After about two hands and these two people playing just about every hand I decided to back off and wait for a real good hand and take them out. I think the rest of the table caught on as well. It was interesting to watch the dynamics of the table and see what they would do with these guys. Basically they stopped playing.

One hand in particular the guy bet $1000 on a pot that had $150 in it. Not worth calling this unless you can take the pot with a good hand.

I was able to get AA and just called to see if I could get the two guys in the pot. Instead I got the person next to me. I raised the pot on the flop and she followed. I then did it again after the turn and the river. I won the hand and pulled in a nice pot. The next hand I played was 1010 and this time one of the new guys called and I again raised the pot and he followed. On the River I got a 10 and I put him all in at that time. He called and I took him out.

I really hope to see these two people again. I hope they don't get discouraged. It is a good game but it does require patience and time to learn the game. I am still learning how to bet and when to bet. I am getting better. I ended up in 12th place on the tournament and felt good about my play.

I am headed to Spokane for the week and maybe tonight I can play a tournament up there. The rest of the week will be study, study, and more study. No time to play.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Poker Time Tonight

I sat in seat 5 on the spade table. This table is to be the final table for the night. I was ready to sit in the same spot throughout the night and be there at the end.

The hands I was playing throughout the evening were winning hands and when I lost the hand it was not by much. In my mind I was ready.

Why was I so upset with myself tonight at this point? I was concentrating so well and not taking chances unless I had the best hand. I was making others make the decisions to play for their chips. I wasn't loose and not real aggressive. I had the game tonight. Why was I walking out the door with still 12 people playing?

Well, it was a loss of concentration and where I was at in the tournament. One person was all in and we had a number of people in the pot. I called from the blind. The flop came 810Q. I was holding Q9. I have been aggressive at this point throughout the night. This is when I pushed all in as well. The guy next to me couldn't believe what I did. Neither could the guy in seat 9. I was supposed to check it down and eliminate the other all in person. The guy next to me calls my all in at the same time berating me for making the all in move. The turn comes 9. I now have 2 pair. It looks like I might win the pot afterall. That is when the J came on the river and he has a straight to my 2 pair.

Walking out the door I am talking to myself about the hand I just played. How poorly I played because I could have gotten away by loosing a small amount and could have continued to play in the tournament. I was doing well and I blew it. Not paying attention at the end to get another person out and I could have still made the final table.

Keep learning and next time don't get anxious to throw all your chips in the pot. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

All things Good

Today we worked on the bathroom to get the sheetrock up on the walls. Now that this is up the next thing to be done is the taping. We went to Lowe's last night to look at tile and other items to see what we can do to update this bathroom. We even found some stuff that we want to do to our bathroom in our master bedroom. That should be fun. Get rid of the bath tub and make a shower only.

On Thursday I went to Jokers Casino and played in the tournament. I ended up in 17th place. I got AA and won the hand when I forced the person next to me in a hard decision. He had 2 pair but didn't want to risk what I had in my hand. He folded the hand even though he had the best hand with 2 pair. My very next hand was AA and again I forced the guy next to me into a hard decision and he folded again. I did get enough chips to help me stay in for a while.

I got 44 and ended up throwing them away when someone raised before me. I also got 33 three times during the tournament and I threw them away and played the last 33 and lost to Q's.

One of my early hands I played was 1010 and I got a 10 on the river for a nice set. Again the amount of chips I got really helped me.

I was looking forward to playing the live game and they decided to have a 2 - 20 game. Not too sure about that. This spread might be a little better since more people may not just limp in with anything. I would rather play something not so much but maybe this will be a better game.

I am reading a book by Tom McEvoy on Limit Hold'em as well as Tournament Hold'em games. I am starting to understand a little bit more on the hands I need to play.

I am trying to get ready for the Spring games at Wildhorse in Pendleton in April. I would like to play a regular tournament this time instead of the Super Satellites.

Having Fun

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poker night

Last night I played in a tournament for the first time in about 2 weeks. I was doing well playing only hands that I knew would be winners. I played AA and the person next to me took quite a bit of time before finally folding. He figured I had the pocket Aces and I found out later he had two pair. He just didn’t want to take the chance that I would take him out of the tournament. The very next hand I played AA again and this time the same person just couldn’t believe it. He wanted to play but again didn’t want to chance it. I did play 84 BB and won when I came up with a full house. 4’s over 10’s. I would have and did win the hand as well. After that It was time to just try and hang on. I was card dead and wasn’t picking up any hands. I finally went out in about 17th place in this tournament.

I was asked if I wanted to play the live game $2 - $10 spread. I was not ready to go home yet so I sat down with $100. Second hand in I came up with KK and played this hand really strong and made a set on the river for a big pot. I really didn’t play anything else until I got another KK and again I won with this hand and ended up with about $190. I stayed a little bit longer and finally when I was down to $175 I decided to call it a night.

It was a good night. I will try to play again on Thursday night this week. Maybe do both again if the time allows. I would rather win the tournament and place in the money.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cash Game

I played in the live game last night. $2 - $10 spread

What did I learn:

1) When you play just pay the $2 to see a flop no matter what 2 cards you hold. If someone raises the pot then go ahead and call the raise of $10.

2) After the flop go ahead and put in the $10 to see the turn no matter what cards you have.

3) After the turn if you still do not have a hand go ahead and call just to see the River card because you never know what will happen and you might get lucky and get a pair.

4) After the River card is out you might as well pay the $20 because it is the nice thing to do and helping your fellow poker player and you never know you could beat 2 pair with a straight.

5) Oh yes, and never play for 2 pair or the set because someone will always have a straight. Of course the two cards they are holding are a 3 and a 6 offsuit.

6) Don’t play for pairs always play for straights.

7) Of course you could always take your $100 you started with and just pass it around the table and then call it a night.

Ok, I played pocket pairs, I would get 2 pair, I played AK and got two pair and lost to a straight. I think everytime I lost was to a straight.

While I was there they were finishing up the tournament and at the final table there were 5 women and 1 guy. The dealers were saying they had never seen this before where the women were dominating last night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on House

I have always told C that I was not a construction worker. I find it hard to do construction. Now I am really good about tearing things apart. Here are a couple of pictures of the newest project C and I are doing. Have you ever watched the HGTV show about Bathroom Renovations? Here we go.

We are going to put tile on the walls. The shower head has been raised to allow for one of those rain type heads. May have to claim this bathroom as my own when we are done.

Didn't get a chance to play poker this past week. Maybe the time off will do me good. Haven't been feeling well. My Diabetes is doing better. I have been able to get my FBS down to a respectable 150's. The rest of the day before meals are close to the 120's or less and my weight is down by 5 pounds.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

What a trip!!!

My brother and I were travelling together up a long winding road to the top of a mountain. It was beautiful knowing that when we reached the top the view was going to be some site to see. When we reached the top and parked the car we got out and worked our way over to the area where we could see the view. There was a fence up just on the other side of the path at the top. That is when we noticed that when we got closer to the edge there was no gradual slope going down on the other side but a cliff that looked like it went for a very long ways. Hence the fence.

Now I am afraid of heights and will not go close to the fence to look down. I had to work at flying years back. I can now fly since I do this for my job. I still do not like the take offs and landings. When the plane gets to flying altitude then I can settle down and I seem to do alright.

Back to the story. I was hesitating to look down the cliff and would not go near the fence. I especially do not like to have people behind me when I am in a situation like this. My brother, knowing my fear, then picked me up and pushed me towards the fence. When I reached the fence, I woke up and I was actually hyperventilating. What a scare for me. This dream seemed so real.

It has been a few years since I seen my brother but I will have to hit him when I see him next time. That wasn't nice of him to do that. He should know about that.

Poker tomorrow night.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Winter Blues

Since the last blog I have not been feeling well. Of course having to try and find out how much insulin is needed when I eat and taking the 5 shots per day and then having to do the blood sugar testing 6 times per day. I have to think though that there are people out there that are worse than I am and I need to look at this differently. This is something I need to work through. I have a saying I like to use and that is "Work the Solution not the Problem" I have to remember that and I will get through this.

I have changed my eating habits and trying to eat the right things. I have found out that any bit of Carbs affects me quite a bit. I then make a change and try again. I am one of those that if you tell me what to eat I will do it and then I have boundaries that I can live within.

I did play poker last week and it was not good. I decided to take a break and then I will try again maybe next week. I think I am trying to hard. I am putting more stress on myself to do well that when I think I have the best hand I implode not looking at the big picture. I have said you have to have patience. Position works well too. I am still wanting to play some cash games and see if I like that better than the tournaments. You never know.

I am home today again from work. I got a cold on top of the other stuff going on and so working from home was an option for me. Love computers.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I visited the doctor on Friday and the lab personnel took the usual A1C test from me. You sit in the room and wait for the physician as well as the news of what your newest A1C is going to be. I figured it would be close to the last one which was 7.4 and that we would have to make some minor changes to the meds I take for Diabetes. Well, the news was not that wonderful. I was surprised to find out it was at 9.4. I was not expecting that.

Now I am on Novolog and Levemir for control of Diabetes. Today being the first day of the new regimen and 5 shots for the day. I would never have believed this day would ever come. Hopefully I can get my Blood Sugars down to a respectable 80 - 120 number and feel better.

We had the family over last night for dinner and that was nice to have everyone here except our one son and daughter in law who is in the Navy and she is in Spokane studying. Another year and they all will be around here. The five grandchildren are fun to have around as well. They grow up so fast.

May the cards be good to ya.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bring it on!

Revenge of the best kind.

Tonight I am sitting in seat number 1 at the heart table. In seat number 7 is the person that keeps getting the better of me. If I get those pocket Aces again I am definately going to play them differently. I can't let him keep walking over me.

I am slowly learning the players again at the Jokers Casino. It is nice playing so close to home as well. Some are tight, some are aggressive and know when to push and get you out of the hand. I tend to let my BB and SB go at times when the cards are just not the ones I want to play and someone has raised ahead of me.

The hand of the night. I have AA and seat 7 raises the pot to $400. I reraise to $800. I want the pot right now. He calls $400 more. Each time I put more money in the pot he keeps coming along. Has he picked up something and does he have a tell on me. I just don't think so. This time it is my turn. He turns over QQ's and I win the pot with AA's. I crippled him at that time. He did get some chips back but eventually went out. My nemisis is gone for the night. What did I learn from him? I do like his style of play.

The hand that took me out of the tournament. I had KK and again decided to go 3X the blind. I put in T$1800 in chips. After the flop he went all in and I followed with the rest of my chips. Again I am walking out of the casino after he came up with a straight on the river. So, on one hand I get the chips and then I go out playing the same way.

I have a hard time playing against the women in the tournament. I can't figure it out. Loose, tight, aggressive? There are about 4 or 5 that play regularly and it seems lately they are at the table I am playing at. I am going to have to figure them out. First of all I have to get to the final table with some chips. I have to keep at it. I need to play more hands.

I have a Wii WSOP poker game now. I am playing the tournament and trying to get points or chips to move on. Maybe get some help in playing hands. I watched Daniel Negreanu yesterday play online at Pokerstars. That was interesting to see him play on the internet. Of course you don't see what hands he is playing but you do get to see how he bets and in what positions.

Just having fun------

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back at Jokers

Position, Decisions and Greed

Last night I had the worst person I could have on my left. The previous week he made a good decision on a hand that just really hurt me. He plays very good and you can tell he studies the game. This week I had QQ and after I put in a raise he went over the top on me. I thought about my QQ's and figured he wouldn't push with a low hand and had AA's or KK's. I folded my hand. He had JJ's. That is what position will do for you.

When playing KQ and two people raise in front of you you have to figure someone has the better hand. I folded and when the hand played out the person with K7 won the hand with a pair of K's with a 7 kicker. A better decision and trust my gut in telling me they don't have a hand.

When playing AA and slowplaying them to allow more people in the flop to get more chips in the pot may not be a good thing. If I would have raised in the beginning and gotten it down to one player I probably could have taken the pot down. Would it have been for a lot of chips? No, but I would have still been playing. I wanted the big score and I wanted the chips that this hand could have given me. Instead I was walking out the door when I allowed him to get his flush on the river.

I don't consider these bad beats just the fact that learning from the hands you play and why you play them. I have come back to Jokers Casino and playing with the same group that I played against when I left this casino. They are now starting up the evening tournament again and this brings me closer to home. Hope they stay this time.