Monday, March 09, 2009

Poker Time Tonight

I sat in seat 5 on the spade table. This table is to be the final table for the night. I was ready to sit in the same spot throughout the night and be there at the end.

The hands I was playing throughout the evening were winning hands and when I lost the hand it was not by much. In my mind I was ready.

Why was I so upset with myself tonight at this point? I was concentrating so well and not taking chances unless I had the best hand. I was making others make the decisions to play for their chips. I wasn't loose and not real aggressive. I had the game tonight. Why was I walking out the door with still 12 people playing?

Well, it was a loss of concentration and where I was at in the tournament. One person was all in and we had a number of people in the pot. I called from the blind. The flop came 810Q. I was holding Q9. I have been aggressive at this point throughout the night. This is when I pushed all in as well. The guy next to me couldn't believe what I did. Neither could the guy in seat 9. I was supposed to check it down and eliminate the other all in person. The guy next to me calls my all in at the same time berating me for making the all in move. The turn comes 9. I now have 2 pair. It looks like I might win the pot afterall. That is when the J came on the river and he has a straight to my 2 pair.

Walking out the door I am talking to myself about the hand I just played. How poorly I played because I could have gotten away by loosing a small amount and could have continued to play in the tournament. I was doing well and I blew it. Not paying attention at the end to get another person out and I could have still made the final table.

Keep learning and next time don't get anxious to throw all your chips in the pot. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

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